Sixfingerz: Oceanbound in the eye of a Silent Storm

Belgian beatsmith Sixfingerz delivers an exclusive mix for Revel Rousers ahead of his new LP

Belgian producer Tim De Groof, aka Sixfingerz, continues to explore his creative vision and artistic sensibilities, evoking powerful emotional and physical responses  within the sonic landscapes he creates. 

Hit play below on the EXCLUSIVE one hour DJ mix Sixfingerz put together for Revel, which highlights his best early works. Sample-spliced and blended to technical perfection, his mastery of turntablism shines through, along with impressive musical intelligence.


Sixfingerz’ knack for executing song structures with a timeless quality owes much to his own vast knowledge and love of traditional, roots and world instruments and musical styles, from past to present. His sound carries a lantern perpetually forward, illuminating bygone eras and musical forms through a modern, stylistic beat-making approach.

Now back with a new album, Silent Storm, Sixfingerz’ innate musical sensitivity is used to evoke the contours of distinct visual landscapes. His sonic explorations tend to naturally lean into cinematic realms, suggesting soul-stirring narratives, glimpsed in brief glances. 

His most recent album, Silent Storm is a perfect snapshot of the creative headspace in which he dwells, as well as the emotional landscapes he roams. He invites the listener into a soothing world of atmospheric textures and warm vintage sounds which  evoke a feeling of comfortability and familiarity, leaning on the gently rousing rhythmic nuances of hip-hop for tempo shifts amongst the blissful, chilled out sonics.   

Revel had the immense honour of catching up with Sixfingerz to chat about his new album. He describes the creative headspace he occupies, gives some insight into the creative process, and tells us where his new music takes him emotionally.

Specifically for this album, what direction has your music taken? How has your sound changed over time?

This album is really chill, the next album will probably be more uptempo, but in what or which form is still a mystery, even to me.

For this album specifically, I wanted to go back to the essence of music on this album. Less chaos, more order. On this record I tried to make the core melodies of these songs interesting enough to carry the song and try to hypnotize the listener musically in that way. 

“I can see birds flocking and flying away. It’s crazy what that song does to me.”

Currently I’m thinking it ten times more over then before, just to make it simpler, as I have a tendency to complicate things first and then uncomplicate them… But it’s not really my choice.

As a model for inspiration I used Yann Tiersen’s album Amélie Poulian and I listened a lot to Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone, Brad Friedel, and Clint Mansell.

What else fuelled your creative vision for the album? 

These last couple of years have been very difficult for me, and this album is basically a way for me to cope with the whole thing. I hope people will get the same respite as me when listening to it. I really hope the vibe shines through and fills people with a nice warm authentic feeling, that these sounds can relieve people of some pressures or just use it to drift away in their thoughts.

I always write what I would like to listen to next and usually I gravitate towards samples that express those feelings even when I’m not paying attention. It’s like the right chops and chords get chosen unconsciously and I just go along with it.

I think the next release will probably be self-released due to huge overhead costs and time before the album comes out. It’s really hard for an independent artist like myself to make a dime. 

How easy or difficult was the album to make? How long did it take?

The album took more or less a year to create and then an extra year before it gets released by the label. I still use the same old program Madtracker 2 (that was made over twenty years ago by a Belgian guy named Yannick Delwiche). I played or programmed most of the instruments on it myself, apart from the occasional sample. I even used the old strumstick and the Roliseaboard to give it some extra personality. Lots of back and forth for feedback of course. 

In the end I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out. Really love the artwork of Sebastian Fraye on this one.

Do you have a personal favourite song off the album?

Oceanbound. I can really feel this song in my core. This track just takes me to the pier, I can see birds flocking and flying away. It’s crazy what that song does to me. Most of the people who listened to the album point out breeze,sol or Heart of the City (which I must admit, I especially added for the fans of the boombap aspect my tracks often have and also I because felt like the album needed some uptempo).

What and who inspires you these days?

The films which continue to inspire me: Parasite, Memento (2001), Metropolis (1927), Grizzly Man (2005), My Dinner With André (1981), Double Indemnity (1944).

People you must check up on: Alex Hirsch (the cipher hunt), Jordan Peterson, Alan Watts, Elon Musk, Richard Feynman, Hans Teeuwen, Michio Kaku.

Music you need to hear: Alt-J, Low Hum, Daughter, Emancipator, Kiasmos, Bon Iver, Nils Frahm, Ross From Friends, Spooky Black, Jon Hopkins, Bonobo, Tash Sultana, Jon Gomm, John Butler, Ólafur Arnalds, Sleep Party People, but also old school music like Bootsy Collins, Bobby Darin, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Junior, Billy Joel, and Del Shannon.

