DeadFire -‘My Mind Belongs To The Devil’ Ep Review.

Artist – DeadFire

Ep – My Mind Belongs To The Devil

Genre –  Drunk’N’Roll /Stoner Grunge

Label – Fat Hippy Records.

At the beginning of the year raucous, booze rockers, DeadFire poured gasoline on absolutely everything and set the joint on fire with their groove-laden, ballsy, explosive Ep ‘My Mind Belongs To The Devil’ executing a boisterous, Spit-N’-Sawdust, grunge-rock atmosphere throughout their outstanding studio production, translating all the energetic edge and rawness into their recording that you would find at a throbbing live show!

DeadFire – Ready to bust loose and cause havoc.

Hailing from Aberdeen in Scotland, lead protagonist, Charlie Munro has a flamboyance about his vocal delivery that is undeniable, as his  notably distinctive voice draws on bluesy undertones, delivered through a mighty dynamic range and a powerful fierceness to his growl. Groove-laden guitars, chucky, burly basslines and compact, dynamic drumming, orders plenty of… tAps Aff, circle-pit moments.

Check out DeadFire’s official music video for the title track from the Ep on the following……  

The second track on the Ep, ‘Mary Jane’ struts and grooves like no other, reeking the atmosphere of early Corrosion Of Conformity. Delivering a heavier grungier guitar that sits tight into the vocals, hooking around the groovy basslines and exceptional concise drumming. There exists immense swagger to this blazing track.

The third and final stomper on the Ep ‘Call From the Void’ is immensely gripping, sitting as my personal favourite, oozing all the confidence, rumbling gyrations & vocal outpouring that packs as much punch as a trash metal track pumped to number 11. This blazer delivers unrelenting instrumental groove and screams anthemic.

I don’t think this bands fire is dead at all!!…. 🙂  

Smash your way into, ‘My Mind Belongs To The Devil’ Ep by DeadFire on the following Spotify link & EnJOY!

Also, find Deadfire on the UNDERGROUND MUSIC COALITION over on Bandcamp with their track ‘ ‘Bumsteer’