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Recommended Artists, Radio shows, DJ Producer Mixes, Collectives & Record Labels

   Eclectic DJ Producer Radio Mixes   

Fried Egg Beats/ Dj radio Mixes  jungle, D&B, hip-hop, electronica, and beats, with jazz, funk, punk  & twisted Pop:

Dublab /Future/ Roots/Radio / 

DLM Beats/ UK Hip-Hop Producer providing atmospheric beats and samples with a soulful, smooth funky edge:

dyLAB/ Acid music producer. Described as a “box banger”, he likes to tinker with his collection of analogue synthesisers and drum machines:

Report To Dance Floor /Determined to provide outstanding names of the music scene with exclusive sets/  

DJ Carl ClanDestine/Eclectic fusion crossover, Trap, Rap, Hardcore, Metal, Techno, Acid, Noise, Gangsta, Hip-Hop:

Lunacy Module / A blend of cosmic electronic excursions for the mind & electric shocks for the body presented by Glasgow’s steamy Nightclub scene Lucacty Module

Marshall Applewhite/DJ Producer/ Detroit Techno Sludge  at its finest:

DA GobLiNN / Acid Techno/ Ghetto House/Electro/ Industrial Cyber Punk:

B-man /DJ Producer from Ragga Junglecrew “Monkey Business” in Belgium (Soundsystem & Records):

Robert Roos / DJ Producer /FNOOB TECHNO, Serious Techno Music, abnormal psychedelic sounds:

DJ Polina Y / Mutant Wave, Glitch, Electro, Minimal, Synth Wave, Post-punk, Coldwave:

Missy Melody/ Icelantic Techno DJ on Reykjavik Underground:

DJ Andr44j 66.6/ cvlt DJ at WFKU radio/ black ambient drone, Glitchwave, Witchouse:

Witch House Radio/ Witch House, Dark Ambient, Dark IDM:

Radar Radio/ Eclectic electronic mixes from electro, techno, IDM to far beyond.

Mutant Transmissions Radio / Exploration of the experimental, innovative and cutting edge of the audio underground:

Cubase-FM/ Heavy beats, latest techno from REYKJAVIK UNDERGROUND:

Warrior Radio Show/ Metal/ Hard-rock:

V HOUSE Radio / V HOUSE Radio is a podcast series featuring LA’s Underground House Music DJs:

The Wrong Rock Show / Vintage rock, Post Punk, Indie, Rock:

Mantis Radio / Electronica, Drum & Bass, Techno, Dark Techno, Glitch: 

Martin Debaser/DJ Producer/ Punk, Garage, New Wave, PostPunk, 80’s, 90’s & 00’s, Synth Pop, ElectroPop, Indie Rock,  Electro, House:

DJ..TJ /Dark minimal techno / techno/ electro:

J. Roc /DJ Turntablist / from Beat Junkie Crew

Experimental crossover, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Rock, R&B, House:

Sixfingerz/DJ/Producer/Artist /Hip-hop, trip-hop, electro, lounge, cinematic, breakbeat:

Dworak (Digital Meditation)/ Hip-Hop/ Soul / Beats / Funk/ Electronica / Rap/ Juke/ Dub-step/ Footwork / World/ Jazz / Seapunk/ Trip-hop :

More Fire Recordings/Jungle:

Tim Stoneberg/ Producer/ Beautiful analog project titled, Autumn Drones / IDM, with heavy use of both modular and vintage synthesizers. Pieces range widely from dense ambient soundscapes riddled with percussive blips and cascading arpeggiations to erratic noise and spattering drum loops:

DJ Mr. Servietsky/ (Eclectic mixes)Lounge, blues/rock, electro, reggae/dub, trance, world music, new wave, and many others:

Interesting Alternative Show/Art Rock/ Avant-progressiveness/ Rock Opposition/Electronica/ Jazz/Rock :

Tra-FX-Bedian/ DJ/ Musician/Artist / Ritual/Dark Techno/Minimal/Psy Techno/Psy Prog/Psytrance:

Mayah/ DJ/ Producer – Electronica, House, Ambient, Techno:

Mrs. Magoo/ DJ / Jungle/ Drum & Bass: 

Felix Reichelt /DJ/Proudcer/ Techno, Minimal Techno, House:


The Random Rave Project/ RRP is a multifunctional platform that is designed to engage, showcase and ultimately inform the ever-expanding world of dance music from around the world, specializing in a number of areas that will help grow your brand, festivals or career in a highly competitive industry./

Dismembered Sound Booth/ A collection of musicians, social misfits, reprobates, artists, photographers, filmmakers, poets, ready to change the way the world thinks:

Framework/ Hip-Hop collective and talented community just trying to grind as hard as they can for those feeling their sound, uniting people through music:

Digital Tsunami / Digital Tsunami is a series of underground full moon dance parties based in London focused on raw and quality electronic dance music. They have originally originated as a radio show, evolved into a series of podcasts and eventually grown into throwing underground dance parties:

LegPuppy /  Fully paid-up members of the South London Lunatic Performers Collective. Take a trip through the outer door. Music, art, video & social commentary:

More Free Vibe/international collective on the first line of defense against negativity and bad vibes. Wielding musical energy and homemade technology we are fully equipped to deal with the monotonous tones of  corruption and scaremongering:

Monkey Business/ Belgium Soundsystem collective/ Ragga/ Junglecore:

The Yellow Movement / Party Collective / A creative movement with a DIY ethos, making positive change happen & bringing people together in peace, love & happiness:

Frogbeat Collective / Frogbeats are evolving music, design and events collective based in Glasgow who is passionate about underground music and culture:

Edinburgh Roots Collective/Roots/Reggae/Dub/Ska/Rocksteady/Dancehall/Soundsystem music:

Handpicked Cassette Tapes/Handpicked is a compact cassette label based in Glasgow, Scotland. They put out a range of music, from golden era hip-hop to future beats:

Girls Take Action/GTA combines some of the most talented females in the Drum ‘n´Bass scene here in the UK! :

Generic Greeting Collective /Generic Greeting! is a Mancunian art collective who create illustration, music, film, design, and photography:

Explosion Soundsystem/ Northern Ireland’s original, heavyweight Soundsystem from Belfast City. Playing the very best of classic and upfront Roots, Reggae and Dub:

Afro Celt Soundsystem/ Modern electronic dance rhythms fused with traditional Irish and West African music:

High Soundsystem / House • Techno • Tech-house • Acid • Disco • Funk:

Soundsystem/Record label Collective – Digga Sound -Rawkus Noise Records / Both formats showcase a wide selection of international underground artists. Spanning many styles of Amen Influenced ruffness/Jungle, Juke, Rave, Core, Mutant Hybrid:

TAIKO / Free Techno Party Soundsystem:

Shift Collective / A collective of performance poets and spoken word artists working in Scotland to produce original, full-length shows:


Pete Hope & Wrong Revolution /Artist/Poet / Electro-Blues, Industrial, Punk poet, Electro Trash, electro Punk:

p.WRECKS/ pSY /Experimental/Hip-hop- Fresh concise intellect from Seattle :

B-Burg/ Jazz/DJ/ Scratch/ Hip-Hop/ collaborates with filmmakers & videographers:

Liv Massive/Freelance Classical Genre Fusion Violist :

Hessian Renegade /Rap/Rave/ Alternative Hip-Hop from Scotland:

Jono Podmore aka Kumo/Artist/ Avant-garde/ vintage analog and handmade electronics:

Amulets / Employs handmade cassette tape loops and live processed guitar loops to create live, lush soundscapes and immersive drones. Portland Based:

Zwaremachine/ Band/Electronic/ Darkwave/Industrial/EBM/Cyber-:

DJ Format / Turntablist/Producer/One of the finest B-boy instrumentalists, DJ/Producers in the UK:

MC Abdominal/ Artist/MC/ Boundary-pushing MC/Producer/ wordsmith/poet/rhyme buster:

Henri Sizaret / AKA / Artist/Producer /Fine Computer Generated Instrumentation/Avant-Garde:

Twovolt/ Artist/Producers /Digital distortion and analog madness, methodical melodic electronic by Henri Sizaret & John Peacey:

The Tara Experiment/ Artist/ Avant-Garde Electronic & Musique Concrete recordings:

David Harrow / Artist/Producer/ Electronic wizard/ Keyboardist / chief collaborator:

dwaallicht A.K.A Wisp/ Artist/Producer/Dj/Electronic braindance, experimental:

Iv/An/Artist/Producer /Experimental electronics/ Avant-Garde/

Roy Of The Ravers / Artist/Producer/DJ/ 303 Acid Waxa:

