DIY metal king Serotonin stares into the Masonic Abyss

Earlier in April, Masonic Abyss, the alias of versatile theatrical artist and musician Serotonin, released an album titled Music For The Void. The superbly executed ten-track, Gothic Industrial Metal solo project has a raw and uncompromising DIY aesthetic, and deserves to find admirers among the fans of Marilyn Manson, Rammstein or Ministry.

Music For The Void continues the journey begun by Serotonin after leaving behind the classic Masonic Abyss 4-piece, and leaning in to all-encompassing creative control. Taking charge of laying down all aspects of the writing and recording process allows him to channel exactly the atmosphere he wants, developing a rich and textured portrait of his alter-ego

Formed in 2008, Masonic Abyss has been through various former members – the playlist above showcases some of their earlier work. From 2011 onwards, Serotonin has taken the reigns, providing lead vocals, lyrics, guitar and bass, keyboards and drums, and the entire process of mixing and mastering.


“My alter-ego character Serotonin is a personal demon…” – Serotonin

This is a total contrast with his work as lead vocalist in Volcano X, a powerhouse heavy metal outfit formed in 2013 strongly influenced by NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) bands.

Revel Rousers caught up with Serotonin to find out more about his alter-ego,  the shift from band to solo project, and what the character means to him.

“My alter-ego character Serotonin is a personal demon. He confronts everything on one hand, and is an outspoken in-your-face political activist on the other. The character is extreme in every fashion and sees things in black and white. It mirrors my shy and reserved real life character.”

Does he feel that those aspects of the stage character already live inside him? Or does he have the power to channel those qualities through this alt-character? “Performing brings about a different confidence in me I don’t usually have, so I guess those aspects of character are being eked out through the mask of Serotonin. I feel really at home when on a stage, or creating something behind in front of a camera.”

Masonic Abyss artwork

This album is rousing, with anthemic qualities. Within these well-produced tracks there is a mass of creative energy that unfllinchingly takes the pulse of today’s paranoiac, troubled situation, opening with Pandemic, a booming electronic industrial track. The album opens up into a mass of rousing, riotous songs, all with an uncompromising political edge.

Serotonin might be angry, but he never succumbs to nihilism. There is an empowering quality in his music and lyrics which asks the listener to rise up, be counted and fight. These tracks have gestated over several years, only to emerge at just the right cultural moment.

The atmosphere and tone of the album is showcased with visual flair in the official music video for Sick Sick, where Serotonin takes control of the filmmaking to produce something equally mysterious and terrifying. 

Music For The Void offers engrossing, truth seeking lyrics, agit-prop vocals over militant beats, guitar groove and interwoven electronics. Monstrously energetic and hugely atmospheric, Serotonin draws on influences like Machine Head, Gary Numan, Marilyn Manson, and even Rob Zombie’s grand guignol horror aesthetic. This is truly an outstanding DIY project that oozes creative passion and packs a big punch!

Coming up: Re.You – Maison (Connected)

Following three excellent EPs on Connected, the exceptional label run by 90s indie-rap legends Stereo MCs, producer and DJ Marius Maier aka Re.You strides progressively forward with his deeply dynamic, resolute full-length debut album ‘Maison’ dropping later this May.

The French title is inspired by the city of Paris. Most of the new album was written in the French capital, where Marius resided for a period of six months. “It was a truly inspiring place and time, so I thought I would give the album a French name. ‘Maison‘ means home. That’s what I feel, now I’m back in my German hometown Ulm, after 10 years of Berlin and a short stay in Paris.” 

Maier’s career stretches back to the early 2010s, with notable early releases on Moon Harbour, Kompakt and his own Younion label. The well-travelled producer also feels settled at the label where he has built his growing reputation: “I feel now is a good time to release my debut album on Connected, a platform on which I always felt at home,” he says.  

It was a truly inspiring place and time…
– Marius Maier aka Re.You

The album builds on his three EPs, enlisting guests such as label bosses Stereo MCs, plus, long standing Connected contributors Florian Busse & Ahmad, singer song-writer, Elli, and Afro-house duo Oluhle & Aaaron.

