Edith Thomas Furey – ‘Sleep Well, My Love’ – Debut Ep

Artist – Edith Thomas Furey

Ep – Sleep Well My Love

Genre- Post-punk/New Wave


Casting our undivided attention to the far side of the globe with this next EP review as we are thrilled to highlight Australian, Brisbane based, Joel Glazebrook aka, Edith Thomas Furey, who has launched his solo debut, six-track Ep ‘Sleep Well, My Love’ at the beginning of the month on independent cassette label, Valley Heat Records. Joel is the sole remaining member of ETF who initially was a 3-piece band who parted ways in 2014, however, this did not diminish Joel’s creative passion and kept the project as a solo venture and emanation of his unique artistic expression.     

This body of work is currently launched through the medium of limited edition cassette and digital download over on Bandcamp, as well as on the, Valley Heat Records website, offering a highly atmospheric lo-fi, post-punk Ep which is loosely based around a structure that references the historical circularity of James Joyce’s epic hyper-text, Finnegan’s Wake, with songs expressing concern with the nature of return to beginnings in both enlivening and decadent senses. The sense of renewal possible in the wake of literal and figurative death and the categorical connection of all being finds aural expression in a series of songs that attempt to combine the abrasive with the ethereal, considering the aleatory nature of live looping and recording. 

All songs on the EP were recorded in single takes on the mighty Yamaha MT4X tape machine which brings authenticity and rawness to the comprehensive feel of the music, each individual track is week-day titled from Saturday through to Wednesday with the final song on the Ep named ‘Riverrun’. Tune into the vocally gothic, instrumentally methodical ‘Wednesday’ which has an air of early, Interpol’s vocal style, however, has the bass-driven, melodic nuance of a Joy Division track.

From Saturday to Wednesday, ‘Sleep Well, My Love’ – ETF

There is a hugely nostalgic feel about this Ep, embracing the atmosphere of the ’80s in its musical style and carrying through a hauntingly authentic one-take approach on an old tape recording system that aids in delivering an impressionistic, tailored exploration of new wave musical expression. In tracks such as ‘Monday’, it’s evident that the arrangement is emotionally charged and blends both vocal and instrumental elements tightly so that there is no space which feels all-consuming and cascades along like an unstoppable river, demonstrating an outpouring of emotion in sadness yet shines through an unwavering persistence.

The wobbly nature of these recordings most certainly adds to the fragility and melancholy of each tracks atmosphere. My favourite song on the Ep is ‘Riverrun’ as it comes across as a moody, gothic gem, almost industrial in its driven methodical beat. This track could easily be Depeche Mode inspired with its angular drum machine and haunting reverberated guitar, combined with hints of, The Cure in its tone and melody. This track carries a wonderful surrendering of vocal encryption and forwards a more heartfelt, clarified lyric to follow. The song also owns a beautifully moving melody with textural tones to lose yourself in.  

Most certainly, this is a brilliantly executed home-studio recording from Joel that exhibits complete creative control. His talented dynamic within instrumental and production is evident throughout this Ep as he also shows great skill in directing and channeling the whole mood and style of the project. We look forward to following more of his music in future months ahead, however, in the meantime, make sure to keep up to date with his creative endeavors on the links below.