Highlight Feature- Modal Plane – An Intimate insight.

Artist – Modal Plane

Genre – Synthwave/Ambient/Experimental

Label – Circuit Church

Orlando Florida based; William Randall aka Modal Plane has been an electronic artist I have had the greatest of pleasures in following for about four/five years now. Most strikingly Williams originality permeates throughout his in-depth, nuanced soundscapes. He is ultimately a sound and visual designer, sonically conjuring the essence of the imagery he wishes to paint in an impressionistic way, that of which an artist would paint on canvas.

William typically generates his own nostalgic feel through visuals to accompany his music clips on social media, however, in the past he has collaborated with a couple of glitch artists like, Sara Goodman and Chromatic Artifacts in order to create full-length visual tracks, “Ninety_ Six_ Zeros”  and “At The Edge Of Everything”, for his 2019 album, ‘Terra Null’, both videos can be viewed on the, Circuit Church Bandcamp ‘Video’ link, an electronic cassette tape label which Modal Plane is an integral part of. Most excitingly, both William and Sara are currently working together on a full project which will be released on VHS cassette very soon!   

Sound sculpturist, william Randall aka Modal Plane / Illuminated Trip Mode

William is master of soul-stirring melodies and perfectly curated samples. He thrives through forming sonic and visual narratives and his musical distinctiveness is born through tapping into his authentic creative nature which rings true with fluidity throughout all of his creative works. His brilliance lays in projecting complex programmed, live recorded instrumental and modulated synth layer structures, in a simplistic, spacious sounding way. In the technical hardware sense, working closely with Sean Pendleton, owner of online shop, VOIDModular, selling  Eurorack and Synthesizer Do-It-Yourself (SDIY) products, no doubt, helps inspire and innovate Williams ideas in progressively pushing forward uniquely expressive synthscapes.

William & Co In their natural habitat.

In February of this year, Modal Plane released one of his most transcendent, nuanced works to date, ‘New Age Forestry’, a split album featuring, Jared Silvia aka Pressurewave, also the executive producer to Modal Plane’s ‘Terra Null’ album in which I mentioned above. This body of work provides stimulus and is both graceful and haunting, featuring gentle, sentimental ambient music exploring various visions of imaginary forest landscapes.

Both William and Jared provide a few words on how the idea of the album was born and what atmosphere both brought to the project.

William/ Modal Plane

“This split cassette w/ Jared Silvia revolves around our different interpretations of a sketch he did, and the idea of developing a sound based in/around nature, and our interactions with it. The cassette is completely DIY. Each cassette package is hand stamped, recorded, and labelled in house circuit church records. Also, an extremely limited release which is current sold out but is still available to download in digital format. I hope you enjoy this album.” – W.R

Jared/ Pressurewave

“I was drawing on my iPad one day and wrote the words “New Age Forestry” under this weird blocky thing I had sketched. I sent it to Will and said, “let’s do an album where we both interpret this theme.” This release is the result. MP’s side is a dark, foggy forest of inward journeying. My side is an ambient map of four locations in Japan that I find especially soulful and important. I hope you check this out, friends. It’s the first time I’ve officially released anything of my own in over 10 years. Here’s to it being the first of many.” – J.S

Please keep up-to-date with the creative endeavours of, Modal Plane and all the brilliant artists he collaborates with over on his social media platforms.



>>Another MaSSiVE heads-up!>> On the current, throbbing, highly intensive ‘3D Eye’ music video release by Chemical Poet/Rapper, Texture who I highlighted on Revel at the beginning of this month regarding his single drop for ‘Robocoppppp’. 3D Eye is the follow-up on the same single extracted from his forthcoming new album #ILLVMINATE destined to be released on independent label, This Is Not Pop later in the year!

Texture executes an acute perception through his hypersensitive thoughtfulness in this current track which speaks and yearns for a psychological shift away from conscious blindness that manifests through heavy conditioned designs of religious beliefs and ideologies, referencing Cassandra, a woman in Greek mythology, cursed to utter true prophecies but never to be believed.

