Premiere: Texture X Hypnokid – MXXNLIGHT

Exclusive premiere of the new track by Texture and Hypnokid. Leafy!

Something a little bit special for our readers this week – a track premiere from science fiction-influenced wordsmith Texture (who, we should reveal, also helps out behind the scenes from time to time at Revel HQ).


Taken from the forthcoming EP Forest Gods, MXXNLIGHT is produced by Hypnokid, an up-and-coming Glasgow producer who already has a huge, diverse batch of EPs and albums available through his Bandcamp and on streaming sites. We featured Hypnokid a while back, and we’re excited to hear how his delicately-crafted, bass-laden trap sounds with Texture’s words. The full EP, dropping in August, also features a guest verse from multi-talented producer, rapper and breakdancer Ashtronomik on the track BURNT TRAIL.

“Being in the forest feels holy to me, as an atheist…”

“This EP was inspired by a couple of things,” says Texture. “First up, I had wanted to hear Ashtronomik on one of these Hypnokid beats – Hypno and I had planned a collab a while ago, and Ash was the first rapper I thought of when I heard his crazy beat for BURNT TRAIL. I was also a huge fan of Ashtronomik’s Abruptly – which was one of my tunes of 2020, for sure.”

Texture 1 (16)-2
Photo:  Miff Morris

What connection does he have to the forest, as a writer who usually deals in science fiction imagery? “MXXNLIGHT, and especially FOREST GODS, are both inspired by the long walks I’ve been taking under lockdown, up into the hills and along the rivers where I live,” he says.

“Being in the forest feels holy to me, as an atheist, and I wanted to write about that. Finally, I wanted to give people another taste of the music I am making now, before I drop ILLVMINATE with Asthmatic Astronaut on This Is Not Pop later in 2020. That album is such a massive project, two years and lots of planning went into it, so it was refreshing to take a break and make FOREST GODS in just three weeks, start to finish.” It will be a free EP, intended as a thank you to his followers on Bandcamp. 

In anticipation of his big collaboration with AA, it seems like Texture swapped his cyberpunk strides for something a little more pagan and wild… Check out our exclusive preview of MXXNLIGHT, and have a look at these even more exclusive edits of the artwork by our very own Miff Morris.

FOREST GODS (GobophotographyMiff Morris edit)
BURNT TRAIL (GobophotographyMiff Morris edit)
MXXNLIGHT (GobophotographyMiff Morris edit)

Sixfingerz: Oceanbound in the eye of a Silent Storm

Belgian beatsmith Sixfingerz delivers an exclusive mix for Revel Rousers ahead of his new LP

Belgian producer Tim De Groof, aka Sixfingerz, continues to explore his creative vision and artistic sensibilities, evoking powerful emotional and physical responses  within the sonic landscapes he creates. 

Hit play below on the EXCLUSIVE one hour DJ mix Sixfingerz put together for Revel, which highlights his best early works. Sample-spliced and blended to technical perfection, his mastery of turntablism shines through, along with impressive musical intelligence.


Sixfingerz’ knack for executing song structures with a timeless quality owes much to his own vast knowledge and love of traditional, roots and world instruments and musical styles, from past to present. His sound carries a lantern perpetually forward, illuminating bygone eras and musical forms through a modern, stylistic beat-making approach.

Now back with a new album, Silent Storm, Sixfingerz’ innate musical sensitivity is used to evoke the contours of distinct visual landscapes. His sonic explorations tend to naturally lean into cinematic realms, suggesting soul-stirring narratives, glimpsed in brief glances. 

His most recent album, Silent Storm is a perfect snapshot of the creative headspace in which he dwells, as well as the emotional landscapes he roams. He invites the listener into a soothing world of atmospheric textures and warm vintage sounds which  evoke a feeling of comfortability and familiarity, leaning on the gently rousing rhythmic nuances of hip-hop for tempo shifts amongst the blissful, chilled out sonics.   

Revel had the immense honour of catching up with Sixfingerz to chat about his new album. He describes the creative headspace he occupies, gives some insight into the creative process, and tells us where his new music takes him emotionally.

