Ingraves EP Launch Night – Review/Interviews & Music.

11th Oct, Scottish melodic Metalcore band, Ingraves provided an outstanding live show performance at their debut, self-titled Ep Launch in Glasgow’s Cathouse Rock Club. The five-piece threw down a heavy progressive set with vocal vehemence and instrumental fluidity. The night was supported by new, up-and-coming Rap/Metal fusion outfit, First World Hunger in brotherly arms with the ferociously skilled, heavy duty warriors, Titan Breed, alongside the visual assault, sonic annihilators H8teball.

Ingraves demonstrated an interactive, tight knit set, providing emotive melodic guitar structures which were technical in nature and intensively complex in altering pace, laying down unrelenting fierce vocal and instrumental attacks, sonically shifting stylistically towards constant shifts in mood. Hands down the dudes provided a face clenchingly, bittersweet atmospheric set that sent the crowd energetically reeling.

Take the time to tune into their current EP on the following Bandcamp link, and if you missed Revelrousers Ep review at the beginning of the month delve into the article within the blog –

Here at Gobo/Revel we managed to capture a deluge of high octane expressive shots of all the participating bands which can be found for full viewing over on our music media page on FB.

From another journalistic viewpoint, The Doomsday Report caught up with the dudes from, Titan Breed backstage after the show to talk about origins, influences, playing Bloodstock festival, plans for the future and share tips on how to survive going to Bloodstock as fan.

This interview is published on Will Ryan’s Metal subscription channel, Demon Dethchase so please do check it out below!

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Ardent, seven-piece alternative Rap/Metal fusion band, First World Hunger own a monumental amount of crazed eagerness, musical drive and onstage exuberance within their fresh impulsive approach as an up-and-coming outfit who want to pack a profound punch with their musical expression and overall aesthetic. Visually the band are exceptionally striking, adorning high contrast face paint and disconcerting masks, taking the time to modify their clothing with hand painted drawings, illuminating neon bright statements to the dark and moody stages of the clubs they play.

FWH have currently recorded material and are waiting on final mixes to come back to them, with the plan for a set of singles to be due for release at the beginning of 2020, then following with a full Album launch mid-2020.

I caught up with the band’s vocal protagonist, Colin to ask what message they are projecting through their music, and if they had a socio-political angle to their lyrics?

And here is what Colin had to say –

“We are a non-political and non-religious group. Everyone in this particular project is very different. We focus on writing about things that we feel are a therapy to us and more importantly, things that other people may be able to relate to or helped by. For example; One of the tracks (the first one we played at the launch night) is about coming out the other end of a troubled youth. Watching friends succumb to addiction and the loss of loved ones. The chorus is about the strength found through loss and finding the determination to dig deep and to always gave your best regardless of circumstance. It also touches on self-sabotage, sometimes you are the person standing in the way of your own success (whatever your definition of that may be.)

“Most of the songs deal with “first world problems” hence the name “First World Hunger”. We want to reach out to people and let people know it’s ok to be going through hardship, even in the “first world” and through suffering you can gain a sort of enlightenment. There’s a duality to it too, we are a fun loving band, we are all about having a good time. We feel the best way to do that is to be totally open and honest with the audience, we indulge in our flaws and through that we can exorcise the badness within ourselves and come off stage pure again. To be honest it’s very hard to summarise in a few words lol, I could talk about this for hours, each song has a different message or story. I think that’s why the live show is so intense in way, we are really just up there letting out a collective 200 odd years of suffering, giving everything, we have and trying to shape it into a positive experience for everyone that’s there. It’s really difficult for us to tell how it actually comes across, I guess we will never know.” –  Colin FWH

First World Hunger have only played a handful of shows, starting out in March this year, and have so far found themselves amongst a highly skilled network of metal bands who are fully supportive and tight knit within the metal community, aiding them to share stages and build an incremental fanbase which they endeavour to grow as they keep on playing more live shows. The band are currently looking for a booking agent to get them out on the road for 2020, so if anyone in the industry is willing to give them the opportunity to do so, please contact their social media page.

It’s Halloween every day of the year where H8teball is concerned, serving sonic and visual uppercuts to the cerebrum with demonic masks, ghoulish face-paint, dynamic doom-laden guitar riffage and aggressive vocal throat growls. From the outset H8teball’s music packs a hefty punch with their comprehensive intensity, drawing from classic sounding chugging guitar riffage, thunderous basslines and menacing vocals which branch off into a diverse blend of screamo, singing and disconcerting growls. There is an Irrefutable sense of purpose and infectiousness which permutates from H8teball’s sound, an all guns blazing rampant heavy metal sound.

