Coming up: Clarity – Clarity/Overlook EP (UVB-76)

At the forefront of the progression of drum and bass, Owen Hemming-Brown aka Clarity is set to release his first solo 12” EP Clarity/Overlook, 12th of June on Bristol-based Ruffhouse and Gremlinz’ cutting-edge underground sonic art label UVB-76.

There has been much anticipation within the drum and bass community growing for this core release. Clarity has built his reputation from the tender age of 14 as being one of the most skilled and inventive producers. He is a craftsman, creating a refined, stripped-back, minimalistic approach that offers-up unique groove and texture, informed by the structural potency of techno.

One of the two A sides is an imaginative remix of All Of Them Witches, a bona-fide modern classic from labelmate Overlook aka Jason Luxton, an artist who consistently executes cinematic elements to all his productions.

In this nifty reimagining, Clarity creates a dynamic and intricate rework, attenuating the bass weight of the original to a powerful, rumbling undercurrent. This accentuates the high-hats and snares to provide an atmospheric, surreal, dream-like element to a concise, compact, groove-laden remix.

On the flip, Torsion builds anticipation, a sublime opener with haunting synth undercurrents which swirl and resurface throughout.

A hard kick drum hypnotically allures and transfixes, as the monstrous core components loom and grow to eventually dominate all the intricate elements within the track. This is a deep roller with menace, tension and depth. Clarity’s approach is methodical, high precision, and utterly contemporary.

Stateless is a solid stomper that drives forward with infectious groove elements and  a distinctive atmosphere. Clarity’s creative vision has nuance, and a mind’s-eye visual expression that comes to life sonically through his pure and refined style. This one is destined to set any dance floor on fire, while simultaneously stimulating the brain. 

Taking Effect has the revel-rousing quality we love, with an undeniable, deep and purposeful groove which will prove irresistible to clubbers, movers and shakers.

In fine style, Clarity has interwoven his poise, precision and expressionistic sonic vision into these tracks, showing himself to be a true individualist within contemporary breakbeat form.