LIV MASSIVE & HESSIAN RENEGADE – Collaborative single track 'Locker', from the EP ‘Erocean’


Extremely proud  to present fresh, forward-thinking works by the classically trained, LivMassive aka Rachael Olivia Black who joins, Rap/Rave duo, Hessian Renegade to create a 4-track EP titled ‘Locker’.  This will be the first single track extracted from the collaborative EP ‘Erocean’ which will be complimented by a 15 minute cinematic music video shot in-house and on location at Loch Lomond. The music video shall come a little while after the single, which is set for release on Esquimaux Records this forthcoming Friday 21st of February.

‘Locker’ is a fascinating project of interconnected creative fluidly, demonstrated through technical uniqueness, which proudly brings to the forefront the uninhibited ability to unify diversity in musical styles and presentation. The single, was created entirely from viola. Rhythms were built by tapping the instrument in different positions while plucks and experimental playing styles fleshed out the rest.

Classically Trained- Innovative thinking, Rachael Olivia Black. AKA LIVMassive.

The piece stands as a truly evoking, contemplative sound-structure that is both cinematic and haunting in character, a composition that opens like a flower in bloom through the ethereal, angelic tones of LIV, drifting naturally and intuitively along, blending progressively the innovative instrumental elements of the viola in conjunction with the subtle ambient electronic elements of Ross, who is the electronic half of Hessian.

Ross offers faint rudiments of dub within the percussion, adding an eastern, spiritually elevating layer to the root foundation of this strikingly diverse track, as well as adding an atmospheric admix of reverberated sample which compliments Conor’s vocal purposefulness to perfection.

Sound designer, fresh beat-maker, label owner (Esquimaux Records) Ross Mccann aka Hessian Renegade.

Conor lays down density and depth to the spacious ambience of this piece, through his passionately projected rap flow, grounding and bringing forth an intensity as he delivers a tight-worded string of emotionally charged, yet controlled expression that stirs the headspace and yanks the heartstrings.

Passionate advocate of expression, vehement rapper, Lead face of Hessian Renegade, Conor Moore.

Instrumentally, both tonally and texturally there exists a stimulating interplay between the electronic subtly and texturally layered vocals. Even through Conor’s vocal urgency and transfixed edge, there streams a soothing, comforting atmosphere that resonates as liberating, determined and true. This authentic project was born as Rachael’s master’s degree and received a distinction at the ‘Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance’ in London.

Her eclectic taste in music encompassing country to classical and hip hop to metal, influences her composition style and enhances her versatility as a musician. She has composed several specially commissioned works and similarly had several works written for her by contemporary composers.

The strong tones and outlines of raw unbridled talent. LIVMassive & Hessian Renegade.

Unequivocally this has been on of the most interesting and  Innovative pieces of music that has inspired me in a long time. I absolutely love the willingness to push boundaries within their collaborative creative abilities and move forward in unifying contrasting musical styles with such finesse and conviction.  


Available from all known streaming platforms Friday 21st of February.

Stay finely tuned!

Conor Moore -Music video still from LIVMassive & Hessian Renegade’s forthcoming EP ‘Erocean’

NYH189 Hypnaton – Yno Clap Release.

Artist – Hypnaton

Ep – Yno Clap

Label – New York Haunted

An ocean depth worth of gratitude to, New York Haunted for dropping a FREE DOWNLOAD this valentine  for all you modern lovers out there who follow the label. How could such a mind melt be so sexy?! Expect twisted , fragmented disjointed, combobulated sounds which gel together in a heartbeat under the spell of Russian producer, Hypnaton with his highly unusual EP, ‘Yno Clap’

Expect a deep groove, strutting funk track that is disharmonious in melody, but beat/bass driven to the core from track ‘Jelezka’ , while ‘Gusi’ happy claps its way up your central spine to get those inner juices bubbling. ‘Je Tem’ is a fascinating track that slips and slides its way along with frizzy sounding synth undertones, through a bright, hypnotic piano hook, which builds itself structurally into a stomping monster. I think this track represents and executes the elemental blends of both House and Techno perfectly.