In modern usage her name is employed as a rhetorical device to indicate someone whose accurate prophecies are not believed. Within the track Texture raps a visionary projection where violence ceases through a dismantling of illusionary prisms in order to liberate, elevate and illuminate universal truth.

Surrounding this lyrically dextrous flow is the purpose-driven, chunky, phat  beats of the illustrious producer, Asthmatic Astronaut, who raises an elevated cosmic flow through melodic strains of synth and calculated rhythm, accentuating the gravitas of Textures technical rap flow.

There is always an intellectual, authentic feel to Textures creative works, his sense of urgency consistently rings through without a sense of force or strain, even though he has projected much spoken word in the past, his transition to rap still demonstrates his poetic verse and rhythm with clarity, which evidently sits core within his creative demeanour.

Texture shows an innate knack of channelling a heightened awareness and fresh, finger-on-the-pulse vibration for all who embrace him and those he collaborates with.  

Check out his amazing D.I.Y video below!


The new video for 3D EYE. Lyrics/Visuals: Texture. Beat: Asthmatic Astronaut. New album  coming 2020 on This Is Not Pop.

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The Counterbalance Of The Globe Becoming Sick, In Order To Heal.

Is it possible this newborn virus could shift consciousness into a more collective state?

If anything, the trauma in which the world faces could be what humans need to draw closer to humanity, interconnecting through a network of heightened awareness and shared altruism amongst sentient beings. For me the most striking realization watching this coronavirus spread, is that surviving doesn’t lay in the hands of governmental systems or any kind of materialism, wealth is never really created or destroyed; it merely changes from one perception to another, and through this unprecedented situation shifts in perception are most certainly creating change. From my point of view, survival of mind , body and spirit lays in the core of nature; clean air, fresh waters and thriving wildlife which therefore creates a sustainable ecosystem to flourish from; something society has been savagely choking through greedy economic gain.

If all collapses economically we only essentially  have each other to turn to in order to think cooperatively and creatively to survive, systems function then break, we, as humans are all interdependent of each other and this current situation certainly highlights that otherwise clouded fact.  The way society is run we tend to forget that humans are an integral part of nature, and through our physical and mental illusionary divisions, which are propelled and accentuated  by social class system structures, blinds our sight in humanity and misguides our perception in the roles we play within society. In this kind of virus situation we begin to recognize the absolute essential roles that so called ‘unskilled workers’ play. This title aggravates me intensely, no one role is as little or important, general labourers are the mechanics of the system, they keep the cogs turning. The person keeping the toilets clean in an office block is just as an essential role to play as a CEO. Ironically, we tend to look to the basics to survive no matter how complicated we choose to live our lives. At present these social barriers are breaking down and bearing the truth, that when the system is threatened, and all is stripped away there is only the universal common need to survive as humans on a spinning ball of rock.  

“Thrivalist”  is a mentality that forges its fires in collaboration, sustainability and community, the greatest revolutions are born from grass roots levels, communities need to support each other on a one-to-one humane level more than ever across the globe and collectively through a shift in the way we perceive our interconnectedness we can draw closer to our authentic selves and realize through clarity of mind and liberation of spirit that with great change we must face adversity. If anything, this global pandemic has allowed the planet to breathe more easily with less harmful emissions being pumped into the atmosphere due to city lockdowns. The reduction of world flight travel and people using their cars, as well as public transport has allowed for a slight pendulum swing in the rebalancing of nature.

Satellite images released by NASA and the European Space Agency have shown a dramatic reduction in nitrogen dioxide emissions,  those released by vehicles, power plants and industrial facilities in major Chinese cities between January and February, and most recently the waterways in Venice has begun to run clear with fish returning to the canal waters because of ceasing boat trips for tourists. A similar pattern has emerged with carbon dioxide (CO2) — released by burning fossil fuels such as coal. From February 3 to March 1, CO2 emissions were down by at least 25% because of the measures to contain the coronavirus, according to the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA), an air pollution research organization.

