Ingraves EP Launch Night – Review/Interviews & Music.

11th Oct, Scottish melodic Metalcore band, Ingraves provided an outstanding live show performance at their debut, self-titled Ep Launch in Glasgow’s Cathouse Rock Club. The five-piece threw down a heavy progressive set with vocal vehemence and instrumental fluidity. The night was supported by new, up-and-coming Rap/Metal fusion outfit, First World Hunger in brotherly arms with the ferociously skilled, heavy duty warriors, Titan Breed, alongside the visual assault, sonic annihilators H8teball.

Ingraves demonstrated an interactive, tight knit set, providing emotive melodic guitar structures which were technical in nature and intensively complex in altering pace, laying down unrelenting fierce vocal and instrumental attacks, sonically shifting stylistically towards constant shifts in mood. Hands down the dudes provided a face clenchingly, bittersweet atmospheric set that sent the crowd energetically reeling.

Take the time to tune into their current EP on the following Bandcamp link, and if you missed Revelrousers Ep review at the beginning of the month delve into the article within the blog –

Here at Gobo/Revel we managed to capture a deluge of high octane expressive shots of all the participating bands which can be found for full viewing over on our music media page on FB.

From another journalistic viewpoint, The Doomsday Report caught up with the dudes from, Titan Breed backstage after the show to talk about origins, influences, playing Bloodstock festival, plans for the future and share tips on how to survive going to Bloodstock as fan.

This interview is published on Will Ryan’s Metal subscription channel, Demon Dethchase so please do check it out below!

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Ardent, seven-piece alternative Rap/Metal fusion band, First World Hunger own a monumental amount of crazed eagerness, musical drive and onstage exuberance within their fresh impulsive approach as an up-and-coming outfit who want to pack a profound punch with their musical expression and overall aesthetic. Visually the band are exceptionally striking, adorning high contrast face paint and disconcerting masks, taking the time to modify their clothing with hand painted drawings, illuminating neon bright statements to the dark and moody stages of the clubs they play.

FWH have currently recorded material and are waiting on final mixes to come back to them, with the plan for a set of singles to be due for release at the beginning of 2020, then following with a full Album launch mid-2020.

I caught up with the band’s vocal protagonist, Colin to ask what message they are projecting through their music, and if they had a socio-political angle to their lyrics?

And here is what Colin had to say –

“We are a non-political and non-religious group. Everyone in this particular project is very different. We focus on writing about things that we feel are a therapy to us and more importantly, things that other people may be able to relate to or helped by. For example; One of the tracks (the first one we played at the launch night) is about coming out the other end of a troubled youth. Watching friends succumb to addiction and the loss of loved ones. The chorus is about the strength found through loss and finding the determination to dig deep and to always gave your best regardless of circumstance. It also touches on self-sabotage, sometimes you are the person standing in the way of your own success (whatever your definition of that may be.)

“Most of the songs deal with “first world problems” hence the name “First World Hunger”. We want to reach out to people and let people know it’s ok to be going through hardship, even in the “first world” and through suffering you can gain a sort of enlightenment. There’s a duality to it too, we are a fun loving band, we are all about having a good time. We feel the best way to do that is to be totally open and honest with the audience, we indulge in our flaws and through that we can exorcise the badness within ourselves and come off stage pure again. To be honest it’s very hard to summarise in a few words lol, I could talk about this for hours, each song has a different message or story. I think that’s why the live show is so intense in way, we are really just up there letting out a collective 200 odd years of suffering, giving everything, we have and trying to shape it into a positive experience for everyone that’s there. It’s really difficult for us to tell how it actually comes across, I guess we will never know.” –  Colin FWH

First World Hunger have only played a handful of shows, starting out in March this year, and have so far found themselves amongst a highly skilled network of metal bands who are fully supportive and tight knit within the metal community, aiding them to share stages and build an incremental fanbase which they endeavour to grow as they keep on playing more live shows. The band are currently looking for a booking agent to get them out on the road for 2020, so if anyone in the industry is willing to give them the opportunity to do so, please contact their social media page.