Specifically for this album, what direction has your music taken? How has your sound changed over time?

This album is really chill, the next album will probably be more uptempo, but in what or which form is still a mystery, even to me.

For this album specifically, I wanted to go back to the essence of music on this album. Less chaos, more order. On this record I tried to make the core melodies of these songs interesting enough to carry the song and try to hypnotize the listener musically in that way. 

“I can see birds flocking and flying away. It’s crazy what that song does to me.”

Currently I’m thinking it ten times more over then before, just to make it simpler, as I have a tendency to complicate things first and then uncomplicate them… But it’s not really my choice.

As a model for inspiration I used Yann Tiersen’s album Amélie Poulian and I listened a lot to Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone, Brad Friedel, and Clint Mansell.

What else fuelled your creative vision for the album? 

These last couple of years have been very difficult for me, and this album is basically a way for me to cope with the whole thing. I hope people will get the same respite as me when listening to it. I really hope the vibe shines through and fills people with a nice warm authentic feeling, that these sounds can relieve people of some pressures or just use it to drift away in their thoughts.

I always write what I would like to listen to next and usually I gravitate towards samples that express those feelings even when I’m not paying attention. It’s like the right chops and chords get chosen unconsciously and I just go along with it.

I think the next release will probably be self-released due to huge overhead costs and time before the album comes out. It’s really hard for an independent artist like myself to make a dime. 

How easy or difficult was the album to make? How long did it take?

The album took more or less a year to create and then an extra year before it gets released by the label. I still use the same old program Madtracker 2 (that was made over twenty years ago by a Belgian guy named Yannick Delwiche). I played or programmed most of the instruments on it myself, apart from the occasional sample. I even used the old strumstick and the Roliseaboard to give it some extra personality. Lots of back and forth for feedback of course. 

In the end I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out. Really love the artwork of Sebastian Fraye on this one.

Do you have a personal favourite song off the album?

Oceanbound. I can really feel this song in my core. This track just takes me to the pier, I can see birds flocking and flying away. It’s crazy what that song does to me. Most of the people who listened to the album point out breeze,sol or Heart of the City (which I must admit, I especially added for the fans of the boombap aspect my tracks often have and also I because felt like the album needed some uptempo).

What and who inspires you these days?

The films which continue to inspire me: Parasite, Memento (2001), Metropolis (1927), Grizzly Man (2005), My Dinner With André (1981), Double Indemnity (1944).

People you must check up on: Alex Hirsch (the cipher hunt), Jordan Peterson, Alan Watts, Elon Musk, Richard Feynman, Hans Teeuwen, Michio Kaku.

Music you need to hear: Alt-J, Low Hum, Daughter, Emancipator, Kiasmos, Bon Iver, Nils Frahm, Ross From Friends, Spooky Black, Jon Hopkins, Bonobo, Tash Sultana, Jon Gomm, John Butler, Ólafur Arnalds, Sleep Party People, but also old school music like Bootsy Collins, Bobby Darin, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Junior, Billy Joel, and Del Shannon.

Anything you’d like to tell your listeners?

I would like to thank everyone for listening and the continued support these last 10 years. And thanks a lot for this interview.

Silent Storm

One SP – 12 Years in Scotland (This Is Not Pop)

Review of the new collection by French hip-hop emcee OneSP

French rapper extraordinaire MC OneSP recently released an impressively energetic collection of collaborative hip-hop tracks spanning his career in France and the UK over the past decade and beyond. 

Extracted from long-buried cassettes and mini discs, some thought lost, the album is a heady sonic trip through some incredible studio sessions, featuring some influential names for those familiar with the bustling late 90s Edinburgh hip-hop culture, and even the formative years of Big Dada. 

OneSP, with the help of boutique Glasgow label This Is Not Pop, compiles these hidden gems in the order he found them, minimally tampered with. The sure studio hand of Gareth Bury, aka Asthmatic Astronaut, is apparent in the presentation of the collection, which finds a home on his buzzing short-run imprint.