The final track on this unique Ep ‘Kultuwahr’ feels super old-skool in its atmosphere. The nervous system is sure to be attacked with this sound as there is a simultaneous element that feels both as if there is progression in the bulk core of the track,  yet a restrictive pulling in the same breath. It’s very clever! And clever in my books is sexy. Contrastingly this Ep is full of warp factors, yet also retains order. The theme to this Ep is discordance of sound, embedded within a pulsating core, which most certainly puts a fun, wobbly and exciting slant to my day!

Go-Go Nitro! And get pumped and fuelled to these super-fly, special sounds by Hypnaton, emanating from NYH headquarters.

The Ep will be free to download for the next 24 hrs…

Find the link to the album within the Bandcamp Icon.

Artist Of The Day – ĠENN – Single Release DUDA DANCE.

Recommended Artist Of The Day! 🔥🔥🔥

GOoDneSs! Gracious! Uninhibited SaSsY Riot ROck vibrations are pulsating from Anglo-Maltese outfit ĠENN ..

These ladies were once named, Cryptic Street whose music I’ve covered in the past for Louderthanwar and will most certainly do again regarding this current new single release!

The Riot GuRrLLL’s currently go by the name of Ġennata (English translation: craziness) with their latest slice of alternative post-punk madness with a fun twist coming in the form of new single, the vibrant and energetic ‘Du Da Dance’

Which is currently OUT NOW via Everything Sucks Music.

Vocalist Leona wrote the lyrics on the train to Madrid, 10 minutes before demo-ing them!… Nothing like a fresh and sizzling act of expression! The lyrics speaks of not caring about what other people think or say about you, and to just enjoy life!. Currently based in Brighton, the band is a result of a trans-national pairing which came about through the internet between three musicians from Malta, and one from the UK.

After releasing their debut album ‘Titty Monster’ in 2018, the girls performed across Europe and the UK, and were featured on KEXP, Diva Magazine, Europavox, Tom Tom Magazine and Louderthanwar, amongst others.

ĠENN have been shaking audiences to the core with their infectious tunes, and with the honest, relatable themes they attack in their tracks. Sharing stages with bands such as, Acid Mothers Temple, PINS, Dream Nails, and Hands Off Gretel, to name but a few!

Please make sure to catch them live near you!

28th January – The Old England – Bristol
31st January – The Hope & Ruin – Brighton
16th February – Patterns – Brighton
12th March – Camden Assembly – London
5th April – The Hope & Ruin – Brighton
16th April – Suburbstheholroyd – Guildford
18th April – The Grace – London
19th April – Craufard Arms – Milton Keynes
29th April – Musician – Leicester
30th April – 0161 Festival – Manchester

Please checkout their amazing new music video below on the following Link 🎧🎧🎧

Legpuppy Announce intoxicating collaborative single release 'Secret Friend' Feat. Josefin Öhrn

London based,  psych/ electronic punk outfit, Legpuppy have recently announced an intoxicating collaborative single release titled, ’Secret Friend’ with the incredible Swedish, Grammy award-winning, electro-pop artist, Josefin Öhrn.  The single is set for release February 14th  and the band is currently working on shooting a music video to accompany this forthcoming single, which has been extracted from Legpuppy’s forthcoming album, There’s No Rock Stars, due for a summer release.

I recently spoke to the lead protagonist of Legpuppy, Darren Laurence at a live show in Glasgow, Scotland, In which I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing him for UK Entertainments website, Louderthanwar.

Within the interview Darren casts light onto what Legpuppy means to him, what direction he is going in creatively, the inspirations behind the songs for both past and recent material, recent European shows, where he places Legpuppy within the music industry, as well as talking about forthcoming summer shows and much more.

It was a very funny, insightful interview, so please keep an eye over at Louder for that publication! Revel also has a fantastic batch of photos from their live show over on Gobophotography/Revel Rousers Facebook social media page for your viewing pleasure.