It’s Halloween every day of the year where H8teball is concerned, serving sonic and visual uppercuts to the cerebrum with demonic masks, ghoulish face-paint, dynamic doom-laden guitar riffage and aggressive vocal throat growls. From the outset H8teball’s music packs a hefty punch with their comprehensive intensity, drawing from classic sounding chugging guitar riffage, thunderous basslines and menacing vocals which branch off into a diverse blend of screamo, singing and disconcerting growls. There is an Irrefutable sense of purpose and infectiousness which permutates from H8teball’s sound, an all guns blazing rampant heavy metal sound.

I managed to catch-up online with vocalist, Daniel and guitarist’s Atholl & Scott to ask if they could shed some light on their creative angle? And to provide insight into their songwriting and lyrics?

Here is what they had to say…..  

Guitarist – Atholl aka Ging – “I’d say given that were called H8teball, were not here to hate everything. We’re here to hate on the hate. Everything that’s wrong with the world.  And to quote shaggy, if it beats you, don’t let it break you. We stopped thinking it was a competition an age ago. It’s about working as a collective to create a new scene. Build a musical empire together.”

Vocalist – Daniel aka Shaggy – “More or less what, Ging says to be honest.
Hate on anyone or anything that hates.  Our song titled ‘Disgrace’ is about depression. ‘Black Mamba’ is about an arsehole lying woman. ‘Eater of World’ is kind of about how we as a human race are actually the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, kind of. ‘Undead’ is actually about deforestation, strangely enough, ‘Unbreakable’ is self-explanatory and ‘Almighty’ is about how religion is the cause of all things shitty on earth. There’s usually a good amount of anti-religious stuff as well”

Guitarist – Scott – You can’t really explain every song before you start it live. We don’t really go into it much to be honest, the music always comes first in the creative process and Daniel takes it away and comes up with the song concept, but we are all very like minded so it’s always something we are down with and can get behind….

Check out ‘Black Mamba’, a song about an arsehole lying women! (LOL.. So Specific!) Captured by Demon Dethchase… And please don’t forget to subscribe!  

Black Mamba , Performed live by H8teball at Glasgow’s Ivory Blacks.

You can experience Hateball live, Friday 1st November at Smashed Halloween special, HELL ON PERTH! ….FREE ENTRY, hosted by Slow Dragon Music

Ingraves Self-titled Debut EP Release.

Artist – Ingraves

EP -Ingraves / Debut

Genre – Alt /Metalcore

Scottish-based five-piece heavy alternative groove makers, Ingraves have been focusing intently over the past few months on crafting their metal sound, channelling their creative drive to deliver an authentic, highly emotive feel to their structurally diverse progressive musical expression which the band are proud to present to the metalcore scene in the form of their four-track, self-titled debut Ep this coming Friday 11th at Glasgow’s Cathouse Rock Club with supports from the gargantuan sounding Titan breed, masked loons, H8teball and rap/metal fusion instigators, First World Hunger…. Please join the events page for event and ticket details –

Ingraves have conjured an intense listening experience with their newly crafted sound, offering led heavy riffage combined with melodic forms of metal. I spoke briefly with lead vocalist Willie Lang about the new release and this is what he expressed –

“We wanted something that was incredibly varied to demonstrate our abilities and the stuff we’ve been writing now is heavier, darker more emotional and honest.” – Willie Lang.

The first track on the EP ‘Cut You Out’ spectacularly encapsulates the essence of what Ingraves are channelling creatively within this current band project, which makes no surprise as to why they have chosen to release this initial track as their debt single accompanied by an eye wobbling, visually energetic music video.

Please check out the single on the following link and delve into their hugely beasting, progressive sound.

Ingraves – Dynamite dynamic from their current debut single – ‘Cut You Out‘.

