Franky’s Evil Party

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Band – Franky’s Evil Party

Single – King

D.I.Y Punk

Franky’s Evil Party are a teeth-gritting hooley who offer no half measures in heady, unhinged creative release. In summer 2018, the band offered their second, knife-edge single ‘King’ which popped off anticipation for their full debut Ep. This Scottish underground punk orientated quintet formed out of an unwavering drive to craft a seething, uninhibited barrage of intense rock noise in what the band view to be an otherwise exhausted guitar landscape. Fronting an unwavering hedonism, they play what they want, how they want, and their aim is to lead their sonic movement into the subterranean spaces to test what their true limits are.  For this outfit, the realm of brash noise is the key to pushing the boundaries musically into territories near beat-driven and expressing with physical vehemence is undoubtedly the core roots of both self and creative exploration.

Franky’s Evil Party was kick-started with a debut single titled ‘Dolph Lundgren’ in February of last year, a hedonistic track that is resolutely tension fuelled, driven by infectious basslines, swirling guitar hooks and bellowing antagonistic vocals. The band are planning on releasing their full debut Ep sometime at the beginning of 2019 and have currently released another track from the Ep titled  ‘Blonde’. The band’s intensely edgy, tipping-point live shows have been causing the sweat to drip from dark, atmospheric intimate venues within the Glasgow live scene. In a recent interview with ‘Offtherecord’ blog, they expressed that their sound is better suited to the underground scene and its venues, which leaves the band wide open to being as controversial, radical and hellraising as they like.

F.E.P single ‘King’ is unashamedly a full-on sonic assault as the whole vibe of the song supply’s a strutting, attitude-ridden kick to the head, again in alignment with their first debut single release the track builds throughout on high intensive anticipation and knife-edge tension, offering heady tripped-out psychedelic vocals which bore into the skull with brutal force as the track climaxes to distorted ear bleeding capacity. This sonic sledgehammer comes crashing in its fearless nature as the band explains that ‘KING‘ essentially, rants for the sake of individuality and self-identity. FRANKY’S EVIL PARTY states that they produced this single to prove a point about the ease of selfdom in the millennial age. Now we get ready for and the rest of what their debut has to offer in 2019…….