The Girobabies, ‘Dear Monday’- New Single Release Announcement!

In the past, The Girobabies music has been imaginatively described as, Scheme Punk, Baffling Ned Punk and Gutter Rock, these expressive stamps may have had their place in order to describe a momentary creative framework from project to project, however they do not define the overall transformative, redefining nature of this Glaswegian outfits music and members who have come and gone over the past ten years, leaving an indelible mark towards their current explorative creative energy and tone.

Founder, and lead protagonist, Mark McGhee has consistently directed his distinctive, sharp-witted personality into an incomparable delivery of crossover song/ rap and spoken word, fulled by social commentary, self-awareness and humour, which he channels so fervently through the Girobabies project and has always left himself wide-open to collaboration and experimentation in his song-writing and music making conduct. Over the years, Marks ability to shape-shift in such a progressive, imaginative way, alongside numerous musicians, producers, and poets from throughout Scotland has given much room for creative maneuvering and expansion, experiencing many highs, as of equal measure lows as a band project.

It has been over 3 years since Girobabies released their album ‘Who Took Utopia?’, so it was with much anticipation and excitement to hear of their recently announced new single ‘Dear Monday’ which is set to be released on Monday 4th March 2019 over on Bandcamp. Both, Giro drummer, Gordon Duncan, and vocalist, Mark McGhee have collaborated on this fresh sounding single track, alongside Perthshire based producer, Macapella, forging a bright and brilliant sounding track that is bass-driven and experimental in its nature.

New Single By The Girobabies – Set For Release March 4th

Gordon D has brought forth an inventive psychedelic feel to the track, placing curiously captivating guitar textures and mindfully located synth within the track, as samples and dynamic backing vocals are situated around Marks gripping, rhymical lyrical flow. Instrumentally, the track sounds bright and fresh with soft edges, yet packs a punch vocally with its directness and force. The band are currently working on a music video to accompany the song alongside their photographer/videographer, Martin Windebank, and have recently posted photos over on their music media page of Giros bassist, Jo D’arc laying down basslines behind a blue screen! The band is keen to kick off celebrations of their 10th anniversary year as a constantly changing, progressive band with this current new single, so make sure to join them on their journey of both old & new.

‘Dear Monday, 
This will cost you dearly 
Yours sincerely, 

Check out Mark & Gordon in the studio below, providing a taster of ‘Dear Monday’.

Please, pre-order the CD or digital download over on Bandcamp on the link below as it will help support the bands return properly after three years. More announcements shall be made in due course as they celebrate a decade of the highs, the lows –

Also, head over to The Girobabies Facebook page for a competition they are holding just now regarding this forthcoming single release. –