Second track on the Ep, Fade – Has a tight-knit, fast and furious pace to its instrumentation which instantaneously evokes the need for a mosh-pit circle, this is definitely one to get the crowd rampant. It is easy for the listener to follow the lyrical content of the song due to structural space and the sudden changes throughout the song in tempo and mood makes for a rollercoaster listen. There is a classic, old-skool trashy feel to the guitars as the vocals provide a deep, interchangeable, surprising element to the overall atmosphere of the track.

The third track that comes crashing in on the EP titled, Crossroads delivers chunky heavy bass riffage alongside technical guitar groove, unified with one of the fiercest lead vocal displays on the EP. There exists rhythmical space regarding the drumming, which is consistent throughout the entire EP, and the backing vocals are superbly placed adding that extra layer of depth regarding shapeshifting tone and interchanging mood.   

The final track on the Ep titled, AntiSocial delivers deliciously harmonious lead guitar textures and a swaying rhythmical sense of euphoria blended with melocolie and rage . Again, plenty of heavy, chugging guitar riffage, intricate technical guitar grooves and soaring lyrical content that evokes emotion and calls on a kind of abstraction amongst the rage and velocity of the track, as striking soaring backing vocals truly elevates, yet again onto another new dizzy level.

There is an exceptionally well thought-out fluidity to this debut EP, both vocally and instrumentally offering heavy groove laden guitars in an even, uncluttered distribution to lead vocalist Willie Langs engrossing vocal diversity, who transitions from wrathful throat growls to poignant melodic singing. The Ep offers excellent sound production and carries through the energy of the live raw environment. There is plenty of space within the vocal and instrumental ferocity for the listener to digest the changing tempos, mood and atmosphere, and most certainly the EP offers a plethora of superbly structured juxtapositions to stirr and stimulate the headspace.  

Keep up to date with the band on the following –

DYlab Interview – Melbourne Acid Producer provides insight into his world of music making.

Artist – DYlab

Label – New York Haunted

Current Collaborative Release –

Melbourne based Acid producer/ technician, Dylan Davis aka, DYlab has taken some time out of his busy schedule to provide Revel with a wonderfully insightful interview into his evolution as an acid producer as well as insight into the more technical side of his creative process, from his favorite hardware equipment to his current method in creating.

DYlab provides a glimpse into the Acid scene over in Melbourne Australia with lots of names drops to check out, as well as the record label he is involved with, his radio show, collaborations, current projects, as well as his inspirations…..  

Miff/Revel- Where did it all start for you regarding your passion for creating acid music?

Dylan /DYlab – I’ve always thought about making music and playing around with sound. I used to make sounds while my friend played instruments in the early 90s, it was synth, drum machine, lots of effects and bass guitar.

Later in the 90s, I picked up some synths and a drum machine of my own for messing around with, but it wasn’t until about 15 years ago that I decided to give it a try and as acid house was one of my first musical loves I aimed to make acid house music.

Miff/Revel – What elements have you experimented with, both sonically and in regard to tech that has truly surprised and excited you?

Dylan /DYlab- I have experimented with lots of different tech and sounds, I like blending computers and hardware, the iPad was an interesting device to play with to control other synths and create sequences, I used to do radio shows where I’d jam using iPad software connected to computer-based FM synths alongside other hardware devices, and that was a lot of fun.

Usually, I work with different sounds and textures and listen for the types of sounds that are missing and look at ways to create and incorporate those sounds and tones.

Miff / Revel- What currently shapes and fuels your creative ideas for future production? What is your direction?

Dylan/ DYlab- At the moment it’s the machine and live jamming. I generally jam on the machines until I feel some kind of emotional response to what I have created and then I hit record. If I jam and don’t feel anything I don’t record. Then toward the end of the month those pieces that have an emotional resonance I finish off as best as I can on the computer, adjusting, arranging and modifying whilst maintaining the original feeling I had when I first heard the piece.

Miff / Revel – Who have you been working with most recently regarding remixes? …How best would you describe your approach to remixing?