‘Maison’ is a slick and professional full-length debut, where Re.You continues to demonstrate his boldly innovative house music confections through a nuanced instrumental approach, with a distinctive production style. 

digital front maison 2

This purposeful and determined set of tracks pulsate with energy. The flair in Re.You’s production originates in a diverse set of influences, from afro-tinged trance, deep tech-groove, and emotionally-stirring trap-style house. This heady blend stimulates and enriches the essence of the album, marking it out from the mainstream.

Tracks such as ‘If You’ featuring the vocal talents of Elli deliver a no-nonsense, methodical, ‘get to work’ house belter, that gradually elevates from dancefloor burner into bright, hooky synth textures that gush towards the velvety vocal tones. 

Elli’s vocal draws together those tech-groove elements, whereas ‘Inyani’ featuring Oluhle & Aaaron catches you in a trance with tribal patterns, vocal chants, and suspenseful, spiritual chords. Re.You and his guests cast an alluring spell. 

‘Maison’ is an adventurous culmination of many years of artistic endeavour that brings plenty of fresh and exciting new perspectives to house music.

Preview by Miff Morris. Images courtesy of Connected.


DeadFire -‘My Mind Belongs To The Devil’ Ep Review.

Artist – DeadFire

Ep – My Mind Belongs To The Devil

Genre –  Drunk’N’Roll /Stoner Grunge

Label – Fat Hippy Records.

At the beginning of the year raucous, booze rockers, DeadFire poured gasoline on absolutely everything and set the joint on fire with their groove-laden, ballsy, explosive Ep ‘My Mind Belongs To The Devil’ executing a boisterous, Spit-N’-Sawdust, grunge-rock atmosphere throughout their outstanding studio production, translating all the energetic edge and rawness into their recording that you would find at a throbbing live show!

DeadFire – Ready to bust loose and cause havoc.

Hailing from Aberdeen in Scotland, lead protagonist, Charlie Munro has a flamboyance about his vocal delivery that is undeniable, as his  notably distinctive voice draws on bluesy undertones, delivered through a mighty dynamic range and a powerful fierceness to his growl. Groove-laden guitars, chucky, burly basslines and compact, dynamic drumming, orders plenty of… tAps Aff, circle-pit moments.

Check out DeadFire’s official music video for the title track from the Ep on the following……  

The second track on the Ep, ‘Mary Jane’ struts and grooves like no other, reeking the atmosphere of early Corrosion Of Conformity. Delivering a heavier grungier guitar that sits tight into the vocals, hooking around the groovy basslines and exceptional concise drumming. There exists immense swagger to this blazing track.

The third and final stomper on the Ep ‘Call From the Void’ is immensely gripping, sitting as my personal favourite, oozing all the confidence, rumbling gyrations & vocal outpouring that packs as much punch as a trash metal track pumped to number 11. This blazer delivers unrelenting instrumental groove and screams anthemic.

I don’t think this bands fire is dead at all!!…. 🙂  

Smash your way into, ‘My Mind Belongs To The Devil’ Ep by DeadFire on the following Spotify link & EnJOY!

Also, find Deadfire on the UNDERGROUND MUSIC COALITION over on Bandcamp with their track ‘ ‘Bumsteer’

New York Haunted Welcomes Itzel Back Into The Fold With His Forthcoming Album Release ‘Scelero’ NYH196

Artist – Itzel

Album – NYH196/Scelero

Label – New York Haunted

The highly distinctive, Daniel Hoy aka Itzel rises to prominence once again on Dutch experimental label NYH with his exploratory electronic album, Scelero (The Latin word for Etch) set to be released on the 13th of this month after his sensational EP and LP releases last year. In 2018 Itzel’s unique digital craftmanship was demonstrated through a melodic, ambient techno album titled ‘Basalt’ which was a complete sonic excursion that offered a perfect blend of Electronica, IDM influenced Techno. This time around a mechanical animal of hard edged, menacing experimental sounds comes to life through a prism of human emotion, executed with Itzel’s soft focus version of all of, The Black Dog, Beaumont Hannant and B12’s best tracks, updated into a 2020 sound palette.