Legpuppy providing the psychedelic tone at Glasgow’s live show performance @ The old hairdressers.

Just in case some of you may not know, Josefin Öhrn has a band called, The Liberation, combining psychedelic rock and pop with colourful elements from countless other genres to create a distinctive sound. Her music is experimental and hypnotic and is just waiting to win you over. If you are not familiar with her works, I recommend you check out her albums, Horse Dance, Mirage and Sacred Dreams. Darren expressed in his interview that this particular collaboration is such a big deal for Legpuppy and that they are extremely excited about this forthcoming single release.

Please tune into the radio edit version of the single below on the following.

Current Legpuppy progress and teaser.

Also, Revel Rousers managed to capture some footage of Legpuppy at Glasgow’s The Old Hairdressers. They were a challenge to capture in the dark, and the sound is a little blown out, but i did my best to capture and deliver a snippet of their allconsuming vibration. I hope you appreciate.

Legpuppy Live @ The Old Hairdressers.

Legpuppy Guitarist, Simon, doesn’t see, he feels his way through the night on a hypnotic vibration.

Highly Recommended Track Of Any Day! 'Where They Lie' By Stanley Odd

Band – Stanley Odd

Single – ‘Where They Lie’

Label – Handsome Tramp Records

Genre – Hip-hop / Not Hip-hop?

The current, cutting-edge single, ‘Where They Lie’ by Stanley Odd continues to level up to a resolute higher degree with their intellectual lyrical flow and deeply progressive, fresh approach to the direction and construction of their truth-laden empowering track. This vitalized sound features the eloquently rhythmical word-smith, Dave Hook aka Solar Eye and his harmoniously gifted counterpart, Veronica Electronica.

I’ve always admired the clarity and potency of Stanley Odds narrative, hitting the heart and pulse of the matter with their social and political observations, mindfully and articulately encapsulating the essential core of a situation in an emancipating way, through their distinctively crafted adrenalizing musical vibration.

This purposeful single track offers a beat-driven, electronic pulsating intensity, combined with a mass of gripping word-play that highlights and demonstrates an, in-between the lines, insightful expression of core truths which blasts defiantly through the calculated lies we are subjected to within the current political climate.

Stanley Odd – Where They Lie – Superb Single Track

The binding force of musical expression is immensely liberating and most certainly Stanley Odd has created an instrumentally ferocious, lyrically thought-provoking track that draws extra awareness. More artists need to channel in this beneficial way to help lift the spirits of a deflated nation. There are many exciting layers both vocally and instrumentally within the production of this gripping track, graviting the mood between ominous and elevating, in-between offering lots of vital space for the listener to digest.

Stream Stanley Odd’s Current Single ‘Where They Lie’ On the above Spotify icon at the top of the article and please keep up to date with their forthcoming live shows on the social media links mentioned and provided.

Hessian Renegade – ‘BullDog’ Single highlight and Interview.

The architects of sound fusion, Conor Moore & Ross McCann have had an exceptionally progressive year through their highly visual and sonically power-driven, Hessian Renegade project. The dynamic duo is set to release a rousing, supercharged single titled ‘Bulldog’ this coming Friday 15th  accompanied by animated music video, to round off, in explosive style, the end of an exciting year!  

Conor and Ross’s unbridled talents have resulted in them sharing the stage with inspiring bands, and from the release of their debut EP ‘Oral Spiel’ has received radio play in the most unexpected of places, Japan being one! Also, this year, the duo was taken under the umbrella of label, PR & marketing organization, Reaction Management which has led to a more structural approach to gained and shared creative opportunity.  

I had the pleasure of conversing with lead vocalist Conor Moore, one half of Hessian Renegade about the duo’s new single release, in where I progressed into other general mind probes about their creativity, influences and future plans. I began by asking him what the latest record was about?… and if the release was under Ross’s independent record label, Esquimaux Records?       