The creative communities are rallying together even tighter than before, performers are providing live link ups to their shows, musicians have been offering free download links to their fans, anyone creative in isolation is using their time positively to channel their creative talents through making music, drawing, designing, writing and many other avenues of creativity. Bandcamp has offered to raise even more awareness around the pandemic’s impact on musicians everywhere, by waiving their revenue share on sales this Friday, March 20 (from midnight to midnight Pacific Time), and rallying the Bandcamp community to put much needed money directly into artists’ pockets. It has been fascinating to feel the positive unity this unique, immensely challenging situation has created amongst people.

Here are a few artists who share their thoughts on the pandemic situation, in unison with sharing an expression of the times through their music.

At least in a time of physical Isolation, there is a time for unity through digital communication….

Berlin based, Electronica/Techno/Experimental producer, Max Dahlhaus who is on the independent, New York Haunted record label says:

“As a musician there is not much I can do to help in those weird times, except for staying home, washing my hands, offering my help, not buying 10 kilo of toilet paper and MUSIC. And music is what I would like to contribute….

Download my Blakc Otu EP for free:

It was released on Drvg Cvltvre’s, New York Haunted imprint in 2018 and I think it fits the situation very well. ….Stay safe! …..Stay in contact! …Good luck!

Earlier I asked, Texture aka Bram E. Gieben, Scottish Chemical Poet/ Rapper about his feelings on the current Uk government measures. This is what Bram expressed:

“ I am kind of swinging between elation and terrified. This could legitimately crash the economy. The end of Capitalism, or at least the opportunity to kick it while its down and present alternative plans, it’s something I’ve wanted for years. Look at the canals of Venice after a week of no big business and tourism. Clear water. Fish came back. That’s its own argument for dismantling or reimagining society as we know it from the ground up. BUT! (and it’s a big but)

The people in charge are literally disaster capitalists. Their  whole deal is the shock doctrine. Keep people afraid and off balance with perpetual crisis. This blocks progressive social change and wealth redistribution. Then you cream profits from reconstruction projects, privatized  medicine, remortgaging public services to open the market.  Rees Moggs dad literally wrote a book on it.  

So, the treat that this is the thing that brings in martial law, total surveillance and the end of democracy is VERY real. If they keep people broke and indoors for three months, the summer could bring riots. Worldwide. The world is now fragile and precarious thanks to their politics. How likely do you think they are to piss on society if its burning?”  

 ‘Idle Hands’ is a UK Bristol based music & movie store says:

“This is a worrying time for everyone and a situation none of us are used too. Events are moving fast, and we have to accept that major disruption is on its way. If Italy is anything to go by shops like Idle Hands will be forced to close indefinitely.

I’m proud to have survived almost a decade through some of the worst economic challenges we’ve seen in our lifetime. It might look like an easy job because the shop is still here and consistently opening its doors, but there have been times where idle hands has survived by the skin of its teeth – especially with the recent uncertainty of Brexit.

If at any time over the last nine years you’ve enjoyed coming to the shop, I’d ask that you please support us in whatever way you can over the coming weeks or however long we’re still able to be open. Come in and buy records, like and share our social media posts, buy online and share our website with your friends, give us a good review, but most importantly consider making your next vinyl purchase through us.”

Paris based, French Electronic producer, Voiski is currently in lockdown at his home. Yesterday he released a two track Ep titled ‘Days Of Confinement’ this is what he expresses:

“French virus lockdown started.
As many artists, I will try to take the advantage of such unusual conditions and use this isolation time to re-think everything. I can’t help seeing what we are facing as the beginning of a new era. It’s been really hard for me to focus on creation since the confusion started, I managed so far to find comfort into housework and trashing old unnecessary items from the past. To give myself the necessary space to create (and to keep you informed that “I’m still alive” as Kawara would say) I decided to give away my unreleased productions day after day until the end of it. This is France Confinement Day 2. Free download on Soundcloud or Bandcamp. Hang tough, keep on creating, and stay safe”.