Bram E Gieben aka Texture/ Artist/Producer/Poet / Hip-hop. Dark electronics. Spoken word. Lo-fi noise. Storytelling:

Memory Ghost / Artist / Experimental Electronic, Avant-garde:

Blackmoon1348 / Artist/ Tibetan Doomcore, Industrial Hip-Hop of Doom:

Paragraphs/ Artist/Producer / Experimental Ambient, Downtempo, IDM, Glitch:

Duskwood/ Artist/ Hard/Desert Rock band from the Southwest of the UK:

Ramage Inc/ Artist/ Ambient, Progressive Metal :

Senser / Artist/Collective / Politically charged Rap/Rock/metal crossover :

Monkey Puzzle/ Artist/ Homosapiens/ Nu Metal:

15 Times Dead / Artist/ UK  Metal :

Titan Breed /Artist / UK Metal:

Uproar/ Artist / Melodic Hard Rock:

The Sunny Devils /Artist/ Alt Hard Rock:

Argon Cowboy/Artist/Producer/Poet / Electronic, Ambient, Downtempo, Darkwave:

Robbie Gunn/ Sundog Productions/ Artist/Producer/Sound Engineer/ Robbie is mainly an engineer for bands and artists around Glasgow, but also composes music, occasionally for film.

Sun Dogs / Artist / Ambient/ hip-hop, Electronic , psychedelic:

Liquid Skulls /Artist/Producer/  Experimental, Electronic, industrial, Drone :

C.A.N.S (Central Asian Nervous Systems) / Artist/Producer/DJ/ Eclectic Electronic, Industrial glitch house, Disco glitch, electro shoegaze:

ENIX-INRI / Artist/Producer/ AcidBASS, fairyTRANCE, cyber DUB, electro HOUSE, future BEATS:

The Girobabies/ Artist/ psychedelic Punk, Baffling Ned Punk:

Azure Halo /Artist/ Indie/Psychedelic:

The Twistettes / Artist/ Riot Gurrl, Punk rock:

The Zips/ Artist/Punk Rock:

Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5/ Artist/collective / Rock ‘n’ Roll, Indie, Comedy, Country, Flamenco, Funk, Disco, Funk, Gypsy, Hip-Hop, Old School, New School, North Lanarkshire Ska & Reggae:

Bombskare/Artist/ Glaswegian Ska :

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt/ Artist/Poet/Producer/Drone, Experimental, accidental guitar, Electronic:

Illuminati sex party/Artist/ Electronic, industrial glitch poet, Electropop, Darkwave, Lightwave, Ambient:

New Fabian Society/ Artist/ Post-Industrial Punk / Psychedelic : 

Demented-Are-Go /Artist/ Punkabilly, psychobilly, rockabilly:

The Cheating Hearts/Artist/ Hot, sizzling boy/girl garage-punk duo from Hamburg- St.Pauli:

The Bucky Rage/Artist/ Garage-Punk, Surf:

The Blunders / Artist / New punk with biting social commentary:

      Independent Record Labels

We Grow Wax / Fresh independent label focusing on Downtempo & Electronica:

Circuit Church/ Cassette tape label focused on electronic music:

90 (Noventa) Disillusioned boss of Balnave Records, a decadent virtual cathartic rap label located in France :

Connected /Soul elevating electronic dance music based in Berlin:

Rocafort Records / An independent label dedicated to editing and re-releasing songs that had previously gone unnoticed or simply never seen the light of day. Specializing in funk, soul, R&B, afrobeat and Latin boogaloo from New York’s Spanish Harlem to the streets of Bamako in Mali :

Wrong Revolution / Record & Tape Label + more:

Skoop Records/ Fine art & low-brow culture, Scotland UK – Offering Experimental Hip-Hop/Trap/ D&B/Grime/Dubstep/Breakcore & Much More:

Valley Heat Records / Independent record label in Brisbane specializing in small run cassette and 7″ releases.

New York Haunted / NYH is the label of Dutch producer Drvg Cvltvre. Experimental House and Techno.

Black Lantern Music/ Black Lantern Music is a UK Label based in Scotland, releasing hip-hop, electronic and experimental music:

Milky Bomb Records / Online Independent Record Label /

Fuzz Kill / Scottish Cassette Label & Party Planner /

Pirate Heart Records / A Record Label For Rouges, Rockers & Rebels/

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