 Dylan /DYlab – It varies depending on what I get sent to be honest. Sometimes the process is a reductive one, I mine for one sound or one element then reconstruct a new track from that. Other times the process is adaptive when I add effects to existing tracks then add a new beat or a new sound or texture to it. It all comes back to how I respond to the material.

Miff / Revel – How would you best describe your evolution in making acid music?

Dylan / DYlab – I have learned a lot more along the way about music theory, production and how to work the equipment but the process in terms of doing what I resonate emotionally to is part of the core of how I work, so whilst my techniques have grown and improved and become freer, most of my work is now recorded and cleaned up, the core is the emotional response to the sounds the machines make.

Miff /Revel – What samples, sounds, and machinery is currently floating your boat?

Dylan/ DYlab – The DFAM is currently floating my boat hardware-wise, loving the sounds I get from it and the improvised nature of it for live set. Other than that, I’m using a lot more breaks in my live sets and also in my productions and looking to probably feature more in upcoming tracks

Miff/ Revel – Can you give us some insight into the acid scene in Melbourne, who are the instigators?

Dylan/DYlab -Melbourne has a rich history of techno and acid music, I’m a bit of a late arrival only getting there in 2000, and at that time Virus was doing the whole London Acid Techno sound. But people like Honeysmack, Voiteck and Zen Paradox have been doing acid and techno in Melbourne since the 80’s.

There are lots of crews putting on techno club nights, Bunker, Cat House, Machine, Tekno Mulisha are some of them that spring to mind. There seems to be a lot of local labels putting out interesting electro and acid-tinged sounds and plenty of live acts that incorporate that acid sound, people like ACM, Lou karsh/Reptant, Kettokai, and so many others.

Miff/Revel – In the summer Acid Slice released a super cool compilation tilted, 303% Acid Music which you are featured on, can you tell us about the Acid Slice collective and their fresh approach to creating acid music?

Dylan /DYlab -The Acid Slice compilation is a bunch of tracks from people that have played live sets or DJ’d at acid slice events over the past year and it was our (the organisers) way of saying thanks for playing, we appreciate it and let’s showcase the music you make both as CD and digital release.

Miff/ Revel – Can you give us some insight into the Dutch label, New York Haunted and its ethos? and when did you first become involved with the label?

Dylan/ DYlab – The label is Vince Korman’s label and he runs things there. It’s a very much a family feel to it though and have done a lot of cool project and releases, things like for the Bees and Vote Acid are some of the cool VA projects. He releases music he likes, and it goes from extreme noise stuff to the melodic techno acid and pretty much everything in between. There is a good ethos and he tries to showcase so really diverse and incredible talent from all over the world. I think my first release was about 3 years ago and I got in touch with him either via email or social media and sent him a few things that resonated with him and it went from there.

Miff/Revel – Tell us about your monthly radio shows with FNOOB and Seance Radio.

Dylan/DYlab – I’ve been doing these radio shows for a while, it’s a good way to showcase new tunes I’m working on, or do a live set for an hour or have guest mixes to showcase other people I meet. Both FNOOB and Séance have been really supportive of my music and put out releases on their respective labels, with Séance releasing a CD album of my tunes,

Miff/Revel – Aside from your hardware live sets and acid production, what kind of energy and experience do you strive to create and provide through your DJ sets.

Dylan/ DYlab – I don’t DJ. I can’t mix records that’s why I play live. Even my radio show mixes are all lined up audio files in Ableton then rendered out.

Miff/Revel – Have you ever gone off on an unrehearsed tangent during a hardware live set?

Dylan/ DYlab – My sets now are improvised so the whole thing is a tangent tbh. I have a mix of patterns and the DFAM & TR8 is fully improvisational so yeah, the whole set works as a pick and mix, and it goes in whatever direction I feel.

Miff / Revel – When did you first start to tinker with analog machines, how best would you describe your relationship to machines you own? Do those machines really take on a life of their own? Who bosses who?