John Harcus, guitarist/ vocalist of melodic Punk band PMX  expresses:

“I am currently in Japan on tour with my band. Life seems to be going on as normal over here. Busy bars and streets, a few bands cancelling shows due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but we are in good spirits and having a good time thanks to the guys at RNR Tours and the fans and bands who are supporting us throughout the tour.

I have been checking the UK and world news daily and in some places the situation seems dire.

Taking care of your mental health in a situation like this is key. The world is in an extraordinary crisis and the media are really pulling out all the stops when it comes to keeping the hysteria, doom and gloom in your face.

I ignored the news yesterday and for a brief moment felt like things were carrying on as normal.

I know when I return it might not be as easy.

I just wanted to let all my current clients and friends know that my band and I are in good health and good spirits.

When I return in the 25th I will be self-isolating but as I work from home, carrying on work as usual.

With that, I’ll speak to you all soon and stay positive.


Mark McGee (Mark My Words) aka lead vocalist at, The Girobabies has a magnificently entertaining podcast, ‘You Call That Radio’ He Says:

“We are self-isolating and broadcasting from a secret bunker in parts unknown, Scotland as we investigate various theories surrounding the origins and spread of COVID- 19. We try to make sense of one of the craziest breaking stories of the century and figure out where we go from here.” 

Listen to the entire episode here:

BMX BANDIT, Duglas .T Stewart expresses:

“ This song feels appropriate right now. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world just now for a lot of people. I send all of you out there love and wish you, and those you love, well.” – Dug.

And finally; Cabaret act, The Creative Martyrs has released a satirical coronavirus song on the following link below:

Chemical Poet/ Rapper -Texture Drops, Robo Coppppp/3rd Eye -Fresh Single Drop.

Artist – Texture

Single- Robocoppppp/ 3rd Eye

Genre – Hip-Hop/Chemical Poetry/Cyberpunk

Label – This Is Not Pop

Exquisitely pepped over the current new double-barrelled single, Robocoppppp/3rd Eye release from Chemical Poet/Rapper, Bram E. Gieben aka Texture. The exclusive 2-track single offers up boisterous  beats by Asthmatic Astronaut and Medulasa and a FREE DL with the ILLVMINATE: KATAKANA TEE which dropped 29th of last month.  

Texture promises to deliver an album imminently on independent label, This Is Not Pop and is set to perform live at the forthcoming, Southside Fringe Night, May 10th in Glasgow’s, The Icebox Arts And Music Centre.

Yo!.. It’s Texture, he’s following fuck out of your whole gang on Tweetdeck -Robocoppppp/3rd Eye.
In yo! face- space.

In authentic Bram E. style, the current single ‘Robocoppppp’ packs a fresh punch in the gut, offering an intellectual edge and acute awareness of both self and society, interwoven throughout a highly imaginative, futuristic narrative that deepens the dynamic of the rap flow  and intensifies the atmosphere onto complex, inventive new levels. The track articulates a kind of confrontational determination and offers up a fight for truth, as well as boldly rapping about his methodology and functionality in creative and social spheres.

The beats are robust, just like Robo Cop! and the nostalgic feel is accentuated with Nintendo game bleeps and beeps, placed around samples extracted from the Robocop film itself. I love the contrast of a visionary, futuristic portrayal wrapped around visual nostalgia, there are some things we just love to hang onto from the past, Nintendo and Robocop is most certainly two of them!

Also within this track, Texture casts motivational light beams onto the, Black Lantern Music Clan, a reference to Black Lantern records, a Scottish independent label in which Bram founded a decade ago,  releasing exceptional hip-hop, electronic and experimental music.