Conor – “‘Bulldog’ is focused on current affairs in the UK and takes a swipe at the polarisation of British politics in its current state with its tongue placed firmly in its cheek.” and yes, as always, it’s under Esquimaux and being supported by our management, which is Reaction Management

Miff – is there going to be a full EP release?

Conor – Nah, not for this, just a single drop to round off the year for us. We are always working on stuff in the background though, this just isn’t part of a bigger project.

Miff – How would you say your year has gone down for the Hessian project?

Conor – Really well! It’s been busy, mostly behind the scenes working on recording and the live show after Oral Spiel dropped, but we played a great show at Cathouse with Neshiima and played our first out of city show in Perth. Got onto Reaction Management which is working out great so far. We spent a good chunk of the year working on a Collaborative project as well which should start to reveal itself in the very near future!

Miff – How did you become involved with Reaction Management?

Conor- Our current manager Dave Maxwell was looking for bands and I stumbled across his post of Facebook pretty much! Sent him the material and funnily enough he’d caught our set last year supporting Neshiima and thought our sound was really cool and different, so we got signed up it’s a fantastic roster of bands so it was really awesome to get added alongside them

Miff – Can you name a few of the bands on the roster so our readers can check them out?

Conor – We’ve already played with Neshiima and Dancing With Dakota but there’s lots of other amazing bands we’re sharing a bill with in December who are all under Reaction like, Take Today, Layaway, DMS, Nocturne Wulf, House of Hatchets & OHNOVA!

Miff – That’s uber cool to be under the one umbrella, December’s showcase event in which Conor mentioned can be found on the following link –

Miff – It must feel empowering to channel your voice regarding today’s current political climate through the Hessian project. The political climate is incredibly fast changing, do you feel it’s overwhelming in trying to encapsulate the mood?… In a sense, so many pressing issues, not enough attention paid….

Conor – It’s great to have a creative outlet for my frustration to be honest. the political climate seems fast changing but really, we’re still arguing over the same shit as we were 3 years ago, people are just angrier. the funny thing is we wrote this song a good while back and were worried it would date quickly, but somehow, things I said originally as a joke/over exaggeration are now MORE relevant!

Miff – I hear quite allot of stylistic shifts amongst your music, would you say your project is experimental by nature?

Conor – For sure, at least instrumentally. We’ve narrowed down our core sounds, but we really enjoy changing stuff up and cross pollinating. The great thing about hip hop, dance and rock is how vast they are, each is jammed full of sub genres we can take from. We’re definitely straddling the right genres.

Miff – What would you say is Hessian’s biggest sonic influences?

Conor – we both have quite different music tastes but where we always crossed over was The Prodigy, we’re both massive fans. We also take a lot of influence from UK urban music and dance sub genres like Trip Hop, Garage, Grime, Drum & Bass etc. I think we’re both very attracted to the bleak rough stuff as much as hard sesh music.

Miff – Can you talk about the freedom of you and Ross being able to have complete creative control of your project, from writing, production, artwork and design?

Conor – Its incredible to be honest, we’re only really limited by our free time out-with our real life commitments. We also save a f*ck load of money with our combined skill sets meaning we can invest in other things, like videos, without worrying too much. The creative control from conception to delivery of a final project is beyond awesome, it looks and sounds how we want it every time. For example, the video for Bulldog was designed and directed by us for the grand total of £1.50 and some time.

Miff- Time which is priceless, of course! …Any forthcoming plans for Hessian you can divulge.

Conor – We’ve got some gigs lined up for the new year already, so more live stuff. We’ve got another single + B-sides in the pipe line for some time in the first half of the year and a very different (but very awesome) collaborative effort that should be emerging pretty soon. Now that we’re live ready and have some extra help from the awesome Reaction Management, we’re hoping 2020 will be another big step forward for us!

Exciting times for a bright and imaginative, all empowered duo!

Follow & support their forthcoming release and future creative endeavours with passion and heart over on the following links –

The Zips – HUH!? Album Launch Night Review.