The production is truly magnificent on this deeply penetrating album, opening with ‘Phore’ a mathematical array of concise, drill-driven electronics, hard stamped on top of an undercurrent of earthy percussion which grows into a divergence of ethereal ambience. Following is the unsettling sounds of ‘Fresher’ an erratic flurry of manipulated electronics that feels urgent and repressed, intertwined through spacey ambient under and over currents. As where, ‘Was’ shifts the mood into an enormously atmospheric eastern style strut, with chiming keys and an enticing percussive allure that reminds me of something Plaid or U-Zig would lay down in the 90’s.

‘Circle Of you’ delivers bright modulation synthesizer which burns through elongated smothered vocals, providing an organic feel, that is fresh and stimulating, although wildly haunting and unnerving in atmosphere, as where ‘XT’ sits as one of the most deeply melodic, thrilling statements on this astonishingly dramatic, dynamically layered adventurous album. There are 10 thrilling tracks on this outstanding album, owning a stricking mass of technical elements to surprise and stimulate the headspace, so i will leave the rest for your sonic exploration…..

Listen to Itzel’s ‘Scelero’ over on NYH’s Bandcamp on the following link:

Please stay percolated and ENjoy!

B-Burg – Return To The Dessert Island – Album Highlight.

Artist – B-Burg

Album – Return To The Dessert Island

Listen Here :

I am currently freeing mind and spirit by absorbing the uplifting, classy and stylish album ‘Return To The Dessert Island’ by Christopher Hall aka B-Burg. Released April 9th. This sonic expedition is a beautifully constructed organic album which has spanned over nearly two decades of collaborations for B-Burg, compiling tracks previously unreleased & released, now bound together under the one snazzy umbrella.

Scratch Monkey, Turntablist, producer, sound engineer Christopher Hall aka B-Burgh in his natural habitat.

This sonic excursion harmoniously blends vocals by various stellar artists, whom if you don’t know, you should most certainly check out, such as, Hasta, Profisee, Joseph Barnabus Seal, 1sp, Jee4ce, Mr Hiz and Anneke Kampman. The album delivers funky basslines, infectious guitars, percussion & drums as well as  stylish instrumentals & scratches from B-Burg himself, blending elements of turntablism into a blazing hot cauldron of soul, jazz and hip-hop crossover styles.

There exists a fresh & funky, hugely rhythmical aspect to the fluidity of these carefully compiled tracks with many charming attributes to the ambience of the entire album. Bringing forth bright and colourful tones through string sequences, bouncing beats, vocal gymnastics and overall liberating rap flows, as a wealth of vocal dynamic is presented from one track to the next. It is clearly evident the authentic nature of the artists contribution, alongside the highly executed production techniques.

Each artist presents their own distinctive style, covering philosophical, social and poetic narratives, embedded in clarity, strength and freedom of spirit. There is an immensely empowering aspect to these fine tracks which I can’t recommend enough to you all.  Currently available for digital consumption, as well as bonus bootlegs and remix folder to all who purchase this current release, with an Instrumental album forthcoming for DJ’s and remix artists as well!>> Follow @therealbburg for more zesty enterprises<< 🙂

LIVmassive Feat. Hessian Renegade – ‘Erocean’ Ep & Cinematic Video Review.


Classically trained, Rachael Olivia Black aka LivMassive entered boldly with a innovative project which was released on the 20th of last month that features a distinctive blend of genre integration in fluid cohesion with visual cinematic finesse. LIV locks into creative collaboration with Scottish, Rap/Rave duo, Hessian Renegade to produce a compelling 4-track EP titled ‘Erocean’ which  is complimented by a 15 minute cinematic music video shot in-house, and on location at Loch Lomond. 

Rachael’s project was born from a master’s degree and received a distinction at the ‘Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance’ in London, her eclectic taste in music encompassing country to classical and hip-hop to metal, influences her composition style and enhances her versatility as a musician. She has composed several specially commissioned works and similarly had several works written for her by contemporary composers.