Dylan /DYlab- I got my first synth and drum machine around 1997. The sh101, mc202 and a 606. I synced them together and made some attempts at music with them. When I started making music again, later on, I revisited the whole set up and things have grown and now my setup is pretty full of a diverse range of sounds and machines.

The machines tend to have a life of their own but saying that turning on a 303 and a 707 the sounds you hear would lead towards acid house because these sounds have been established and that’s the language created and in memory, so it’s interesting to work outside of those ideas or pre-existing sounds. I really enjoyed the freshness footwork brought, combining rave, jungle and dub music with just about anything made for very exciting possibilities at the time.

So sometimes it’s good to work within existing confines as it gives you a blueprint and sometimes it’s good to work with stuff that sounds uncomfortable because you aren’t used to it yet.

Miff/Revel – Where has been the most electrifying parties/clubs you have played or aspire to play?

Dylan/DYlab -The latest version of my live set up is pretty free and the open provisional format has made it really enjoyable to play, so the last few gigs I’ve played have all been great fun and very positive, enriching experiences, I just hope to keep having fun, having people invite me to play and have people dance to the music I make.

Miff/Revel – Do you have any plans to tour either the UK or Europe?

Dylan / DYlab- I have been invited to play in Europe but it’s a question of funding, so looking at grants and thing like that to get overseas, and hopefully, play there.

Miff/Revel- Who are your inspirations?

Dylan/ DYlab- Probably some of the first live set acts I saw like Crystal distortion and 69DB from old spiral raves. Then obviously Jeff Mills for his live set and also Shawn Rudiman. Then outside of that, there are so many people making live electronic music with whatever they can afford it’s a very inspiring time for music-making, people coming on stage with cheap synths doing great things, laptop sets where people really making great-sounding music that resonates so well.

So, I find everything I see and hear a source of inspiration, people like Neybuu goes great live stuff with her electron gear and sounds like stuff I’ve never heard before. So, anything that exposes me to new, diverse sounds and practices is inspirational.

Keep up to date with DYlab’s projects on the links below.

Thrash Metallers -Gama Bomb – Stereo Basement- Live Footage/Review.

Last weekend Irish THRASH metaller’s Gama Bomb smashed their way through a mini UK tour alongside road buddies, Divine Chaos and Shrapnel, throwing down shows in Manchester’s Satan’s Hollow, Glasgow’s Stereo and London’s Underworld, heading on wards to play the Gargantuan German open-air Wacken Festival, beginning Thursday 1st of August until Saturday 3rd.  

Glasgow thrashers were super charged for the return of Gama Bomb with many avid followers returning to Stereo basement to mosh to Gama’s high octane, humorous, technically super-fast show. The band have crafted a very cool, idiosyncratic execution in their overall deliverance as they threw down insanely skilled, technical playing ability with tongue-n-cheek humour, belting out body hurtling songs from their current album, Speed Between The Lines, drawing on not taking themselves too seriously, but in the same breath blowing all the fishes out of the water with their unbelievable musicianship and vocal aptitude.

As a first time encounter with the band I was immediately sucked in by their individualism and all-inclusive fun approach, not to mention their effortless raw talent, and most certainly I would now call myself a fan. They have been described as a kind of Thrasher Judas priest, with those signature soaring vocal shrills.

Lead Protagonist – Philly Byrne  – Gama Outlaw. – Photo Credit – Darren Morier

Here at Gobo, the supremely talented, Darren Morier captured a whole bunch of amazingly expressive shots of the night, so please head over to the Gobophotography/Revel Rousers music media page on FB to view them in their entirety.  

Check out the first three songs of Gama Bomb’s set on the following Demon Dethchase YouTube Channel. Superbly captured by Will Ryan –

Gama Bomb -Footage Credit – Will Ryan – Demon Dethchase YouTube Channel.

Also, check out Divine Chaos’s ferocious vocal approach with complex drumming, and melodic, technical musicianship. An extremely awesome band who most certainly pack a clean punch to the gut.

