NYH189 Hypnaton – Yno Clap Release.

Artist – Hypnaton

Ep – Yno Clap

Label – New York Haunted

An ocean depth of gratitude goes out to New York Haunted for dropping a FREE DOWNLOAD this valentine  for all you modern lovers out there. How could such a mind melt be so sexy?! Expect twisted , fragmented, disjointed, combobulated sounds which gel together in a heartbeat under the spell of Russian producer, Hypnaton with his highly unusual EP, ‘Yno Clap’

‘Jelezka’ delivers a deep groove, strutting funk track that is disharmonious in melody, but beat/bass driven to the core, while ‘Gusi’ happy claps its way into your central spine system to get those inner juices bubbling. ‘Je Tem’ is a fascinating track that slips-and-slides its way along with frizzy sounding synth undertones which are cast through a bright, hypnotic piano hook, a track that builds itself structurally into a stomping monster. I think this particular track represents and executes the elemental blends of both House and Techno perfectly.

The final melee on this unique Ep ‘Kultuwahr’ has that old-skool feel to its atmosphere. The nervous system is attacked with this sound through a simultaneous element that works both in a conflicting manner, as if there is a deep progressive strain in the bulk core of the track,  yet a restrictive tightening and pulling in the same breath. It’s very clever!…. And clever is sexy in my books. Contrastingly this Ep is full of warp factors, yet also retains order. The theme to this Ep is discordance, embedded within a pulsating core, which most certainly puts an exciting slant to my day!

Go-Go Nitro!

And get pumped to these super-fly sounds by Hypnaton, emanating from straight from the NYH headquarters.

The Ep will be free to download for the next 24 hrs…

Find the link to the album within the Bandcamp Icon.

Author: Miff Morris

In many senses, I am still discovering myself through the complex tapestry in which life continues to weave, gaining unique physical experience in order to aid the progression of my precious spirit, this will continue for the rest of my fated days and my understanding of who I am shall be determined through how I learn to react, act and adapt towards the circumstances I face. I do sincerely hope the span of this life is enough to fully come to terms with the potential of my unique existence, through deep-rooted understanding, compassion, and love, and that I may fully acknowledge the absolute full potential of my existence through the network of others. Thus far the core of my being has learned through unique experience and individual perspective that I am most certainly a creative soul who takes solace in the truth & liberty of artistic expression. Freedom lays behind the eyes within the evocative realm of one's imagination, transforming originality through individual perspective, this is when my art becomes yours. Inspiring, motivating different modes of expression to overall influence and shape a better world, to help elevate to a higher consciousness. We are part of the great web of life and in this way each and every one of us are interconnected, to create a major shift in consciousness. We must wholeheartedly start to believe in what can be created for the greater good of this world, in my view it is most certainly the power of thought and intention which connect us, no matter how near or how far. Being understood has always been of paramount importance to me, self-expression is something I have been aware of from a very young age. From my point of view, artistic expression has always been the most liberating and uniting mode. When I am not caught up in life's cogs I love to write poetry, short stories, and shoot photographs. I adore and feed off music, so I highly enjoy capturing the live music scene in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. I also enjoy writing for Uk Entertainments website, Louder than War, as well as run my own music blog www.Revel Rousers.org, Amalgamating my love of music, writing, as well as photographic expression (Music, Landscape, Street, Wedding), which gives me a great sense of creative release, therefore forging a strong sense of purpose in the way of documenting life's remarkable moments. I find working with creatives within the music industry is wholly inspiring even though at times it can be quite challenging, after all, the greatest realizations and lessons learned are born out of challenges. I figured, seeing as I have a platform for my music reviews, interviews and photography I thought it would be time to create a platform for my creative writing and poetry.....It takes courage to expose oneself through the intimacy of poetry, However, that is how we truly unite and grow in compassion and understanding of each other's true essence. I am a deep thinker, I understand the power of words and their meanings. I also understand how empowering artistic expression can be. There is a raw truth buried within each original idea combined with a power to help change the world. Artistic expression is forever transforming through interpretation, that is what I mean when I say "When My Art Becomes Yours" My philosophy is to understand more, in order to love more....... Love ~M~

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