Zwaremachine & I Ya Toyah ‘Code Blue’ Tour Announcement!

Artist – Zwaremachine & I Ya Toyah

Bonus Single – Smile That Killed A Country

Tour – Code Blue

Rousing news from Minneapolis, industrial-based trio, Zwaremachine as they announce, ‘Code Blue’ a co-headliner tour with Polish, electronic/industrialist, I Ya Toyah, which means the dual outfits are set to hit the road March 1st touring America’s mid-west. Zwaremachine is currently engaging in Spring/Summer bookings in the U.S and are also working on fixing more dates in Europe before the end of the year. D.I.Y based, I Ya Toyah is a powerful solo force who is currently based in the city of Chicago, her debut, full-length album titled ‘Code Blue’, which is currently set for tour alongside Zwaremachine, was released back in October 2018 and demonstrates a cathartic intimate insight into inner darkness and self-struggle. The album was shaped by real-life traumatic events in I Ya Toyah’s life as she adroitly channels her story through arresting vocals and emotively haunting electronic synth, groove-laden beats and hypnotizing guitars. Artfully conjuring a moving concoction of submersible sound that creates an enigmatic atmosphere.

Eagerly, Zwaremachine has extracted the first single track ‘Code Blue’ from I Ya Toyah’s album and has focused on creating, in conjunction with the Code Blue tour a bonus single track featuring Mach Fox and I Ya Toyah, titled “Smile That Killed A Country”. This track will be officially released on February 18th, 2019 over on Bandcamp and will also include an extended remix, with the single track being exclusively performed on their tour dates. Zware Bassist D-Bot has worked on the current remix and will be joining them on the road to add that extra dynamic to their already impactful sound. Check out a taster of their tour sounds below.

A Preview Of The ‘Code Blue’ Tour – Sound & Vision.

Zwaremachine’s most recent release was a cranky noise cyber darkwave track titled “Remain Unseen” and can be found on the following link – This was a single released as a “name your price” item over on Bandcamp on December 10th, 2018; prior to that Zwaremachine’s full-length ‘Be a Light’ album was released on April 11, 2018, which I highly recommend you lock into.  In regard to European dates Zware have just confirmed, LIEGE NEW WAVE FESTIVAL in Belgium for September 21st, 2019 and will book more dates in that region also. Follow the link for more details on this festival event.  

Stay attentive and keep up to date with future tour date announcements for the U.S.A & Europe and also the latest music releases from both Zware and I Ya Toyha. Let’s hope they make the UK sometime soon!