Anything you’d like to tell your listeners?

I would like to thank everyone for listening and the continued support these last 10 years. And thanks a lot for this interview.

Silent Storm

LegPuppy – Non Disclosure Agreement – Album Release.

Artist – LegPuppy

Album – Non Disclosure Agreement

Genre – Electronic/ psychedelic/ experimental

London-based, Electro dance punks, LegPuppy has to be one of the most creatively impulsive outfits out there, channelling instinctively their visual and sonic creative expression through the pulse of socio-political satire and dark humour.  Following LegPuppy’s 2018’s critically acclaimed album ‘You Should Be Paranoid‘ comes forth in punchy, uncompromising fashion their second album, Non Disclosure Agreement, released (June 21st)

The album takes a subtle swipe at the current farce that is British politics, the darker side of social media, corporate conversations recorded in branded food franchises, soulless developers & following the death of a close friend of the band, lyrics and words from a past life regression session. There’s also a homage to an 80’s classic house track by Lil Louis. 

Sonically this current offering executes a diverse cacophony of brash electronics, experimental vocal twists and unorthodox sampling techniques, most certainly creating an impact in regard to the albums unpredictability and metamorphose nature.

In other words, It’s punchy, with much unshaven balls and feels completely uninhibited in its razor sharp compulsion for in-ur- face expression….

Take a head space moment to absorb one of their more conventionally structured tracks off the album titled ‘Tears’ (feat Voi Vang)

LegPuppy are renowned for their idiosyncratic live show performances.

Try to catch them live this summer in a zone near you.

Live dates 2019
Jun 13th – Cavendish Arms (London)
Jun 21st – Album launch + art exhibition (The Barn, Ledbury)
Jun 22nd – Sonic Rock Solstice Festival (Stoke Prior)
July 5th – Le Royal Onze (Paris)
Sept 20th – Maze Lounge (Berlin)
Oct 7th – Half Moon (Putney)
Oct 25th – Royal Standard (Sheffield)
Oct 26th – 1 in 12 (Bradford)
Nov 2nd – Foundations Festival (Manchester)
Nov 17th – Hope & Ruin (Brighton)

Purchase the album  –

Listen to more of LegPuppy on Spotify –

FEEL / FEAR​+​LOVE by PETER HOPE+DAVID HARROW – Digital Format Remix Release.

Remix EP – Feel/ Fear & Love

Artists – Peter Hope /David Harrow

Label – KiNETik Records

Genre – Electronic/ Experimental.

Two months ago a very special square, yet round, transparent record from Greece-based Independent label KiNETiK Records was released, delivering the latest  Pete Hope (Wrong Revolution) & David Harrow‘s written, recorded, produced and performed collaboration, titled (A) side – ‘Feel’ (B) side – Fear & Love. This release is a limited edition with 50 distinctively packaged pressings in which I am proud to have the 29th press amongst my collection.

If you don’t happen to collect vinyl or you missed the opportunity to get your mitts on this specific piece of surprisingly shaped, experimental sounding wax then the cosmos is swaying in your favour as the Ep has broadened its horizon by being released in digital format which presents 3 stellar remixes of the original tracks from Dylan Davis, ( dyLAB ) Henri Sizaret ( AkA ) & David Harrow (Oicho) reshaping the atmosphere and mood of the originals by sliding through a deep techno groove and picking up dark acid and IBM swag along the way. Which resulted in all proceeds magically turning into electricity!

Portugal based producer, AKA’s remix presents the dehumanization of Pete Hopes modern lyrical poetry, distorting the track in a robotic, heavy beat-driven hypnotic way with a deep chunky retro feel to the tracks overall mood. Henry’s remix offers sharp, penetrating synth textures with masses of warm fuzz and depth to embed yourself in from the dynamic mid-ranges and bassline, as where Australian based producer dyLAB throws down a unique concoction of bubbling acid undercurrents through a tantalizing lo-fi lyrical reconfiguration, combined with a minimalist feel towards the overall feel of the track. There most certainly is a dense atmosphere to dyLAB’s remix which has been contrastingly combined with a spaciousness and detachment, I suppose this is the closest i am going to know what it feels like to be an air module inside a sheet of bubble wrap…..Overall this is a a very distinctive acid track!

United States based producer Oicho throws down an exquisitely trippy take on the original, with prominent distorted lyrical reconfiguration, combined to an entrancing, hypno beat, glued together by a warm fuzzy undercurrent which stands to be the actual life-line to stopping one from losing their senses completely down the back of the sofa, along with their granny…..