The second track on the single, 3rd Eye has been delayed, but will soon be released over on Bandcamp.

Follow Textures Website Here –

I look forward to working with Bram over the next few days, in regard to providing him with press kit photographs. He is a magnificent inspiration and I feel motivated and honoured to provide a creative shoot to encapsulate his mood and energy as an artist. His last album release was titled ‘Elevate’ an album which made a massive impact on me and will always be one of my most listened to albums within my collection. Here is an absolute favourite of mine from his album ‘Elevate’ titled ‘Hungry Ghosts’ where he collaborates with p.Wreaks. One of Bram’s most symbiotic rap/spoken word comrades.

Please keep up to date with Texture and his creative ventures. He is an immensely purposeful creative driving force with in the Scottish Music scene and beyond!

Texture in creative unification with p.Wreaks -Hungry Ghosts.
Photo credit to – Chris Scott, Literary Paparazzo

Check Out Another Bram Website Highlighting His Creative Writing –

LIV MASSIVE & HESSIAN RENEGADE – Collaborative single track ‘Locker’, from the EP ‘Erocean’


Extremely proud  to present fresh, forward-thinking works by the classically trained, LivMassive aka Rachael Olivia Black who joins, Rap/Rave duo, Hessian Renegade to create a 4-track EP titled ‘Locker’.  This will be the first single track extracted from the collaborative EP ‘Erocean’ which will be complimented by a 15 minute cinematic music video shot in-house and on location at Loch Lomond. The music video shall come a little while after the single, which is set for release on Esquimaux Records this forthcoming Friday 21st of February.

‘Locker’ is a fascinating project of interconnected creative fluidly, demonstrated through technical uniqueness, which proudly brings to the forefront the uninhibited ability to unify diversity in musical styles and presentation. The single, was created entirely from viola. Rhythms were built by tapping the instrument in different positions while plucks and experimental playing styles fleshed out the rest.

Classically Trained- Innovative thinking, Rachael Olivia Black. AKA LIVMassive.

The piece stands as a truly evoking, contemplative sound-structure that is both cinematic and haunting in character, a composition that opens like a flower in bloom through the ethereal, angelic tones of LIV, drifting naturally and intuitively along, blending progressively the innovative instrumental elements of the viola in conjunction with the subtle ambient electronic elements of Ross, who is the electronic half of Hessian.

Ross offers faint rudiments of dub within the percussion, adding an eastern, spiritually elevating layer to the root foundation of this strikingly diverse track, as well as adding an atmospheric admix of reverberated sample which compliments Conor’s vocal purposefulness to perfection.

Sound designer, fresh beat-maker, label owner (Esquimaux Records) Ross Mccann aka Hessian Renegade.

Conor lays down density and depth to the spacious ambience of this piece, through his passionately projected rap flow, grounding and bringing forth an intensity as he delivers a tight-worded string of emotionally charged, yet controlled expression that stirs the headspace and yanks the heartstrings.

Passionate advocate of expression, vehement rapper, Lead face of Hessian Renegade, Conor Moore.

Instrumentally, both tonally and texturally there exists a stimulating interplay between the electronic subtly and texturally layered vocals. Even through Conor’s vocal urgency and transfixed edge, there streams a soothing, comforting atmosphere that resonates as liberating, determined and true. This authentic project was born as Rachael’s master’s degree and received a distinction at the ‘Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance’ in London.

Her eclectic taste in music encompassing country to classical and hip hop to metal, influences her composition style and enhances her versatility as a musician. She has composed several specially commissioned works and similarly had several works written for her by contemporary composers.

The strong tones and outlines of raw unbridled talent. LIVMassive & Hessian Renegade.

Unequivocally this has been on of the most interesting and  Innovative pieces of music that has inspired me in a long time. I absolutely love the willingness to push boundaries within their collaborative creative abilities and move forward in unifying contrasting musical styles with such finesse and conviction.  