Last month Liv & Hessian released the first single extracted from the Ep titled ‘Locker’, a beautifully haunting track which was created entirely from viola rhythms that were built by tapping the instrument in different positions while plucks and experimental playing styles fleshed out in conjunction with the subtle ambient electronic elements. This project’s creative vision is to unify musical diversity and present it in a unique and striking way.

Technically, both musically and visually ‘Erocean’ comes across as brave and courageous, much thought and effort has gone into the EPs creation and the fusion of complex musical styles has been superbly executed. The visual narrative is incredibly compelling and stirs emotion where both, Rachel and lead vocalist from Hessian, Conor Moore perfectly complements each other’s aesthetic and vocal interactions. Both in the musical and visual sense there exists an alchemy of traditional and contemporary styles, combined with a captivating poetic sensibility.   

The visually arresting, LivMassive feat. Hessian Renegade – A new collaborative force, forging unique moods & atmospheres through their creative ideas.

Take in Erocean’s extremely special cinematic atmosphere on the following link below. The four tracks are combined into this 15 minute sequence, beginning with atmospheric lighting that highlights the beautiful contours of Rachel’s delicate face, as she stands by the Lough Lomond’s water’s edge in a long black billowing dress, radiating a lingering and hauntingly beautiful siren call through the bow of her deeply resonating viola. The way the narrative unfolds is both surprising and gripping.


⚠️ 4 Tracks + Short Film out now ⚠️

➡️ Stream/Purchase/view here:


🌊 We hope this brightens up an uncertain 2020 🌊

Asthmatic Astronaut – ‘Spirit World’. Pre-release Album Highlight.

Artist- Asthmatic Astronaut

Album – Spirit World

Genre – Hip-hop/Instrumental/experimental

Label – This Is Not Pop.

Producer/Beatmaker, Gareth Bury aka Asthmatic Astronaut presents a highly distinctive album titled, ‘Spirit World’ set for release on the 24th of this month on independent label, This Is Not Pop. This authentic project was born through a yearning to sonically express and channel the emotion of  grief and loss through thinking about friends and family that had passed away within a short time frame of each other, over the period of a few years. The album is bold and progressive and is surprising in its instrumental dynamics, it is evident that Gareth has dug deep to create these intuitive tracks, achieving a true sense of cathartic empowerment.

Through his internal exploration he also finds external exploration and structure by incorporating a short narrative to aid in the channelling of his emotive expression by collaborating with Caledonian Gothic, a story telling podcast, to create an atmospheric introduction to the album which has helped forge a pathway in bringing forward a mythical story of when earthly realm meets spirit world. As well as steering a unique and extra dynamic to the atmosphere of the album by collaborating with two local M.C’s, Jackal Trades and Kid Robotik x King Meraki who resolutely provide their own characteristic take on the album theme.

Asthmatic Astronaut aka The Wheezy Space Traveller – Between Worlds.

Asthmatic Astronaut’s newfound interest in Wave music, a genre of element-fusing, dubstep, jungle, house, techno & hip-hop, found him drawn to, and sucked in by, slow tempo beats. As far as beats are concerned his cultivated style is a direct evolution of Trap and lends itself well to longer evolving textures. There most certainly exists an empowering force throughout the tracks on the album, a pulsating core and raw edge that carries density, while in contrast ethereal layers interplay and soar above rooted reverberated bass lines, snares and kick drum beats. To me, it feels like sunlight burning through the darkness.

I caught up with Asthmatic Astronaut to ask him about the creation process, the album artwork and musical influencing factors. Here is what he said:

“I used a Boss 303 sampler with this album. 303 sounds grittier and slightly lo-fi. I added lots of noise to the tracks from Vinyl and Cassette hiss and just ambient room recordings. All the synthesized sounds also went through the sampler and almost all had distortion added and large analog reverbs.

As far as influence I’m not sure I can pin point exactly I listen to a lot of music of all styles all the time and when I make music I stop listening and create for a few weeks nonstop or until whatever is driving me leave’s me it’s a strange process and has always been very meditative for me. I always feel as though I have gotten something off my chest, something I can’t put into words as easy as I can music.