Through these productions, the listener can hear as OneSP discovers his particular creative zone, located in a sense of spontaneity and improvisation. This is hip-hop borne of street cyphers, freestyle sessions and late-night, smoked-out clashes. As the recordings progress, the stability of his identity as a rapper and poet emerges, revealing bags of charm, eccentricity and humour on each recording.


His sharp intellect is contrasted with some very silly wordplay, which bursts energetically through in synchronization with his collaborators. A diverse MC, OneSP is a lyrical chameleon, adapting vocal styles to changing beat dynamics, swinging easily between hip-hop’s touchstones in jazz, funk and dub.  

This creative self-awareness reverberates throughout, and the whole album delivers slice after slice of unity, head-nodding beats and just sheer fun. Producers and vocalists who bring their own distinct styles to the table include collaborators such as ragga hip-hop legend Toastie Tailor of New Flesh, with whom OneSP collaborated before they became the first band to sign to Big Dada. 

Elsewhere, appearances from Edinburgh alt-hip-hop lumiaries like Mikel Krumins of Abdominal Showmen, and Lifeshows of Underling will cause gasps of recognition from those in the know. Sterling production from the likes of Ben Seal, Jatin Purin, DJ Red 6, Salam Anders and of course Asthmatic Astronaut keep things varied, and always enthralling. 

This impressive collection is a time travel adventure – a narrative snapshot of OneSP’s creative exploration, aesthetic and artistic interactions from a little-known but much-admired era of Edinburgh’s underground hip-hop culture to the present day. 

Within the gaps of these recordings, OneSP traces the steps of his journey from the south of France, where his peers often taunted him for being a mere poet, rather than a macho MC, to finding his creative identity here in Scotland, and building his very own family unit, both in his personal life, and in his creative circle of friends. 

Meant to be released in celebration of OneSP’s 12th anniversary as an adopted Scot, the fact we had to wait until 20 had passed only makes this compilation more of a delight. To the first-time listener, what difference does time make? These tracks still vibrate with the urgency of now, even when they call back to lost eras.    

Affiliated with music collective the Black Lantern Clan in the mid-2010s, OneSP threw down an in-depth interview earlier in the month with label founder Texture, on his newly-minted Scottish hip-hop radio show for Radio Kaos Caribou.

RR caught up with Texture to ask about the interview: “Interviewing onesp for the radio show reminded me just what a tremendous rapper he is.” On the evidence of these two decades, even that would be an understatement. 


Andy Cooper – Live Show Performance At Nice N’ Sleazy’s.

End of last month I caught up with Long Beach Californian rapper, Andy Cooper at a live show in the atmospheric basement venue Nice’N Sleazy’s supported by local Rap /DJ/Beatboxing acts, Spee Six Nine, Big Taj, DJ Goodbrother and Red King. Readers can view the full batch of photos I captured of this night over on Gobophotography/Revel Rousers Facebook page, with music links and descriptions of each artist for your go-dig satisfaction and listening pleasure –

DJ Goodbrother -Providing beats and spin skills to carry the night through.

Andy Cooper took some time out of a current UK tour with Bristol-based DJ/Producers, The Allergies to play a solo Glasgow show, where he received an outstanding crowd response as beaming, interactive hip-hop lovers gathered to show support for the acts and revel in appreciation for Andy’s super fresh rapping talents. Big Taj & Spee Six Nine organised the event and laid down a superlative joint performance of insanely awesome Beatbox combined with dynamite, dynamic rap, as well as rapper, King Red laying down his ‘Subconscious’ EP material and announcing he has fresh material in the pipeline.

Big Taj -providing Beat boxing skills / Spee Six Nine spitting rhymes.
Rapper – King Red laid down his ‘Subconscious’ EP material with much gusto. Released on Player 2 Music.

