Coming Up: Re.You – Maison – The Remixes (Connected)

A strong collection of remixes from Connected’s extended family.

Connected are getting set to jump-start the summer with an outstanding collection of remixes of Marius Maier, aka Re.You’s excellent ‘Maison’ album, released in May. 

Top contemporary artists who are all close personal DJ friends of Marius each add their own interpretive slant and production style, including his brother Santé, plus Rodriguez Jr., Anja Schneider, Floyd Lavine, Kadosh, David Mayer,  Andhim,  Topango and many more, in what amounts to a comprehensive reconstruction and reimagining of the original tracks.

The first stand out remix is by Cologne natives and underground mainstays AndHim,  propelling Re.You’s ‘Inyani’ ft. Oluhle & Aaaron into a vigorous beat-driven, tribal funk affair. AndHim delivers vast swathes of delightful synth progressions built on energetic, bubbling undercurrents of murky modulation. He commands the listener to get their wiggle on. A playful, groov- laden rendition, his re-rub accentuates through subtle textures, shading around the soul-stirring vocals.

Chief Mobilee artist Rodriguez Jr. Opts for an otherworldly rework of Relocate, featuring Connected bosses Stereo MCs. He transforms the original stripped back, vocally pure version into a propulsive, methodically entrancing dance cut that instrumentally envelops Rob Birch’s evocative vocals. The bona-fide poetic vocal that Rob delivers emanates wisdom and carries a spiritually moving message, as Rodriguez Jr. grips the dance floor with epic breakdowns and frazzled bass building the mood.

Topango then takes ‘Inyani’ and sensitively rebuilds it as a spine-tingling vocal cut with a spiritual atmosphere that is truly unique. This emotive rendition provides gorgeous vocal reverb, creating space in the track as it builds and evolves into a euphoric soul-stirring celebration. A breathtaking remix that massages mind, body and spirit.

Innervisions and Watergate’s deep and melodic house maestro Kadosh shows off his superb skills on a steamy and mysterious remix of Soft. Softening the original track from its original, more industrial arrangement, they add a more earthy, natural soundscape to the forefront, delivering fully rounded chiming synth that soothes and elevates.

David Mayer lays down some of his fancily heavy but funky drum grooves on a remix of ‘If You’ ft. Elli that will have your body flexing in no time. This ssexy remix is vocally tantalizing and instrumentally thrilling. Berlin’s tireless creative force Anja Schneider then stands out with her emotive take on ‘Strings Of Joy’ ft. Florian Busse & Ahmad, which has a meandering lead synth and chunky drums all overlaid with a big-hearted vocal.

Avidus is Marc Wolf and Fritz Wagner, a pair who have turned heads in just two short years thanks to tunes on Crosstown, each as compelling, sensitive and well-crafted as the synth dances that weave into their remix of ‘When I’m Lost’ ft. Elli.

Next up, new school Berlin tastemaker Santé remixes ‘Relocate’, once again featuring the Stereo MCs on a chunky, stripped-back house groove custom designed for cosy basement spaces. 

South African house hero Floyd Lavine returns to his home label with another vital remix that takes on an elegant and afro tinged trip into house territory, while German duo and MoBlack associates Cosmo & Kramer close out with a ragged, electro-tinged version of Strings Of Joy.

These are fantastic new reinterpretations of the excellent source material, and all add up to a high-class treasure trove for DJs and dancers alike.


LIV MASSIVE & HESSIAN RENEGADE – Collaborative single track ‘Locker’, from the EP ‘Erocean’


Extremely proud  to present fresh, forward-thinking works by the classically trained, LivMassive aka Rachael Olivia Black who joins, Rap/Rave duo, Hessian Renegade to create a 4-track EP titled ‘Locker’.  This will be the first single track extracted from the collaborative EP ‘Erocean’ which will be complimented by a 15 minute cinematic music video shot in-house and on location at Loch Lomond. The music video shall come a little while after the single, which is set for release on Esquimaux Records this forthcoming Friday 21st of February.

‘Locker’ is a fascinating project of interconnected creative fluidly, demonstrated through technical uniqueness, which proudly brings to the forefront the uninhibited ability to unify diversity in musical styles and presentation. The single, was created entirely from viola. Rhythms were built by tapping the instrument in different positions while plucks and experimental playing styles fleshed out the rest.

Classically Trained- Innovative thinking, Rachael Olivia Black. AKA LIVMassive.

The piece stands as a truly evoking, contemplative sound-structure that is both cinematic and haunting in character, a composition that opens like a flower in bloom through the ethereal, angelic tones of LIV, drifting naturally and intuitively along, blending progressively the innovative instrumental elements of the viola in conjunction with the subtle ambient electronic elements of Ross, who is the electronic half of Hessian.

Ross offers faint rudiments of dub within the percussion, adding an eastern, spiritually elevating layer to the root foundation of this strikingly diverse track, as well as adding an atmospheric admix of reverberated sample which compliments Conor’s vocal purposefulness to perfection.

Sound designer, fresh beat-maker, label owner (Esquimaux Records) Ross Mccann aka Hessian Renegade.

Conor lays down density and depth to the spacious ambience of this piece, through his passionately projected rap flow, grounding and bringing forth an intensity as he delivers a tight-worded string of emotionally charged, yet controlled expression that stirs the headspace and yanks the heartstrings.

Passionate advocate of expression, vehement rapper, Lead face of Hessian Renegade, Conor Moore.

Instrumentally, both tonally and texturally there exists a stimulating interplay between the electronic subtly and texturally layered vocals. Even through Conor’s vocal urgency and transfixed edge, there streams a soothing, comforting atmosphere that resonates as liberating, determined and true. This authentic project was born as Rachael’s master’s degree and received a distinction at the ‘Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance’ in London.

Her eclectic taste in music encompassing country to classical and hip hop to metal, influences her composition style and enhances her versatility as a musician. She has composed several specially commissioned works and similarly had several works written for her by contemporary composers.

The strong tones and outlines of raw unbridled talent. LIVMassive & Hessian Renegade.

Unequivocally this has been on of the most interesting and  Innovative pieces of music that has inspired me in a long time. I absolutely love the willingness to push boundaries within their collaborative creative abilities and move forward in unifying contrasting musical styles with such finesse and conviction.  


Available from all known streaming platforms Friday 21st of February.

Stay finely tuned!

Conor Moore -Music video still from LIVMassive & Hessian Renegade’s forthcoming EP ‘Erocean’