Coming up: Vanco: Circles ft. Brenden Praise (Connected)

A preview of the new EP by South Africa’s Vanco, on Connected.

This week sees yet another soul-stirring single release imminent on the essential Connected label. South African producer Vanco forges his organic house music through a collaborative partnership with the truly gifted South African R&B and soul singer Brenden Praise. The result is an absolutely gorgeous house track that is natural in mood and vocally emotive, and instrumentally adventurous, with a truly infectious groove.

Last Year, Praise had a platinum selling release with Black Motion, and in the past joined creative forces with artists such as Boddi Satva, Cuebur, Djeff and John Tejada. This evocative single has an entrancing quality and is incredibly inviting with a wavy, trip-the-light-fantastic suite of percussive beats. 

Falsetto vocals soar to the aether, giving rise to intense feeling. Subtle instrumentation produces a delicate foundation for the song, with chiming bass piano chords which add to the raw, emotionally-empowered atmosphere of the track.

This powerful combination of producer and vocalist represents a distinctive fusion of vocal and instrumental arrangement. Vanco has shaped a natural symbiotic dance track that moves and grooves, with plenty of inspirational flourishes that could provide rich territory for expansion in future remixes. 

 Vanco – Circles Ft. Brenden Praise is out 21 August on Connected.  

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B-Burg – Return To The Dessert Island – Album Highlight.

Artist – B-Burg

Album – Return To The Dessert Island

Listen Here :

I am currently freeing mind and spirit by absorbing the uplifting, classy and stylish album ‘Return To The Dessert Island’ by Christopher Hall aka B-Burg. Released April 9th. This sonic expedition is a beautifully constructed organic album which has spanned over nearly two decades of collaborations for B-Burg, compiling tracks previously unreleased & released, now bound together under the one snazzy umbrella.

Scratch Monkey, Turntablist, producer, sound engineer Christopher Hall aka B-Burgh in his natural habitat.

This sonic excursion harmoniously blends vocals by various stellar artists, whom if you don’t know, you should most certainly check out, such as, Hasta, Profisee, Joseph Barnabus Seal, 1sp, Jee4ce, Mr Hiz and Anneke Kampman. The album delivers funky basslines, infectious guitars, percussion & drums as well as  stylish instrumentals & scratches from B-Burg himself, blending elements of turntablism into a blazing hot cauldron of soul, jazz and hip-hop crossover styles.

There exists a fresh & funky, hugely rhythmical aspect to the fluidity of these carefully compiled tracks with many charming attributes to the ambience of the entire album. Bringing forth bright and colourful tones through string sequences, bouncing beats, vocal gymnastics and overall liberating rap flows, as a wealth of vocal dynamic is presented from one track to the next. It is clearly evident the authentic nature of the artists contribution, alongside the highly executed production techniques.

Each artist presents their own distinctive style, covering philosophical, social and poetic narratives, embedded in clarity, strength and freedom of spirit. There is an immensely empowering aspect to these fine tracks which I can’t recommend enough to you all.  Currently available for digital consumption, as well as bonus bootlegs and remix folder to all who purchase this current release, with an Instrumental album forthcoming for DJ’s and remix artists as well!>> Follow @therealbburg for more zesty enterprises<< 🙂