Thrash Metallers -Gama Bomb – Stereo Basement- Live Footage/Review.

Last weekend Irish THRASH metaller’s Gama Bomb smashed their way through a mini UK tour alongside road buddies, Divine Chaos and Shrapnel, throwing down shows in Manchester’s Satan’s Hollow, Glasgow’s Stereo and London’s Underworld, heading on wards to play the Gargantuan German open-air Wacken Festival, beginning Thursday 1st of August until Saturday 3rd.  

Glasgow thrashers were super charged for the return of Gama Bomb with many avid followers returning to Stereo basement to mosh to Gama’s high octane, humorous, technically super-fast show. The band have crafted a very cool, idiosyncratic execution in their overall deliverance as they threw down insanely skilled, technical playing ability with tongue-n-cheek humour, belting out body hurtling songs from their current album, Speed Between The Lines, drawing on not taking themselves too seriously, but in the same breath blowing all the fishes out of the water with their unbelievable musicianship and vocal aptitude.

As a first time encounter with the band I was immediately sucked in by their individualism and all-inclusive fun approach, not to mention their effortless raw talent, and most certainly I would now call myself a fan. They have been described as a kind of Thrasher Judas priest, with those signature soaring vocal shrills.

Lead Protagonist – Philly Byrne  – Gama Outlaw. – Photo Credit – Darren Morier

Here at Gobo, the supremely talented, Darren Morier captured a whole bunch of amazingly expressive shots of the night, so please head over to the Gobophotography/Revel Rousers music media page on FB to view them in their entirety.  

Check out the first three songs of Gama Bomb’s set on the following Demon Dethchase YouTube Channel. Superbly captured by Will Ryan –

Gama Bomb -Footage Credit – Will Ryan – Demon Dethchase YouTube Channel.

Also, check out Divine Chaos’s ferocious vocal approach with complex drumming, and melodic, technical musicianship. An extremely awesome band who most certainly pack a clean punch to the gut.

Divine Chaos – Footage Credit – Will Ryan – Demon Dethchase YouTube Channel.
Jut Tabor – Vocals – Photo Credit – Darren Morier. 

The GROOVE LADEN, Shrapnel threw down a top class set which propelled the crowd into a head spin with the bands radical changes in velocity and super charged, gravely vocal delivery. Many thanks to Will Ryan of Demon Dethchase for the footage. Please make sure to subscribe to his channel over on YouTube to keep attuned to more exciting metal band uploads.

Shrapnel – Footage credit – Will Ryan- Demon Dethchase You Tube Channel.
Bassist/frontman – Aarran Tucker – Photo credit – Darren Morier