New York Haunted Welcomes Itzel Back Into The Fold With His Forthcoming Album Release ‘Scelero’ NYH196

Artist – Itzel

Album – NYH196/Scelero

Label – New York Haunted

The highly distinctive, Daniel Hoy aka Itzel rises to prominence once again on Dutch experimental label NYH with his exploratory electronic album, Scelero (The Latin word for Etch) set to be released on the 13th of this month after his sensational EP and LP releases last year. In 2018 Itzel’s unique digital craftmanship was demonstrated through a melodic, ambient techno album titled ‘Basalt’ which was a complete sonic excursion that offered a perfect blend of Electronica, IDM influenced Techno. This time around a mechanical animal of hard edged, menacing experimental sounds comes to life through a prism of human emotion, executed with Itzel’s soft focus version of all of, The Black Dog, Beaumont Hannant and B12’s best tracks, updated into a 2020 sound palette.

The production is truly magnificent on this deeply penetrating album, opening with ‘Phore’ a mathematical array of concise, drill-driven electronics, hard stamped on top of an undercurrent of earthy percussion which grows into a divergence of ethereal ambience. Following is the unsettling sounds of ‘Fresher’ an erratic flurry of manipulated electronics that feels urgent and repressed, intertwined through spacey ambient under and over currents. As where, ‘Was’ shifts the mood into an enormously atmospheric eastern style strut, with chiming keys and an enticing percussive allure that reminds me of something Plaid or U-Zig would lay down in the 90’s.

‘Circle Of you’ delivers bright modulation synthesizer which burns through elongated smothered vocals, providing an organic feel, that is fresh and stimulating, although wildly haunting and unnerving in atmosphere, as where ‘XT’ sits as one of the most deeply melodic, thrilling statements on this astonishingly dramatic, dynamically layered adventurous album. There are 10 thrilling tracks on this outstanding album, owning a stricking mass of technical elements to surprise and stimulate the headspace, so i will leave the rest for your sonic exploration…..

Listen to Itzel’s ‘Scelero’ over on NYH’s Bandcamp on the following link:

Please stay percolated and ENjoy!