Divine Chaos – Footage Credit – Will Ryan – Demon Dethchase YouTube Channel.
Jut Tabor – Vocals – Photo Credit – Darren Morier. 

The GROOVE LADEN, Shrapnel threw down a top class set which propelled the crowd into a head spin with the bands radical changes in velocity and super charged, gravely vocal delivery. Many thanks to Will Ryan of Demon Dethchase for the footage. Please make sure to subscribe to his channel over on YouTube to keep attuned to more exciting metal band uploads.

Shrapnel – Footage credit – Will Ryan- Demon Dethchase You Tube Channel.
Bassist/frontman – Aarran Tucker – Photo credit – Darren Morier

LegPuppy – Non Disclosure Agreement – Album Release.

Artist – LegPuppy

Album – Non Disclosure Agreement

Genre – Electronic/ psychedelic/ experimental

London-based, Electro dance punks, LegPuppy has to be one of the most creatively impulsive outfits out there, channelling instinctively their visual and sonic creative expression through the pulse of socio-political satire and dark humour.  Following LegPuppy’s 2018’s critically acclaimed album ‘You Should Be Paranoid‘ comes forth in punchy, uncompromising fashion their second album, Non Disclosure Agreement, released (June 21st)

The album takes a subtle swipe at the current farce that is British politics, the darker side of social media, corporate conversations recorded in branded food franchises, soulless developers & following the death of a close friend of the band, lyrics and words from a past life regression session. There’s also a homage to an 80’s classic house track by Lil Louis. 

Sonically this current offering executes a diverse cacophony of brash electronics, experimental vocal twists and unorthodox sampling techniques, most certainly creating an impact in regard to the albums unpredictability and metamorphose nature.

In other words, It’s punchy, with much unshaven balls and feels completely uninhibited in its razor sharp compulsion for in-ur- face expression….

Take a head space moment to absorb one of their more conventionally structured tracks off the album titled ‘Tears’ (feat Voi Vang)

LegPuppy are renowned for their idiosyncratic live show performances.

Try to catch them live this summer in a zone near you.

Live dates 2019
Jun 13th – Cavendish Arms (London)
Jun 21st – Album launch + art exhibition (The Barn, Ledbury)
Jun 22nd – Sonic Rock Solstice Festival (Stoke Prior)
July 5th – Le Royal Onze (Paris)
Sept 20th – Maze Lounge (Berlin)
Oct 7th – Half Moon (Putney)
Oct 25th – Royal Standard (Sheffield)
Oct 26th – 1 in 12 (Bradford)
Nov 2nd – Foundations Festival (Manchester)
Nov 17th – Hope & Ruin (Brighton)

Purchase the album  –

Listen to more of LegPuppy on Spotify –

FEEL / FEAR​+​LOVE by PETER HOPE+DAVID HARROW – Digital Format Remix Release.

Remix EP – Feel/ Fear & Love

Artists – Peter Hope /David Harrow

Label – KiNETik Records

Genre – Electronic/ Experimental.

Two months ago a very special square, yet round, transparent record from Greece-based Independent label KiNETiK Records was released, delivering the latest  Pete Hope (Wrong Revolution) & David Harrow‘s written, recorded, produced and performed collaboration, titled (A) side – ‘Feel’ (B) side – Fear & Love. This release is a limited edition with 50 distinctively packaged pressings in which I am proud to have the 29th press amongst my collection.

If you don’t happen to collect vinyl or you missed the opportunity to get your mitts on this specific piece of surprisingly shaped, experimental sounding wax then the cosmos is swaying in your favour as the Ep has broadened its horizon by being released in digital format which presents 3 stellar remixes of the original tracks from Dylan Davis, ( dyLAB ) Henri Sizaret ( AkA ) & David Harrow (Oicho) reshaping the atmosphere and mood of the originals by sliding through a deep techno groove and picking up dark acid and IBM swag along the way. Which resulted in all proceeds magically turning into electricity!