The artwork is pieced together from three separate photographs I took while camping in the highlands and basically when I finished the image the whole story of the tree being a gateway hit me, and that really sparked the whole project. So, I guess the album cover image is the main influence on this project.” – G.B/ Asthmatic Astronaut.

PRE-ORDER ‘Spirit World’ By Asthmatic Astronaut over at Independent, Tape/ CD/Vinyl Label, This Is Not Pop Bandcamp – Faceache Live – Asthmatic Astronaut.

J.B Seal – ‘All Alone Together’ Ep Review.

Artist – J.B Seal

Ep – ‘All Alone Together’

Genre -Jazz/Hip-hop/Electronic

Published – Distrokid

The highly musically talented, Joseph Barnabas Seal has chosen an inspiring personal outlook towards the current lockdown situation and has stepped progressively forward with a soulful and uniquely sensitive Ep titled ‘All Alone Together’. This four track Ep presents beautiful instrumental tonal shades and stylistic colours, gracefully tying in and blending soulful jazzy elements with hip-hop and electronics, crafting a wonderfully nuanced, cross-over sound that excludes an expression of strength through fragility, hope through underlying fear.

J.B lays down his thoughts on the Ep in the following paragraph.

“I have a career as a live sound engineer, so my music has taken a back burner over the past decade. It’s been the pandemic that’s got me back in the studio and actually finishing things! The release of this current EP ‘Alone Together’ is the last 4 tunes I’ve produced all in Quarantine. One vocal track and 3 instrumentals (4 newest tracks on my Bandcamp). These tracks have filled me with hope, except the one track ‘Survivor Complex’ which expresses my worry.  

For me it’s about connecting with people on a deeper level and I’ve found this pandemic has brought people closer actually. Those vulnerabilities, that we usually hide are ever present at the moment and that window of humanity that is often closed is allowing for deeper connections. It’s a deep and powerful time to be alive and challenge oneself.” – J.B

First track on the Ep, ‘Quaranteam’ enters with style and grace as a delicate, spacious piano part opens which leads slowly and progressively into purposefully solid, trip-hop/jazzy sounding beats, with electronic elements thoughtfully scattered in-between. This track expresses the fragility through strength in which I spoke of above. Track two, ‘Survivor Complex’ is where the electronics sits most prominently, bringing forth an edge that cuts throughout trippy beats and beautiful layers of violin strings in conjunction with piano parts.  J.B delivers a genuine fluid rap flow over this track that is soulful, sensitive and strong.

Track three, ‘Serendipity pt.1’ is a dynamic instrumental piece that enters in a determined, yet  graceful way, expanding and growing in pace and tone as the track progresses. Delivering plenty of electronic FX layers that are dished up through piano parts and beats. For me, this lovely track expresses hope through the underlying fear in which I mentioned above. Finally, ‘Serendipity p.t2’ offers a bright, funky dance club track that has gorgeous ethereal under and overtones, with a stunning vocal sample to libertate the mind and elevate the senses. A lovely way to end this very special, kind and unifying Ep.

Highlight Feature- Modal Plane – An Intimate insight.

Artist – Modal Plane

Genre – Synthwave/Ambient/Experimental

Label – Circuit Church

Orlando Florida based; William Randall aka Modal Plane has been an electronic artist I have had the greatest of pleasures in following for about four/five years now. Most strikingly Williams originality permeates throughout his in-depth, nuanced soundscapes. He is ultimately a sound and visual designer, sonically conjuring the essence of the imagery he wishes to paint in an impressionistic way, that of which an artist would paint on canvas.

William typically generates his own nostalgic feel through visuals to accompany his music clips on social media, however, in the past he has collaborated with a couple of glitch artists like, Sara Goodman and Chromatic Artifacts in order to create full-length visual tracks, “Ninety_ Six_ Zeros”  and “At The Edge Of Everything”, for his 2019 album, ‘Terra Null’, both videos can be viewed on the, Circuit Church Bandcamp ‘Video’ link, an electronic cassette tape label which Modal Plane is an integral part of. Most excitingly, both William and Sara are currently working together on a full project which will be released on VHS cassette very soon!   

