Coming up: Vanco: Circles ft. Brenden Praise (Connected)

A preview of the new EP by South Africa’s Vanco, on Connected.

This week sees yet another soul-stirring single release imminent on the essential Connected label. South African producer Vanco forges his organic house music through a collaborative partnership with the truly gifted South African R&B and soul singer Brenden Praise. The result is an absolutely gorgeous house track that is natural in mood and vocally emotive, and instrumentally adventurous, with a truly infectious groove.

Last Year, Praise had a platinum selling release with Black Motion, and in the past joined creative forces with artists such as Boddi Satva, Cuebur, Djeff and John Tejada. This evocative single has an entrancing quality and is incredibly inviting with a wavy, trip-the-light-fantastic suite of percussive beats. 

Falsetto vocals soar to the aether, giving rise to intense feeling. Subtle instrumentation produces a delicate foundation for the song, with chiming bass piano chords which add to the raw, emotionally-empowered atmosphere of the track.

This powerful combination of producer and vocalist represents a distinctive fusion of vocal and instrumental arrangement. Vanco has shaped a natural symbiotic dance track that moves and grooves, with plenty of inspirational flourishes that could provide rich territory for expansion in future remixes. 

 Vanco – Circles Ft. Brenden Praise is out 21 August on Connected.  

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Coming up: Atsou – Sleepwalk Town EP (Connected)

New EP from Greek producer and Madorasindahouse star Atsou

With ever-increasing pressure on the dormant entertainment industry, at least the release of fresh, exciting new records can provide an opportunity for DJs to pre-fill their record bags. In anticipation of the longed-for return of social gatherings, DJs and producers worldwide are thinking creatively of ways to protect their industry. Thinking outside the box has seen many artists pursue interaction by throwing down exclusive mix premieres, livestreams, podcasts, or extended radio sessions.

Connected HQ find themselves approaching the height of what’s proving to be a very weird summer for club music with an outstanding flux of cutting-edge releases. While the chance to rock out to these tracks at your favourite clubs and festivals may still be far off, Connected’s excellent roster have no doubt lifted the spirit and boosted our outlook in these otherwise uncertain and challenging times.

Forthcoming on Connected is an inventive, funky Afro-house EP, Sleepwalk Town by Greek DJ/ producer Atsou, an artist who has always brought a fresh energy to his productions as part of the Berlin record label Madorasindahouse.

The label’s breakout success worldwide grew from their popular YouTube channel showcasing house music, and led to Madorasindahouse events in Greece, and throughout Europe and parts of Africa. Atsou has been a key player from the beginning.

Atsou has an extremely open creative view, developing his sound with different takes on the modern house template. This EP undeniably offers a unique take, combining filthy, funky basslines with driving synths and complex Afro-tinged drums. The original Sleepwalk Town is a foot stomper, paying tribute to the roots of Afro-American culture that shaped the music of today. It has heart and soul to spare and will infuse any set with real character.

First to remix is Tel Aviv artist and Blue Shadow Records co-founder Jenia Tarsol, who deconstructs the arrangement, keeping the absolute basics in place and delivering a deeply hypnotic version that accentuates the dreamy synth sequences and focuses on highlighting the samples throughout. 

Finally, wrapping up a fine package, the Armonica duo deliver exhilarating, booty-shaking crescendos with swinging percussive beats, using their trademark Afro elements to turn the remix into a melodic, effortlessly funky banger. Another cultured house offering from the vital Connected label.


Sleepwalk Town EP is out 14 August

Main image: Atsou / Sot Nation

Coming Up: Re.You – Maison – The Remixes (Connected)

A strong collection of remixes from Connected’s extended family.

Connected are getting set to jump-start the summer with an outstanding collection of remixes of Marius Maier, aka Re.You’s excellent ‘Maison’ album, released in May. 

Top contemporary artists who are all close personal DJ friends of Marius each add their own interpretive slant and production style, including his brother Santé, plus Rodriguez Jr., Anja Schneider, Floyd Lavine, Kadosh, David Mayer,  Andhim,  Topango and many more, in what amounts to a comprehensive reconstruction and reimagining of the original tracks.

The first stand out remix is by Cologne natives and underground mainstays AndHim,  propelling Re.You’s ‘Inyani’ ft. Oluhle & Aaaron into a vigorous beat-driven, tribal funk affair. AndHim delivers vast swathes of delightful synth progressions built on energetic, bubbling undercurrents of murky modulation. He commands the listener to get their wiggle on. A playful, groov- laden rendition, his re-rub accentuates through subtle textures, shading around the soul-stirring vocals.