Available from all known streaming platforms Friday 21st of February.

Stay finely tuned!

Conor Moore -Music video still from LIVMassive & Hessian Renegade’s forthcoming EP ‘Erocean’

NYH189 Hypnaton – Yno Clap Release.

Artist – Hypnaton

Ep – Yno Clap

Label – New York Haunted

An ocean depth worth of gratitude to, New York Haunted for dropping a FREE DOWNLOAD this valentine  for all you modern lovers out there who follow the label. How could such a mind melt be so sexy?! Expect twisted , fragmented disjointed, combobulated sounds which gel together in a heartbeat under the spell of Russian producer, Hypnaton with his highly unusual EP, ‘Yno Clap’

Expect a deep groove, strutting funk track that is disharmonious in melody, but beat/bass driven to the core from track ‘Jelezka’ , while ‘Gusi’ happy claps its way up your central spine to get those inner juices bubbling. ‘Je Tem’ is a fascinating track that slips and slides its way along with frizzy sounding synth undertones, through a bright, hypnotic piano hook, which builds itself structurally into a stomping monster. I think this track represents and executes the elemental blends of both House and Techno perfectly.

The final track on this unique Ep ‘Kultuwahr’ feels super old-skool in its atmosphere. The nervous system is sure to be attacked with this sound as there is a simultaneous element that feels both as if there is progression in the bulk core of the track,  yet a restrictive pulling in the same breath. It’s very clever! And clever in my books is sexy. Contrastingly this Ep is full of warp factors, yet also retains order. The theme to this Ep is discordance of sound, embedded within a pulsating core, which most certainly puts a fun, wobbly and exciting slant to my day!

Go-Go Nitro! And get pumped and fuelled to these super-fly, special sounds by Hypnaton, emanating from NYH headquarters.

The Ep will be free to download for the next 24 hrs…

Find the link to the album within the Bandcamp Icon.

Artist Of The Day – ĠENN – Single Release DUDA DANCE.

Recommended Artist Of The Day! 🔥🔥🔥

GOoDneSs! Gracious! Uninhibited SaSsY Riot ROck vibrations are pulsating from Anglo-Maltese outfit ĠENN ..

These ladies were once named, Cryptic Street whose music I’ve covered in the past for Louderthanwar and will most certainly do again regarding this current new single release!

The Riot GuRrLLL’s currently go by the name of Ġennata (English translation: craziness) with their latest slice of alternative post-punk madness with a fun twist coming in the form of new single, the vibrant and energetic ‘Du Da Dance’

Which is currently OUT NOW via Everything Sucks Music.

Vocalist Leona wrote the lyrics on the train to Madrid, 10 minutes before demo-ing them!… Nothing like a fresh and sizzling act of expression! The lyrics speaks of not caring about what other people think or say about you, and to just enjoy life!. Currently based in Brighton, the band is a result of a trans-national pairing which came about through the internet between three musicians from Malta, and one from the UK.

After releasing their debut album ‘Titty Monster’ in 2018, the girls performed across Europe and the UK, and were featured on KEXP, Diva Magazine, Europavox, Tom Tom Magazine and Louderthanwar, amongst others.

ĠENN have been shaking audiences to the core with their infectious tunes, and with the honest, relatable themes they attack in their tracks. Sharing stages with bands such as, Acid Mothers Temple, PINS, Dream Nails, and Hands Off Gretel, to name but a few!

Please make sure to catch them live near you!

28th January – The Old England – Bristol
31st January – The Hope & Ruin – Brighton
16th February – Patterns – Brighton
12th March – Camden Assembly – London
5th April – The Hope & Ruin – Brighton
16th April – Suburbstheholroyd – Guildford
18th April – The Grace – London
19th April – Craufard Arms – Milton Keynes
29th April – Musician – Leicester
30th April – 0161 Festival – Manchester

Please checkout their amazing new music video below on the following Link 🎧🎧🎧