Forthcoming On Connected: Literatura – Desert Karavan Ep Incl. Elfenburg Remix.

Ukrainian and Russian musicians, Kai-Si and Al3ne release their forthcoming Ep on Connected Label through their project, Literatura.

Ukrainian and Russian musicians, Kai-Si and Al3ne present an authentic instrumental approach to their dance music through their distinctive mood sculpting project, literaturamusicians incorporating live experimental instrumentation into their supremely atmospheric studio productions in order to create emotive sonic narratives that evoke inspiration, flourish new thought and shape a unique interpretative world through music. 

The duo draw on the creative writing talents of novelist Kai-Si and Al3ne as a political satirist to touch on the importance of free flowing, interrelated artistic expression through the escapism of dreams, memories, and forward thought projection.

In a most recent spotlight interview with Kai-Si explains: 

“The project Literatura is about the idea that music, literature and art are things essential to life and linked to each other. Literatura incorporates text, notes, but also music and people, and we are trying to create our own world through our music”. 

Their compelling forthcoming Ep, Desert Karavan is set for release on stellar, Berlin-based, dance label connected delivering two world-class, deep-groove laden, tribal oriented tracks ‘Desert Karavan’ and ‘Night In the Oasis’, alongside a mesmerizing elfenbergmusic remix of the original title track which blends electro-beat with burning acid sounds and flourishing EBM ambient undertones.

Each track on the Ep has been characterized by a poetic, motivational story written by Literatura.

The story is not only about the Karavan, but also about how music is connecting people…

“Far away, somewhere on the other side of the planet called Connected, the Karavan is going through the desert. People are thinking about their next stop, hoping that it would be soon because they are already tired. Dreams are more powerful than physical strength. Courage is everywhere..<< Desert Karavan>> . 

The Karavan is going…And finally when night fell and the stars showed their light, an oasis appeared on the horizon. The night was not entirely quiet, people preferred to have fun and dance, patting each other on the shoulder and singing «Night in the Oasis».

Unexpectedly, at night two more people joined the Karavan. The strangers added a certain charm. And in the morning, the Karavan went with renewed vigour and with a different, groovy mood. <<Elfenberg>>

Kai-Si continues to explain what Literatura project overall stands for in his most recent interview with Melodicdiggers….

“We produce what we feel. Each track of Literatura has its own history. Sometimes it’s a groovy feeling, sometimes it’s just sitting and thinking about the future, sometimes it’s our dreams and sometimes it’s the result of the many memories going round in our minds. For us, this is what Literatura stands for.”

Release Date- Nov 27th on connected– Literatura – Desert Karavan Ep Pre-order: