Edith Thomas Furey – ‘Sleep Well, My Love’ – Debut Ep

Artist – Edith Thomas Furey

Ep – Sleep Well My Love

Genre- Post-punk/New Wave


Casting our undivided attention to the far side of the globe with this next EP review as we are thrilled to highlight Australian, Brisbane based, Joel Glazebrook aka, Edith Thomas Furey, who has launched his solo debut, six-track Ep ‘Sleep Well, My Love’ at the beginning of the month on independent cassette label, Valley Heat Records. Joel is the sole remaining member of ETF who initially was a 3-piece band who parted ways in 2014, however, this did not diminish Joel’s creative passion and kept the project as a solo venture and emanation of his unique artistic expression.     

This body of work is currently launched through the medium of limited edition cassette and digital download over on Bandcamp, as well as on the, Valley Heat Records website, offering a highly atmospheric lo-fi, post-punk Ep which is loosely based around a structure that references the historical circularity of James Joyce’s epic hyper-text, Finnegan’s Wake, with songs expressing concern with the nature of return to beginnings in both enlivening and decadent senses. The sense of renewal possible in the wake of literal and figurative death and the categorical connection of all being finds aural expression in a series of songs that attempt to combine the abrasive with the ethereal, considering the aleatory nature of live looping and recording. 

All songs on the EP were recorded in single takes on the mighty Yamaha MT4X tape machine which brings authenticity and rawness to the comprehensive feel of the music, each individual track is week-day titled from Saturday through to Wednesday with the final song on the Ep named ‘Riverrun’. Tune into the vocally gothic, instrumentally methodical ‘Wednesday’ which has an air of early, Interpol’s vocal style, however, has the bass-driven, melodic nuance of a Joy Division track.

From Saturday to Wednesday, ‘Sleep Well, My Love’ – ETF

There is a hugely nostalgic feel about this Ep, embracing the atmosphere of the ’80s in its musical style and carrying through a hauntingly authentic one-take approach on an old tape recording system that aids in delivering an impressionistic, tailored exploration of new wave musical expression. In tracks such as ‘Monday’, it’s evident that the arrangement is emotionally charged and blends both vocal and instrumental elements tightly so that there is no space which feels all-consuming and cascades along like an unstoppable river, demonstrating an outpouring of emotion in sadness yet shines through an unwavering persistence.

The wobbly nature of these recordings most certainly adds to the fragility and melancholy of each tracks atmosphere. My favourite song on the Ep is ‘Riverrun’ as it comes across as a moody, gothic gem, almost industrial in its driven methodical beat. This track could easily be Depeche Mode inspired with its angular drum machine and haunting reverberated guitar, combined with hints of, The Cure in its tone and melody. This track carries a wonderful surrendering of vocal encryption and forwards a more heartfelt, clarified lyric to follow. The song also owns a beautifully moving melody with textural tones to lose yourself in.  

Most certainly, this is a brilliantly executed home-studio recording from Joel that exhibits complete creative control. His talented dynamic within instrumental and production is evident throughout this Ep as he also shows great skill in directing and channeling the whole mood and style of the project. We look forward to following more of his music in future months ahead, however, in the meantime, make sure to keep up to date with his creative endeavors on the links below.



Hessian Renegade – ‘Oral Spiel’ Ep

Artist – Hessian Renegade

EP – ‘Oral Spiel’

Release Date – 18/01/19

Fusion architects, Conor Moore & Ross McCann are the dynamite Scottish duo, Hessian Renegade who draws tailored influences together into their alternative sound from both their love of Hip-hop, electronic music and general crossover styles, alongside Ross’s absolute passion for music production, both are highly experienced in their creative field due to past band projects and collaborative production work. The bold and energetic, Hessian Renegade confidently strides to the forefront this coming Friday 18th to emboss their fresh and inventive sounding debut Ep ‘Oral Spiel’ into our psyche with a crossover/fusion EP that delivers a remarkably well-channelled demonstration of their musical range, as well as exuding a purposefully vehement, yet fun atmosphere to their overall style. The EP is set for release under the boutique independent label, Esquimaux Records and shall be a FREE download available on Bandcamp and all other major digital music media distributors. 

Alongside this exciting new music release, the duo shall also be launching a music video for their third single off the Ep titled ‘Scratchings’. The first single debut was, ‘Bread & Circuses’ which was picked up by Glasgow based professional wrestling company ‘Insane Championship Wrestling’ as the entrance theme for their former Zero G Champion Andy Wild. The single was initially released as a free download back in November 2016, however, a freshly remastered version currently sits on this beasting forthcoming EP. The second single was ‘Renegade’ which was dropped in August of last year along with music video which can be viewed on the following YouTube video below.

‘Renegade’ sits as the third track on the ‘Oral Spiel’ Ep.  

The Ep ‘Oral Spiel’ in its entirety, explodes with energy, combining both flare and appreciation for fusing musical elements, along with imperatively expressed social commentary which is charged with frankness, intensity and laced with black humor. ‘Scratchings’ for example is a gorgeously textured synth track that holds an emotive melody and carefully thought out dynamic that expertly presents a captivatingly alluring dub/ska saxophone section that sits as the hook and is incredibly moving in its intricately formed structure, as lead protagonist, Conor delivers a powerful vocal impact, lyrically expressing socially acute circumstances about fear driven society, the injustices of equality, tribalism, capitalism, the political media circus and it’s negative effects. This is such a beautiful sounding, thoughtfully implemented track that hits straight to the heart of the matter.

The title track ‘Oral Spiel’ opens with a vocal interaction between Conor and Ross which signifies their complete creative synchronicity and delivers a hard-industrial sounding electronic dance track that will have you reeling from the outset. This track assigns itself to offer a maximum vent of frustration as Conor’s lyrical outpour highlights topics such as the absolute annoyance of social media, the music industry and a general lack of authenticity and truth. There is a buoyant, mechanical flow to the track that is bursting with resilience and attitude, and for sure will peel the paint straight off the walls of any live venue situation.

Download ‘Oral Spiel’ Ep for FREE this coming Friday & make sure to follow and support this resolute and highly creative duo in the future months ahead.



Eat The Rich-Paragraphs-Album Review

eat the rich - paragraphs album artwork

Artist – Paragraphs

Album – Eat the Rich

Genre – Experimental


Uk based, Electronic expressionist, Paragraphs, aka Ryan Potts has recently released another spectacularly gripping album titled ‘Eat The Rich’ which offers a sonic landscape that is clean, bright and positively demonstrates a sophisticated depth to his arrangements. Paragraphs provide, yet another absorbing palette of gorgeous textures to delve into as this body of work feels like a perfecting of the art of space and simplicity alongside a contrasting complex tapestry of textural dynamic and measured cadences within his considerately infused styles. Notably, this album offers an even deeper structural craftmanship from Ryan than previous works, as he melds Downtempo with acid, as well as galvanizing elements of industrial and breakcore to create bewitching sonic alchemy that offers a gracefully elegant, yet at times brutally uninhibited electronic album to stir the soul and rattle the ribcage.

The first track on the album, Downer Squad eases in with an ethereal glow that creates an intermundium between floating lightly through an azure sky into a more grounded mathematical sonic structure that carries a density and abstractness to the track. A deep progressiveness radiates from the core beat of the composition, driving the heart of the track forward methodically which creates a beautifully calculated, richly dynamic juxtaposition between delicate ambiance and textural acid, forging a hypnotizing cosmic sway for the headspace.

Track two, I Will Write Peace On Your Wings And You Will Fly All Over The World, is an absolutely gorgeous expression of shifting tempos, melodic undercurrents and stimulating rich acid sounds that are melded in fine detail through an electro beat and carried gracefully down a ravine of ambient sonic bliss. This delightful piece of music feels positively gleeful and is bountiful in shifting textures, both the structural tempo and precision of this elevating soundscape is perfect.

See You Later, Crocodile, buoyantly delivers an all-embracing giddy atmosphere, stitching yet another rousing detail into Paragraph’s vibrational tapestry. This superbly executed track offers stunningly rich textures to delve into and there exists both playfulness and seriousness about this particularly gripping melding pot. An industrialized beat thumps home a sincerity and careers forth a driven purpose to the feel of the track, amongst a torrent of effervescent, luxurious acid textures which washes over and spruces up the senses, as well as, in the same breathe, tickling the mid-riff which is not too dissimilar to the feeling one gets when they are coming up on magic mushrooms ( For those who know!) And for those who do not, get to know, through embracing this gem of a luscious track.

Let’s Get Naked And Dance Through The Streets, But Only The Empty Ones Where No One Will See Us, stands as one of the most interestingly named pieces of music I have had the pleasure of tuning into. I feel embossed with the impression that Ryan owns a poetic mind and certainly the exceptionally crafted narratives he projects through his music owns the ability to express more profoundly than the limitation of words. This track is the embodiment of an elegantly graceful downtempo, acid-laced slow embrace as Paragraphs supplies his ethereal vocal in such a beautifully subtle way as he allows a consistently progressive track to unfurl around the listener. The marriage between soul enriching ambiance and bracing acid is most certainly a striking blend.

Stairway To Fuck All is an impossible title to believe as the contrary is carried out on every level, producing one of the most refined, soul-stirring tracks within this particular work. There is painfully beautiful attention to detail in this composition which owns the potential to paint vivid artwork within the mind’s eye. I feel this track is a slow cosmic sway that offers all the power, beauty and grace of floating through a portal into heaven, as well as cleverly, yet tactfully shifting the mood into a certain disorientation that tilts the transition between the journey through purity of light into the uncertainty of darkness, or what you are about to pass over into. This stairway most certainly leads my emotions to an otherworldly place, a trait of this outstanding album and talented artist whose works are undeniably moving.

Sitting at the last track on the album, Eat The Rich offers itself up as one of the most powerful in impact as a hefty mechanical bass grinds the gears and breakcore fluid spills all over the interior. This dramatic change comes as a pleasant surprise and I feel it was very clever of Paragraphs to leave such an assault on the senses to the very last, as sudden sharp changes like that leave a lasting impression. This brawny track is highly distinctive to the rest of the album and is full of angst, Ryan applies an intended amount of distortion in both his vocal and throughout aspects of the structural layers of the arrangement. There also is a wonderful rhythm and fluidity about the flow of this foreboding track that is strategically placed within controlled chaos.

Jackal Trades – Trip Hazard Adviser

trip hazard advisor

Artist – Jackal Trades

Album – Trip Hazard Advisor


Idiosyncratic Glaswegian rapper, Jackal Trades aka Mark McGee enters the hip-hop arena super equipped, delivering the cut of his jib with an interesting spin-off concept album titled ‘Trip Hazard Advisor’ which was  released October 1st 2018 and stands as a follow up from the journey of ‘Jack the Lad’ which appeared on Jackal’s 2016 ‘Need the Character(s)’ album. Collaborating with a blend of Scotland’s finest hip-hop producers over 16 tracks, such as Mistah Bohze, Physiks, Asthmatic Astronaut and Scatabrainz as well as featuring distinguished female vocalists, Jo D’arc, Becci Wallace, Sev Ka, and Becca Star to name but a specified few.

Jackal Trades has skilfully & successfully laid down a superbly rounded, vocally assorted album laced with signature beats and a  distinguished, immersive rap narrative which overflows with creative energy, depth of expression, & clarity of deliverance.  Jackal Trades was also nominated for ‘Best Hip Hop Artist’ at the SAMA (Scottish Alternative Music Awards ) 2018 which took place at the end of October 2018 in St Lukes with the selected winner of the title going to the supremely articulate, positive force that is Dave Hook, aka Solare. https://solareye.bandcamp.com/releases

Trip Hazard opens with quality production from Mistah Bohze on a track titled, ‘Checking In Where We Left Off.’ The track triumphantly brings forth Mistah’s dextrous b-boy scratch prowess as he executes a phat thunderous introduction to Jack, the main character to this conceptual rap narrative who finds himself embroiled in various social and interpersonal circumstances. These situations range from knife-edge scheme/estate life, in tracks such as ‘Setting The Scene’ (On Fire) to music-scene snobbery and social detachment in ‘The House That Jack’…. A track that presents Mistah’s compact, witty & sardonic rap flow along-side rappers, Dog House, Ant Thomaz, and vocalist Josephine Sillars.

That specific track owns an infectious vocal hook that flows, ‘To everybody in the house who loves house music, who never got allowed in the house to ever prove it.’…. Which no doubt will bore its way into the mushy-pens of all who embrace this sonic anthology and assuredly will be a top-quality excuse for a sing-along at a Jackal Trades live show. Consistently throughout this album, Jackal Trades rap flow is cerebral, witty and humorous with a concise vocal clarity that’s perfect to project his anecdotes.

This concept narrative offers densely articulated scenarios as well as an interesting play on words and use of metaphors.  Incontestably it is a sublime celebration of unique musical talent and variating styles within the genre of hip-hop, igniting the flames of diversity in both vocal and production aspects. There within lays a compellingly diverse plethora of human behaviors described in a characterized clever manner, from dishonesty due to self-inadequacies, to the thrill and rush of the downward spiral towards delinquency, from heady chaotic, drug-fuelled nights out, projected from an introspective viewpoint to potent realizations and full drawn conclusions.

Most certainly these set of songs evokes thought and provides an arresting atmosphere. Jackal Trades explains that “This is the story of a young man called Jack who goes on a schemadelic trip after being baffled by the oversaturation of never-ending advice in the digital information age.” I think the moral of the story is, don’t try to fix yourself online……. Overall this is an interesting D.I.Y project from Mark which deserves attention to detail and appreciation towards his creative bright spark format. Jackal Trades, ‘Trip Hazard Advisor’ is OUT NOW on Spotify, Itunes, Bandcamp etc and please make sure to follow the Jackal Trades social media page for further 2019 creative endeavors.  https://www.facebook.com/Jackaltrades1/

Franky’s Evil Party

franky's evil image

Band – Franky’s Evil Party

Single – King

D.I.Y Punk


Franky’s Evil Party are a teeth-gritting hooley who offer no half measures in heady, unhinged creative release. In summer 2018, the band offered their second, knife-edge single ‘King’ which popped off anticipation for their full debut Ep. This Scottish underground punk orientated quintet formed out of an unwavering drive to craft a seething, uninhibited barrage of intense rock noise in what the band view to be an otherwise exhausted guitar landscape. Fronting an unwavering hedonism, they play what they want, how they want, and their aim is to lead their sonic movement into the subterranean spaces to test what their true limits are.  For this outfit, the realm of brash noise is the key to pushing the boundaries musically into territories near beat-driven and expressing with physical vehemence is undoubtedly the core roots of both self and creative exploration.

Franky’s Evil Party was kick-started with a debut single titled ‘Dolph Lundgren’ in February of last year, a hedonistic track that is resolutely tension fuelled, driven by infectious basslines, swirling guitar hooks and bellowing antagonistic vocals. The band are planning on releasing their full debut Ep sometime at the beginning of 2019 and have currently released another track from the Ep titled  ‘Blonde’. The band’s intensely edgy, tipping-point live shows have been causing the sweat to drip from dark, atmospheric intimate venues within the Glasgow live scene. In a recent interview with ‘Offtherecord’ blog, they expressed that their sound is better suited to the underground scene and its venues, which leaves the band wide open to being as controversial, radical and hellraising as they like.

F.E.P single ‘King’ is unashamedly a full-on sonic assault as the whole vibe of the song supply’s a strutting, attitude-ridden kick to the head, again in alignment with their first debut single release the track builds throughout on high intensive anticipation and knife-edge tension, offering heady tripped-out psychedelic vocals which bore into the skull with brutal force as the track climaxes to distorted ear bleeding capacity. This sonic sledgehammer comes crashing in its fearless nature as the band explains that ‘KING‘ essentially, rants for the sake of individuality and self-identity. FRANKY’S EVIL PARTY states that they produced this single to prove a point about the ease of selfdom in the millennial age. Now we get ready for and the rest of what their debut has to offer in 2019…….