Sound sculpturist, william Randall aka Modal Plane / Illuminated Trip Mode

William is master of soul-stirring melodies and perfectly curated samples. He thrives through forming sonic and visual narratives and his musical distinctiveness is born through tapping into his authentic creative nature which rings true with fluidity throughout all of his creative works. His brilliance lays in projecting complex programmed, live recorded instrumental and modulated synth layer structures, in a simplistic, spacious sounding way. In the technical hardware sense, working closely with Sean Pendleton, owner of online shop, VOIDModular, selling  Eurorack and Synthesizer Do-It-Yourself (SDIY) products, no doubt, helps inspire and innovate Williams ideas in progressively pushing forward uniquely expressive synthscapes.

William & Co In their natural habitat.

In February of this year, Modal Plane released one of his most transcendent, nuanced works to date, ‘New Age Forestry’, a split album featuring, Jared Silvia aka Pressurewave, also the executive producer to Modal Plane’s ‘Terra Null’ album in which I mentioned above. This body of work provides stimulus and is both graceful and haunting, featuring gentle, sentimental ambient music exploring various visions of imaginary forest landscapes.

Both William and Jared provide a few words on how the idea of the album was born and what atmosphere both brought to the project.

William/ Modal Plane

“This split cassette w/ Jared Silvia revolves around our different interpretations of a sketch he did, and the idea of developing a sound based in/around nature, and our interactions with it. The cassette is completely DIY. Each cassette package is hand stamped, recorded, and labelled in house circuit church records. Also, an extremely limited release which is current sold out but is still available to download in digital format. I hope you enjoy this album.” – W.R

Jared/ Pressurewave

“I was drawing on my iPad one day and wrote the words “New Age Forestry” under this weird blocky thing I had sketched. I sent it to Will and said, “let’s do an album where we both interpret this theme.” This release is the result. MP’s side is a dark, foggy forest of inward journeying. My side is an ambient map of four locations in Japan that I find especially soulful and important. I hope you check this out, friends. It’s the first time I’ve officially released anything of my own in over 10 years. Here’s to it being the first of many.” – J.S

Please keep up-to-date with the creative endeavours of, Modal Plane and all the brilliant artists he collaborates with over on his social media platforms.



>>Another MaSSiVE heads-up!>> On the current, throbbing, highly intensive ‘3D Eye’ music video release by Chemical Poet/Rapper, Texture who I highlighted on Revel at the beginning of this month regarding his single drop for ‘Robocoppppp’. 3D Eye is the follow-up on the same single extracted from his forthcoming new album #ILLVMINATE destined to be released on independent label, This Is Not Pop later in the year!

Texture executes an acute perception through his hypersensitive thoughtfulness in this current track which speaks and yearns for a psychological shift away from conscious blindness that manifests through heavy conditioned designs of religious beliefs and ideologies, referencing Cassandra, a woman in Greek mythology, cursed to utter true prophecies but never to be believed.

In modern usage her name is employed as a rhetorical device to indicate someone whose accurate prophecies are not believed. Within the track Texture raps a visionary projection where violence ceases through a dismantling of illusionary prisms in order to liberate, elevate and illuminate universal truth.

Surrounding this lyrically dextrous flow is the purpose-driven, chunky, phat  beats of the illustrious producer, Asthmatic Astronaut, who raises an elevated cosmic flow through melodic strains of synth and calculated rhythm, accentuating the gravitas of Textures technical rap flow.

There is always an intellectual, authentic feel to Textures creative works, his sense of urgency consistently rings through without a sense of force or strain, even though he has projected much spoken word in the past, his transition to rap still demonstrates his poetic verse and rhythm with clarity, which evidently sits core within his creative demeanour.

Texture shows an innate knack of channelling a heightened awareness and fresh, finger-on-the-pulse vibration for all who embrace him and those he collaborates with.  

Check out his amazing D.I.Y video below!


The new video for 3D EYE. Lyrics/Visuals: Texture. Beat: Asthmatic Astronaut. New album  coming 2020 on This Is Not Pop.

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