To say punk-rock aficionado’s, The Zips are a uniquely transcending band would be an understatement as their creative radar seems to have embedded itself amongst the pulse of the people, rising and falling throughout the unfolding years, essentially placing their musical expression exactly where it needs to be directed, within a vastly complex fluctuating societal landscape where the sense of urgency amongst the people to project justice and truth  is ceaseless, carrying the spirit of the band ever forward to carve a deeply sincere impression into the hearts and minds of all who embrace The Zips music.

From the birth of punk in the 70’s, The Zips are primarily one of the first punk-rock outfits to come out of the impulsively edgy, Glasgow city, embossing their name into the narrative of punk rock history as one of the most authentic socio-political bands who has etched an indelible mark with their humanity driven, punchy, confrontational music.  

The Zips first release, limited edition singles are highly sought after, little did they realise how their D.I.Y ethos would provide them with such an unwavering longevity of interest, a resolute, do-it-yourself approach that they still firmly affix to this day, continuously making their release material highly distinctive and genuine in its collaborative intricates, from artwork to production, studio location to collective folds within the punk community.

I had the undivided attention and pleasure of spending time with lead protagonist, Jon Zip McNeil for a, soon to be published, detailed interview for Louderthanwar UK entertainments Magazine/Website before the album launch show at the bands most celebrated Glasgow venue, McChuills, a venue he referred to as, The Zips HQ.

Certainly, the band feels most content amongst their devoted Glasgow tribe, an undisputed zenith in conjuring atmosphere and utterly devoted appreciation towards the band’s music which was indisputably demonstrated throughout the night as it emerged. I was struck by Jon’s attentive, creatively passionate and caring nature, his conversation flowed with heart, in fine detail about the construction of their 4th studio album titled HUH!? Unconditionally attentive in showing unwavering support of every facet within the craftmanship of the album’s creation, making sure to cover each and every inspiration of place and person who has contributed to the album’s completion.

I felt inspired by Jon’s passion and enthusiasm for being out on the road, traveling across Europe with his comrades and mentioning his fondness of Berlin, a city where they recorded part of their current album, between there and Glasgow’s Barrhead! For more nuanced detail please keep an eye over on Louder for this supremely fascinating interview with Jon in the coming weeks ahead.

The exceptionally talented local artist, Stephen Scott has provided a powerful eye-catching artwork of one lone figure standing head-on before a military tank, an emotion stirring image of defiance and determination, The Zips have stuck to retro style within the inlay cover and actual CD pressing is a take on a vinyl pressing, making the album look, feel and sound tailored, original and bona fide in nature. As a photographer I was completely in my element capturing the raw energy of the people, McChuills was absolutely rammed and the intoxicating atmosphere of the night was electric making me came away with a mound of intimately intense people shots.

The Zips where on their best form, super charged with ferocity throughout an unremitted projection of the new album, hurtling through their songs at heart pounding pace from start to finish. Their new album material is exceptionally strong, rife with infectious hooks, burly rumbling rock n’ roll baselines and lyrics that pack a mean punch. The Zips always have a powerful narrative to tell within their music, always pushing the boundaries with their vehement delivery and sharp musical intellect, whether the songs are played stripped down or in full construct.

The band then proceeded in taking special requests from the eager, high octane audience. On the night the band had a collecting can for Bread Over Bombs, a charity who assist local food banks, in the end the generosity of the people contributed £65 on the night, all of which will be delivered to a food bank in the area. This was by far one of the best, most memorable punk nights I have attended in a long time. If you wish to view the entire batch of photos from this event night please click the following Gobophotography/Revel Rousers link –

If you wish to lay heart and mind on the new album it is available from, Love Music record shop in Glasgow, you can also order it online through the Love Music website, via EBay, All Ages Records in London, or just simply private message Jonzip direct.

Keep up to date with the legends of punk on the links below to follow their forthcoming creative endeavours and up-and-coming tour dates.

A Band Not To Be Missed Live!