Chief Mobilee artist Rodriguez Jr. Opts for an otherworldly rework of Relocate, featuring Connected bosses Stereo MCs. He transforms the original stripped back, vocally pure version into a propulsive, methodically entrancing dance cut that instrumentally envelops Rob Birch’s evocative vocals. The bona-fide poetic vocal that Rob delivers emanates wisdom and carries a spiritually moving message, as Rodriguez Jr. grips the dance floor with epic breakdowns and frazzled bass building the mood.

Topango then takes ‘Inyani’ and sensitively rebuilds it as a spine-tingling vocal cut with a spiritual atmosphere that is truly unique. This emotive rendition provides gorgeous vocal reverb, creating space in the track as it builds and evolves into a euphoric soul-stirring celebration. A breathtaking remix that massages mind, body and spirit.

Innervisions and Watergate’s deep and melodic house maestro Kadosh shows off his superb skills on a steamy and mysterious remix of Soft. Softening the original track from its original, more industrial arrangement, they add a more earthy, natural soundscape to the forefront, delivering fully rounded chiming synth that soothes and elevates.

David Mayer lays down some of his fancily heavy but funky drum grooves on a remix of ‘If You’ ft. Elli that will have your body flexing in no time. This ssexy remix is vocally tantalizing and instrumentally thrilling. Berlin’s tireless creative force Anja Schneider then stands out with her emotive take on ‘Strings Of Joy’ ft. Florian Busse & Ahmad, which has a meandering lead synth and chunky drums all overlaid with a big-hearted vocal.

Avidus is Marc Wolf and Fritz Wagner, a pair who have turned heads in just two short years thanks to tunes on Crosstown, each as compelling, sensitive and well-crafted as the synth dances that weave into their remix of ‘When I’m Lost’ ft. Elli.

Next up, new school Berlin tastemaker Santé remixes ‘Relocate’, once again featuring the Stereo MCs on a chunky, stripped-back house groove custom designed for cosy basement spaces. 

South African house hero Floyd Lavine returns to his home label with another vital remix that takes on an elegant and afro tinged trip into house territory, while German duo and MoBlack associates Cosmo & Kramer close out with a ragged, electro-tinged version of Strings Of Joy.

These are fantastic new reinterpretations of the excellent source material, and all add up to a high-class treasure trove for DJs and dancers alike.


Coming up: DJ Angelo – Babel EP (Connected)

Greek house don DJ Angelo is back with a new EP

Highly esteemed Greek producer DJ Angelo returns to display his prowess on Stereo MCs’ premium dance label Connected (a label we can’t get enough of here at Revel Rousers). This time his production finesse is poured into the luscious, varied Babel EP, which offers two entrancing afro-house cuts as emotionally rousing as they are exploratory, with deft use of synth, complex rhythms and delicate textures. 

Taking prominence on the Greek club scene, Angelo’s adoration for the art of DJing led him naturally into refining a stand-out production style. This translated into stature on the global stage, with high-profile gigs in Ibiza, New York and London, the go-to dance hot-spots of the world. Releases on respected house music imprints such as Tribe Records, Nulu and King Street cemented his reputation as a rising star.  

Inspired by luminaries like Black Coffee, Culoe De Song, Manoo and Atjazz, all champions of soul-stirring, Afro house, music runs through Angelo’s DNA. His innate flair for rendering the most impassioned dance floor fillers has become a staple in the record bags of the world’s elite house music DJs, providing a nourishing blend of groovy synth textures and propulsive tribal beats. This is house music that illuminates the human spirit, soulful and transcendent. Angelo’s mesmerizing and unforgettable releases are always highly anticipated, and the Babel EP proves no different. 

This spectacular release opens with title track Babel, a deep, cinematic masterpiece that offers squelchy acidic synths, rising percussion and a plaintive female vocal refrain that hangs in the air. Understated and mesmerising, this is another emotive winner from DJ Angelo. The second of the two cuts comes in faster, in the shape of the propulsive Radar, a more direct house music affair that journeys into darker musical territory with jagged synth rhythms and a brooding sense of tension.


Babel EP out 17 July

Main image by Jos Kottman (Courtesy of DJ Angelo)

“Peak absurdity…” Lazarusman shows us his bass face

Lazarusman has been thriving lately, now he returns for his fourth release on the Stereo MCs  Connected label with the Iba Mubi EP. A collaboration with South African DJ/Producer DJ Qness, the EP is a beautifully hypnotic suite of dancefloor debauchery. 