I managed to catch-up online with vocalist, Daniel and guitarist’s Atholl & Scott to ask if they could shed some light on their creative angle? And to provide insight into their songwriting and lyrics?

Here is what they had to say…..  

Guitarist – Atholl aka Ging – “I’d say given that were called H8teball, were not here to hate everything. We’re here to hate on the hate. Everything that’s wrong with the world.  And to quote shaggy, if it beats you, don’t let it break you. We stopped thinking it was a competition an age ago. It’s about working as a collective to create a new scene. Build a musical empire together.”

Vocalist – Daniel aka Shaggy – “More or less what, Ging says to be honest.
Hate on anyone or anything that hates.  Our song titled ‘Disgrace’ is about depression. ‘Black Mamba’ is about an arsehole lying woman. ‘Eater of World’ is kind of about how we as a human race are actually the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, kind of. ‘Undead’ is actually about deforestation, strangely enough, ‘Unbreakable’ is self-explanatory and ‘Almighty’ is about how religion is the cause of all things shitty on earth. There’s usually a good amount of anti-religious stuff as well”

Guitarist – Scott – You can’t really explain every song before you start it live. We don’t really go into it much to be honest, the music always comes first in the creative process and Daniel takes it away and comes up with the song concept, but we are all very like minded so it’s always something we are down with and can get behind….

Check out ‘Black Mamba’, a song about an arsehole lying women! (LOL.. So Specific!) Captured by Demon Dethchase… And please don’t forget to subscribe!  

Black Mamba , Performed live by H8teball at Glasgow’s Ivory Blacks.

You can experience Hateball live, Friday 1st November at Smashed Halloween special, HELL ON PERTH! ….FREE ENTRY, hosted by Slow Dragon Music

Author: Miff Morris

In many senses, I am still discovering myself through the complex tapestry in which life continues to weave, gaining unique physical experience in order to aid the progression of my precious spirit, this will continue for the rest of my fated days and my understanding of who I am shall be determined through how I learn to react, act and adapt towards the circumstances I face. I do sincerely hope the span of this life is enough to fully come to terms with the potential of my unique existence, through deep-rooted understanding, compassion, and love, and that I may fully acknowledge the absolute full potential of my existence through the network of others. Thus far the core of my being has learned through unique experience and individual perspective that I am most certainly a creative soul who takes solace in the truth & liberty of artistic expression. Freedom lays behind the eyes within the evocative realm of one's imagination, transforming originality through individual perspective, this is when my art becomes yours. Inspiring, motivating different modes of expression to overall influence and shape a better world, to help elevate to a higher consciousness. We are part of the great web of life and in this way each and every one of us are interconnected, to create a major shift in consciousness. We must wholeheartedly start to believe in what can be created for the greater good of this world, in my view it is most certainly the power of thought and intention which connect us, no matter how near or how far. Being understood has always been of paramount importance to me, self-expression is something I have been aware of from a very young age. From my point of view, artistic expression has always been the most liberating and uniting mode. When I am not caught up in life's cogs I love to write poetry, short stories, and shoot photographs. I adore and feed off music, so I highly enjoy capturing the live music scene in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. I also enjoy writing for Uk Entertainments website, Louder than War, as well as run my own music blog www.Revel, Amalgamating my love of music, writing, as well as photographic expression (Music, Landscape, Street, Wedding), which gives me a great sense of creative release, therefore forging a strong sense of purpose in the way of documenting life's remarkable moments. I find working with creatives within the music industry is wholly inspiring even though at times it can be quite challenging, after all, the greatest realizations and lessons learned are born out of challenges. I figured, seeing as I have a platform for my music reviews, interviews and photography I thought it would be time to create a platform for my creative writing and poetry.....It takes courage to expose oneself through the intimacy of poetry, However, that is how we truly unite and grow in compassion and understanding of each other's true essence. I am a deep thinker, I understand the power of words and their meanings. I also understand how empowering artistic expression can be. There is a raw truth buried within each original idea combined with a power to help change the world. Artistic expression is forever transforming through interpretation, that is what I mean when I say "When My Art Becomes Yours" My philosophy is to understand more, in order to love more....... Love ~M~

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