Portugal based producer, AKA’s remix presents the dehumanization of Pete Hopes modern lyrical poetry, distorting the track in a robotic, heavy beat-driven hypnotic way with a deep chunky retro feel to the tracks overall mood. Henry’s remix offers sharp, penetrating synth textures with masses of warm fuzz and depth to embed yourself in from the dynamic mid-ranges and bassline, as where Australian based producer dyLAB throws down a unique concoction of bubbling acid undercurrents through a tantalizing lo-fi lyrical reconfiguration, combined with a minimalist feel towards the overall feel of the track. There most certainly is a dense atmosphere to dyLAB’s remix which has been contrastingly combined with a spaciousness and detachment, I suppose this is the closest i am going to know what it feels like to be an air module inside a sheet of bubble wrap…..Overall this is a a very distinctive acid track!

United States based producer Oicho throws down an exquisitely trippy take on the original, with prominent distorted lyrical reconfiguration, combined to an entrancing, hypno beat, glued together by a warm fuzzy undercurrent which stands to be the actual life-line to stopping one from losing their senses completely down the back of the sofa, along with their granny…..

Overall an idiosyncratic selection of remixes by a trio of exceptional producers.

If you haven’t already, please do check out the music video for the ORIGINAL first track ‘Feel’ on the following YouTube Video……

Pressings are still currently available over on Bandcamp on the following link –

Andy Cooper – Live Show Performance At Nice N’ Sleazy’s.

End of last month I caught up with Long Beach Californian rapper, Andy Cooper at a live show in the atmospheric basement venue Nice’N Sleazy’s supported by local Rap /DJ/Beatboxing acts, Spee Six Nine, Big Taj, DJ Goodbrother and Red King. Readers can view the full batch of photos I captured of this night over on Gobophotography/Revel Rousers Facebook page, with music links and descriptions of each artist for your go-dig satisfaction and listening pleasure –

DJ Goodbrother -Providing beats and spin skills to carry the night through.

Andy Cooper took some time out of a current UK tour with Bristol-based DJ/Producers, The Allergies to play a solo Glasgow show, where he received an outstanding crowd response as beaming, interactive hip-hop lovers gathered to show support for the acts and revel in appreciation for Andy’s super fresh rapping talents. Big Taj & Spee Six Nine organised the event and laid down a superlative joint performance of insanely awesome Beatbox combined with dynamite, dynamic rap, as well as rapper, King Red laying down his ‘Subconscious’ EP material and announcing he has fresh material in the pipeline.

Big Taj -providing Beat boxing skills / Spee Six Nine spitting rhymes.
Rapper – King Red laid down his ‘Subconscious’ EP material with much gusto. Released on Player 2 Music.

I never seen a guy spring to life in such an animated way as what Andy did as soon as his hands gripped the mic and his feet hit the stage. He concisely and consistently demonstrates his razor-sharp rap flow every show, with a knack for triggering that, WoW! factor every time with his light speed, compact word delivery which always holds clarity for understanding, skillfully channeled through his tailored rapping technique, as well as an authentic purpose in what he actually raps about, fusing a nostalgic hip-hop feel to a positively fresh and funky approach.

Andy Cooper- Holding it down with exceptional mastery.

Andy has most certainly found his place within, The Allergies fold as their aim is to reshape funky vintage sounds for the modern dance floor. They most certainly got the heart and soul that Andy achieves to deliver through his creative zeal and overall perspective. If you somehow missed this! – Lock into The Allergies current single release – 2 Much! (feat. Andy Cooper) on the following [Official Music You Tube Video]

The Allergies, 2 Much! (feat. Andy Cooper)

Also, If you missed Andy this time around it is possible to catch him alongside, The Allergies at the Glasgow’s Drygate Brewery on the 5th of July.

Check out the following link for tickets –

Also, The Allergies play this year’s Kelburn Castle for the annual Kelburn Garden Party from the 5th of July until the 8th. Join the event on the following –