I never seen a guy spring to life in such an animated way as what Andy did as soon as his hands gripped the mic and his feet hit the stage. He concisely and consistently demonstrates his razor-sharp rap flow every show, with a knack for triggering that, WoW! factor every time with his light speed, compact word delivery which always holds clarity for understanding, skillfully channeled through his tailored rapping technique, as well as an authentic purpose in what he actually raps about, fusing a nostalgic hip-hop feel to a positively fresh and funky approach.

Andy Cooper- Holding it down with exceptional mastery.

Andy has most certainly found his place within, The Allergies fold as their aim is to reshape funky vintage sounds for the modern dance floor. They most certainly got the heart and soul that Andy achieves to deliver through his creative zeal and overall perspective. If you somehow missed this! – Lock into The Allergies current single release – 2 Much! (feat. Andy Cooper) on the following [Official Music You Tube Video]

The Allergies, 2 Much! (feat. Andy Cooper)

Also, If you missed Andy this time around it is possible to catch him alongside, The Allergies at the Glasgow’s Drygate Brewery on the 5th of July.

Check out the following link for tickets –

Also, The Allergies play this year’s Kelburn Castle for the annual Kelburn Garden Party from the 5th of July until the 8th. Join the event on the following –  


Hessian Renegade – ‘Oral Spiel’ Ep

Artist – Hessian Renegade

EP – ‘Oral Spiel’

Release Date – 18/01/19

Fusion architects, Conor Moore & Ross McCann are the dynamite Scottish duo, Hessian Renegade who draws tailored influences together into their alternative sound from both their love of Hip-hop, electronic music and general crossover styles, alongside Ross’s absolute passion for music production, both are highly experienced in their creative field due to past band projects and collaborative production work. The bold and energetic, Hessian Renegade confidently strides to the forefront this coming Friday 18th to emboss their fresh and inventive sounding debut Ep ‘Oral Spiel’ into our psyche with a crossover/fusion EP that delivers a remarkably well-channelled demonstration of their musical range, as well as exuding a purposefully vehement, yet fun atmosphere to their overall style. The EP is set for release under the boutique independent label, Esquimaux Records and shall be a FREE download available on Bandcamp and all other major digital music media distributors. 

Alongside this exciting new music release, the duo shall also be launching a music video for their third single off the Ep titled ‘Scratchings’. The first single debut was, ‘Bread & Circuses’ which was picked up by Glasgow based professional wrestling company ‘Insane Championship Wrestling’ as the entrance theme for their former Zero G Champion Andy Wild. The single was initially released as a free download back in November 2016, however, a freshly remastered version currently sits on this beasting forthcoming EP. The second single was ‘Renegade’ which was dropped in August of last year along with music video which can be viewed on the following YouTube video below.

‘Renegade’ sits as the third track on the ‘Oral Spiel’ Ep.  

The Ep ‘Oral Spiel’ in its entirety, explodes with energy, combining both flare and appreciation for fusing musical elements, along with imperatively expressed social commentary which is charged with frankness, intensity and laced with black humor. ‘Scratchings’ for example is a gorgeously textured synth track that holds an emotive melody and carefully thought out dynamic that expertly presents a captivatingly alluring dub/ska saxophone section that sits as the hook and is incredibly moving in its intricately formed structure, as lead protagonist, Conor delivers a powerful vocal impact, lyrically expressing socially acute circumstances about fear driven society, the injustices of equality, tribalism, capitalism, the political media circus and it’s negative effects. This is such a beautiful sounding, thoughtfully implemented track that hits straight to the heart of the matter.

The title track ‘Oral Spiel’ opens with a vocal interaction between Conor and Ross which signifies their complete creative synchronicity and delivers a hard-industrial sounding electronic dance track that will have you reeling from the outset. This track assigns itself to offer a maximum vent of frustration as Conor’s lyrical outpour highlights topics such as the absolute annoyance of social media, the music industry and a general lack of authenticity and truth. There is a buoyant, mechanical flow to the track that is bursting with resilience and attitude, and for sure will peel the paint straight off the walls of any live venue situation.

Download ‘Oral Spiel’ Ep for FREE this coming Friday & make sure to follow and support this resolute and highly creative duo in the future months ahead.