Highly Recommended Track Of Any Day! 'Where They Lie' By Stanley Odd

Band – Stanley Odd

Single – ‘Where They Lie’

Label – Handsome Tramp Records

Genre – Hip-hop / Not Hip-hop?

The current, cutting-edge single, ‘Where They Lie’ by Stanley Odd continues to level up to a resolute higher degree with their intellectual lyrical flow and deeply progressive, fresh approach to the direction and construction of their truth-laden empowering track. This vitalized sound features the eloquently rhythmical word-smith, Dave Hook aka Solar Eye and his harmoniously gifted counterpart, Veronica Electronica.

I’ve always admired the clarity and potency of Stanley Odds narrative, hitting the heart and pulse of the matter with their social and political observations, mindfully and articulately encapsulating the essential core of a situation in an emancipating way, through their distinctively crafted adrenalizing musical vibration.

This purposeful single track offers a beat-driven, electronic pulsating intensity, combined with a mass of gripping word-play that highlights and demonstrates an, in-between the lines, insightful expression of core truths which blasts defiantly through the calculated lies we are subjected to within the current political climate.

Stanley Odd – Where They Lie – Superb Single Track

The binding force of musical expression is immensely liberating and most certainly Stanley Odd has created an instrumentally ferocious, lyrically thought-provoking track that draws extra awareness. More artists need to channel in this beneficial way to help lift the spirits of a deflated nation. There are many exciting layers both vocally and instrumentally within the production of this gripping track, graviting the mood between ominous and elevating, in-between offering lots of vital space for the listener to digest.

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