Overall an idiosyncratic selection of remixes by a trio of exceptional producers.

If you haven’t already, please do check out the music video for the ORIGINAL first track ‘Feel’ on the following YouTube Video……

Pressings are still currently available over on Bandcamp on the following link –

Eat The Rich-Paragraphs-Album Review

eat the rich - paragraphs album artwork

Artist – Paragraphs

Album – Eat the Rich

Genre – Experimental

Uk based, Electronic expressionist, Paragraphs, aka Ryan Potts has recently released another spectacularly gripping album titled ‘Eat The Rich’ which offers a sonic landscape that is clean, bright and positively demonstrates a sophisticated depth to his arrangements. Paragraphs provide, yet another absorbing palette of gorgeous textures to delve into as this body of work feels like a perfecting of the art of space and simplicity alongside a contrasting complex tapestry of textural dynamic and measured cadences within his considerately infused styles. Notably, this album offers an even deeper structural craftmanship from Ryan than previous works, as he melds Downtempo with acid, as well as galvanizing elements of industrial and breakcore to create bewitching sonic alchemy that offers a gracefully elegant, yet at times brutally uninhibited electronic album to stir the soul and rattle the ribcage.

The first track on the album, Downer Squad eases in with an ethereal glow that creates an intermundium between floating lightly through an azure sky into a more grounded mathematical sonic structure that carries a density and abstractness to the track. A deep progressiveness radiates from the core beat of the composition, driving the heart of the track forward methodically which creates a beautifully calculated, richly dynamic juxtaposition between delicate ambiance and textural acid, forging a hypnotizing cosmic sway for the headspace.

Track two, I Will Write Peace On Your Wings And You Will Fly All Over The World, is an absolutely gorgeous expression of shifting tempos, melodic undercurrents and stimulating rich acid sounds that are melded in fine detail through an electro beat and carried gracefully down a ravine of ambient sonic bliss. This delightful piece of music feels positively gleeful and is bountiful in shifting textures, both the structural tempo and precision of this elevating soundscape is perfect.

See You Later, Crocodile, buoyantly delivers an all-embracing giddy atmosphere, stitching yet another rousing detail into Paragraph’s vibrational tapestry. This superbly executed track offers stunningly rich textures to delve into and there exists both playfulness and seriousness about this particularly gripping melding pot. An industrialized beat thumps home a sincerity and careers forth a driven purpose to the feel of the track, amongst a torrent of effervescent, luxurious acid textures which washes over and spruces up the senses, as well as, in the same breathe, tickling the mid-riff which is not too dissimilar to the feeling one gets when they are coming up on magic mushrooms ( For those who know!) And for those who do not, get to know, through embracing this gem of a luscious track.

Let’s Get Naked And Dance Through The Streets, But Only The Empty Ones Where No One Will See Us, stands as one of the most interestingly named pieces of music I have had the pleasure of tuning into. I feel embossed with the impression that Ryan owns a poetic mind and certainly the exceptionally crafted narratives he projects through his music owns the ability to express more profoundly than the limitation of words. This track is the embodiment of an elegantly graceful downtempo, acid-laced slow embrace as Paragraphs supplies his ethereal vocal in such a beautifully subtle way as he allows a consistently progressive track to unfurl around the listener. The marriage between soul enriching ambiance and bracing acid is most certainly a striking blend.

Stairway To Fuck All is an impossible title to believe as the contrary is carried out on every level, producing one of the most refined, soul-stirring tracks within this particular work. There is painfully beautiful attention to detail in this composition which owns the potential to paint vivid artwork within the mind’s eye. I feel this track is a slow cosmic sway that offers all the power, beauty and grace of floating through a portal into heaven, as well as cleverly, yet tactfully shifting the mood into a certain disorientation that tilts the transition between the journey through purity of light into the uncertainty of darkness, or what you are about to pass over into. This stairway most certainly leads my emotions to an otherworldly place, a trait of this outstanding album and talented artist whose works are undeniably moving.

Sitting at the last track on the album, Eat The Rich offers itself up as one of the most powerful in impact as a hefty mechanical bass grinds the gears and breakcore fluid spills all over the interior. This dramatic change comes as a pleasant surprise and I feel it was very clever of Paragraphs to leave such an assault on the senses to the very last, as sudden sharp changes like that leave a lasting impression. This brawny track is highly distinctive to the rest of the album and is full of angst, Ryan applies an intended amount of distortion in both his vocal and throughout aspects of the structural layers of the arrangement. There also is a wonderful rhythm and fluidity about the flow of this foreboding track that is strategically placed within controlled chaos.