Johannesburg-based Lazarusman has flourished over the past decade with his distinct slam poetry and spoken word performances, a discipline that eventually led him into the intoxicating world of electronic dance music. His core belief is that the vocals in dance music should transcend, reaching further than simply enhancing the music, or adding a human effect. 

Lazarusman believes there is no reason that electronic music vocals shouldn’t leave a lasting impression, impart knowledge, and transfer a global message that everybody can relate to. Often featured as a guest vocalist on releases with the likes of Booka Shade, Joris Voorn, Coyu, Stimming, Hyenah and many more, he has made the Connected label a regular home with a string of releases that continue to push boundaries, most recently with the single The Thing with (Da Mike). An artist who delivers some of his finest work in collaboration, he seems to find his peak when reflecting and showcasing the talents of a unique producer or musician. 

Now he’s back, this time pairing up with fellow South African talent DJ Qness, a veteran of South Africa’s house scene who has released on the likes of MoBlack, Offering Recordings and Exploited Rec

The original mix offers spellbinding vocals and melodic, hazy percussive elements alongside a penetrating, percussive club mix that will have you grooving to the break of dawn. Iba Mubi is about that moment a record takes hold and contorts the face of the listener, as Lazarusman says:

“There is a strange phenomenon that happens when you hear a good song. You cringe your face as if you are experiencing some form of discomfort. This strange occurrence is the greatest compliment you can give a song, a DJ or a performer. When your body and your facial expressions reach peak absurdity. This song is about that moment when the bass grips you and your face cringes and you become ugly, Iba Mubi.”

Release Date: July 3rd over on Connected

Dj Laz

Florian Busse – An Exceptionally Fresh ‘Together’ Ep Release over on Connected.

Artist – Florian Busse

Ep – Together

Genre – Deep House

Label – Connected-

Links –

Revel is delighted to highlight, Cologne based, DJ/ Producer, Florian Busse’s radiant, fresh, soul- stirring ‘Together’ Ep which has currently been released 10th of this month on the illustrious Stereo Mc’s/ Terranova’s, Berlin-based label, Connected.  This Ep will be the third contribution to the label Florian has made, securing him officially under the protection of the Connected-family umbrella. This accomplished craftsman naturally delivers a vibrant blend of funky, progressive deep-house grooves that which elevates and awakens the senses. His production approach is delicate and refined in its growing melodic structure, as well as being tactfully intricate with his assembled beats and distinguishing select samples. It’s evident his heart and soul go into his works as he provides an irrefutable feel-good factor that seems to encapsulate, tribal spirit, sunshine rays, under an earthy organic root’s sentiment, most certainly owning an infectious and distinctive individual style.

Florian Busse – Cologne based DJ/Producer – Current, ‘Together’ EP release over on Connected – Affiliated labels – This&That Lab & Younion.

‘Together’ Ep offers three exceptional original mixes from Florian along with a sublime remix from  Berlin-based, DJ & Producer Re.You who remixes the opening titled track in fulfilling fashion as he injects a more compact, denser, percussive buoyancy to the feeling of the track, in comparison to the more ethereal, spacious approach of Florian’s original take.

Lock into the Re. you remix on the following, Madorasindahouse channel.  

Florian Busse – Together (Re.You Remix) MIDH Premiere – (Please do Subscribe! & Enjoy!)

Florian’s second track on the Ep, ‘Keep June’ original mix, provides somewhat of a mathematical structure, perfecting a tight, clean electronic structure that delivers a driven beat along with a warm fuzzy elevated bassline. Truly a series of sounds that shakes, awakens, stimulates and moves. My morning was sent soaring as I found myself entirely embroiled in ‘Connection’ the third track on the EP which was exclusively published over on Soundcloud by an internet webzine/ magazine called, Torture The Artist, a worldwide spread, music journalistic team who is geared towards those with a passion for contemporary electronic music, and whom I highly recommend our readers follow.

For me personally, ‘Connection’ is the absolute gleaming gem on this Ep as its slow, progressive, melodic ascent massages the core of the heart and stretches and washes the spirit in euphoria, providing a plethora of chiming smooth percussive tones and textures to revel and dance in, unequivocally a track for the summer months ahead. Lock tight to, Torture The Artist’s exclusive publication of Florian Busse’s ‘Connection’ track release below.

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